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Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio; Giron-Nava, Alfredo; Lopez, Raquel (2016). dataMares Collection. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


One of the current challenges in public policy development, especially when related to natural resource management and conservation, is that there are basically no tools that help easily identify and incorporate relevant scientific findings and data into public policy. This also can lead to a repetition or doubling of research efforts to collect the necessary information to develop sound policy that in some cases might already exist. The key to addressing this challenge is to develop collaborative tools where different sectors of society in general, and decision-makers in particular, can participate in the collection and exchange of information.

The idea of “open science” (Reichman et al., 2011), which makes scientific research and data accessible to all levels of society, should be at the core of these efforts, focusing on enhancing accessibility, transparency, and reproducibility of scientific results. Using new technology, we can improve the data processing speed and reshape the way we compile, distribute, and provide access to relevant information, making it easier to communicate scientific data to any person interested in studying or preserving the coastal and marine ecosystems.

DataMares is a free, open source, and interactive platform that aims to address this need. We aim to encourage accessibility to science and promote collaboration among scientist, decision-makers and stakeholders. With this platform we hope to bring opportunities to resolve trans-disciplinary problems related to the coastal and marine ecosystem. Currently, dataMares holds massive amounts of fishery, reef, and mangrove data (and more) pertaining to the Gulf of California and Mexico specific oceans, and delivers this information in an interactive and easily digestible manner. Since conception, we have grown tremendously and are consistently expanding our library of datasets while improving the functionality and overall usability of the platform.

In order to synthesize and share the ecological and social science data collected through collaborative work, we have developed a data sharing and science communication portal that can be accessed at: Our target audiences for the portal include scientists, resource managers, conservation practitioners, fishers and other community members, and regional/national level decision-makers.

DataMares adopts a broad and interdisciplinary approach to marine and coastal ecology science publication. Focal areas include fisheries, climate change, mangrove ecology, and animal behavioral studies. DataMares is not confined by a given geographic area and accepts research data from any system from the tropics to the poles.

The initiative continually seeks opportunities for collaboration with independent researchers, academic institutions, organizations, and government organisms working in the same topics. We are interested in working with others to promote science communication and the use of robust scientific data for decision-making with regards to conservation and natural resource management.

Scope And Content

The dataMares Collection contains a selection of datasets associated with scientific research, some of which is featured at The dataMares datasets are organized into subcollections: Fisheries, Ecological Monitoring, and Ecosystem Dynamics. Each dataset has a landing page, and in the Related Resource section you will find links to the dataMares pages that feature the dataset. Links to the dataset landing pages are also linked directly from the dataMares pages that reference the dataset.

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  • 1998 to present
Date Issued
  • 2016
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