Finals De-Stress Activity: Origami and DIY Bookmarks

Dec 6, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Lift your spirits and change your mood with us at our upcoming Origami and DIY Bookmark making event, the second of a three-part event series titled Finals De-Stress Activities. Origami and bookmark making can serve as relaxing artforms, allowing those that engage in the activities to relieve stress. We’re offering this event in an effort to help our community cope with the challenging time that is Finals Week. We’ll be providing supplies and light refreshments and Library employees will be close-by to assist and answer questions.

Our Finals De-Stress Activities are designed to be drop-in events, allowing visitors to come and go anytime between the listed timeframe, as their schedule permits. We hope you’ll consider dropping by for this event, and best of luck with your finals, Tritons!

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