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Charles Bernstein Papers: Digital selections

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Born-digital files from the papers of poet Charles Bernstein, consisting of letters and emails he wrote and saved onto floppy disks from the 1980s to mid-1990s.

Originally acquired by the Library in 2000, all of the floppies were imaged (copied) in 2023. Bernstein saved his files in multiple formats across the disks, including plain text, rich text format, Word Perfect, and Word. Occasionally, he saved multiple letters to a single correspondent together in one running document; at other times, one file represents one letter. Emails tend to be bundled together as plain text, likely due to batch exports out of an email program. File names and titles are his own. The Library selected the last saved copies of the correspondence as preservation originals in cases where there were duplicates, and normalized all files for user access as PDFs.

Due to copyright restrictions, access to this content may be limited. This material is copyright-protected, and researchers must register with the Special Collections Request System to initiate requests to view or listen to material using the Library's Virtual Reading Room Service. Requests may be made through the request button links in each object.

Creation Date
  • 1986 - 1998
Location Of Originals

From the Charles Bernstein Papers. MSS 519. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

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  • English
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