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dataMares: Fisheries

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Our fisheries program has gained considerable recognition for the research it has produced through a strong, international and regional network of collaborators from all sectors (government, public, academic, stakeholders). We produce and provide robust, high-quality scientific information related to the Gulf of California’s fisheries, marine reserves, coastal and marine ecosystems, and climate change. At the same time, we build scientific capacity in the region and broadly communicate the results of our research to all sectors and audiences to ensure that sound science is incorporated in management and policy decision processes.

Scope And Content

The dataMares Collection contains a selection of datasets associated with scientific research, some of which is featured at The dataMares datasets are organized into subcollections: Fisheries, Ecological Monitoring, and Ecosystem Dynamics. Each dataset has a landing page, and in the Related Resource section you will find links to the dataMares pages that feature the dataset. Links to the dataset landing pages are also linked directly from the dataMares pages that reference the dataset.

Date Collected
  • 1950-01-01 to 2014-08-01
Date Issued
  • 2016


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