DAMS Manager
As the management console of the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) in the UCSD Libraries, XDRE Manager, which consists of a set of software applications and tools, is developed on behalf of the DAMS in the Development Unit. It is part of the Extensible Digital Resource Environment (XDRE), a large, complex and scalable system of software and hardware components which provides a flexible Service Oriented Architecture for the development and delivery of a wide variety of application with extensive storage and metadata requirements. XDRE is the software development framework upon which the Libraries' Development Unit builds applications in support of the Libraries' core mission: "to be leaders in providing and promoting information resources and services to the UCSD community".
XDRE Manager provides a platform for automatic system resource management, such as triplestore syncing, performance tuning, and SOLR index etc.
In order to automate and consolidate the procedures for the digital projects development, Collection Manager, which is developed in the UCSD Libraries' IT Development Unit, provides the functionalities to support the development and management of the digital collections. Now it's possible to develop a digital collection and expose it in DAMS for searching in the fly without any efforts of our software developers.