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1973 Guardian Tour of China

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1973 Guardian Tour of China

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In August of 1973, the Guardian Newspaper sponsored a 21-day tour of China for 21 Americans. The Guardian was a left wing newspaper, and this was the third public tour that it had sponsored in 1973, following visits by newspaper editors and others in 1972. The tour participants were recruited from newspaper subscribers and by word of mouth. For its August 1973 tour, the group entered the PRC from Hong Kong and visited Foshan in Guangdong province, then Shanghai and Beijing, followed by Shenyang, Dalian, and Jilin in the Northeast region of China. The group returned to Beijing at the conclusion of Communist Party’s Tenth Party Congress, where they viewed the political celebrations on Tiananmen Square. The photographic slides depict people’s daily lives and scenes of cities and villages in Northeast China and other areas in the midst of the Cultural Revolution. In addition, they document the people-to-people exchange between China and the U.S. before the two countries established diplomatic relations.

This collection includes photographic slides taken by Alice Rothchild, a participant in the tour. Evan Taylor and Joseph W. Ho donated the slides. The image descriptions were provided by Evan Taylor and Michelle Woo, UCSD Library’s Chinese Language metadata specialist.

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  • Between 1973-08-09 and 1973-08-30
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