Doing Our Part to Share and Preserve Research Data at UC San Diego

Just as your research discoveries should be shared with the world, so should the data supporting those discoveries. Don’t have a discipline-specific repository for your data sharing needs? Not a problem. Our Research Data Curation Program (RDCP) provides data repository services that support data discovery, metadata enhancement, issuance of digital object identifiers and digital preservation. This service is provided to all UC San Diego affiliates at no charge and is designed to ensure research data are curated, archived and accessible for the long term. 

Our Research Data Collections repository hosts over 22 terabytes of data from a range of scientific disciplines, including archeology, chemistry, climate science, structural engineering and ocean science. These data are preserved in Chronopolis, a geographically distributed preservation network that replicates the data among three geographically dispersed partner sites adding to the security and integrity of the content.

We understand your data publication needs are diverse and strive to accommodate various requirements. Here are some of the ways we have worked with researchers to accommodate various data publication workflows:

The RDCP team is available to assist all UC San Diego affiliates with their creation of a data management plan; training on data management best practices; guidance on depositing data in a repository; help creating a digital object identifier (DOI) for your research outputs; or instruction on research computing skills. To learn more about the program, please contact Abby Pennington at or visit

Stay tuned for an announcement from RDCP on our new “Art of Science” contest later this month!