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Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive

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Over the past decade, there have been a number of incidents on the UC San Diego campus targeting specific underrepresented groups. These recurring events affect ALL students, underrepresented or not, and demonstrate the need for a conversation about the way students experience UCSD’s campus climate. To facilitate this conversation, the UC San Diego Library created “Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive” as an alternative way to highlight awareness, provide a space for dialogue, preserve and document the events related to student activism at UC San Diego.

A “living archive” collects and presents materials in a way that allows for the expression, exhibition, documentation, and preservation of a sentiment or movement in a particular community. The UC San Diego Library Tell Us How UC It living archive consists of three parts:

(1) A History: Historical artifacts and accounts documenting the progression of a movement

(2) Student Perspectives: Creative works by current members of a community that offer an in-the-moment expression of community sentiments and experiences and exhibited in the library

(3) Exhibit Feedback: In-the-moment feedback about the exhibit or movement as a whole, whereby preserving real-time responses allows reflections of the past to converge with vital expressions of current sentiment.

Each of these elements, including video of a panel discussion, were compiled in a permanent online archive using the free, open-source exhibit tool, Omeka. Since then, there have been a student workshop and course presentations around the project. The overall hope for this project is that by providing this historical narrative and highlighting the campus’ experience of evolving from crisis to accomplishing change, we can bring people together to raise questions, spark conversations, and promote intersectional understanding.

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  • 1960-2017


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