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    Data from: Toward Enhanced Reusability: A Comparative Analysis of Metadata for Machine Learning Objects and Their Characteristics in Generalist and Specialist Repositories

    • This dataset contains data reported in the paper, Labou et al. 2023, which aims to understand how researchers are currently documenting machine learning (ML) research outputs for sharing, and the extent to which repository metadata fields enable reuse of ML objects.
    • Date: 2021 to 2023
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    Aerosol Measurements at Utqiagvik, Alaska, from 2022 to 2027 for Sustaining The Utqiagvik Aerosol Record of Decades (STUARD)

    • This collection contains submicron aerosol particle number size distributions, CCN spectra, submicron aerosol inorganic ions and organic components, and oxygen isotopes measured at Utqiagvik from June 2022-2027.
    • Date: 2022 to 2026
  3. Collection

    UC San Diego Women's Resource Center Newsletter

    • Weekly e-newsletter produced by the Women's Center at UC San Diego documenting outreach, events, and updates from the center and its affiliates.
    • Date: 2012-
  4. Collection

    Discoveries (La Jolla, San Diego, Calif.)

    • Discoveries is the annual magazine of UC San Diego Health Sciences, reflecting their vision to create a healthier world – one life at a time – through new sciences, new medicine and new cures.
    • Date: 2010-present
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    Data and Code from: Retaining Short-Term Variability Reduces Mean State Biases in Wind Stress Overriding Simulations

    • Fortran source code developed to override wind stress with a climatology in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) v. 1.2 and resulting GCM output data from Luongo et al. (2024).
    • Date: 2022 to 2023
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    Gloria Frym Papers: Selections

    • Audiovisual recordings from the collection of poet and educator Gloria Frym.
    • Date: 1972-2000
  7. Collection

    UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center Student Organizations Records

    • The LGBT Resource Center Student Organizations records documents the event and outreach activities of the student organizations and community groups affiliated with the LGBT Resource Center at UC San Diego.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 2000-2013
  8. Collection

    Robert Peters Papers: Selections

    • Sound recordings of poetry readings and lectures from the papers of poet Robert Peters.
    • Date: 1970-2009
  9. Collection

    Norma Cole Papers: Selections

    • Digital and digitized selections from the papers of Norma Cole, San Francisco based poet, painter, translator and educator.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 1985-2014
  10. Collection

    Kenward Elmslie Papers: Selections

    • Audiovisual recordings from the collection of poet and performer Kenward Elmslie.
    • Date: 1963-2010
  11. Collection

    Susan Howe Radio Program Sound Recordings

    • Sound recordings from poet Susan Howe's radio show, Poetry, originally broadcast on WBAI New York.
    • Date: 1965, 1971-1981
  12. Collection

    Refugee Data and Gender

    • Review of datasets on refugees.
    • Date: 2019 to 2021
  13. Collection

    Hannah Weiner Papers

    • The papers of Hannah Weiner, an experimental New York City poet. Materials include scanned notebooks, journal entries, original manuscripts, and sound recordings documenting her writing and creative process.
    • Date: 1971-1997
  14. Collection

    Lyn Hejinian Papers: Selections

    • Selected reformatted materials from the Lyn Hejinian Papers.
    • Date: 1974-2010
  15. Collection

    Lou Rowan Papers: Digital selections

    • Email and correspondence from the papers of writer Lou Rowan.
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: 1996-2018
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    Data from: Aerosol-Limited Effects on Cloud Condensation Nuclei in Clean Conditions in the Tropical South Atlantic Boundary Layer during LASIC

    • This collection provides data and codes used to retrieve aerosol mode fitting parameters and Hoppel minimum diameters from measured particle size distributions during the ARM LASIC campaign.
    • Date: 2022 to 2023
  17. Collection

    Data from: Impacts of Dropsonde Observations on Forecasts of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation in the NCEP GFS and ECMWF IFS models

    • ECMWF and NCEP IVT and precipitation data from control forecasts and data denial forecasts (without dropsondes assimilated) for Atmospheric River Reconnaissance (AR recon) 2019 and 2020.
    • Date: 2019-02-01 to 2019-03-01 and 2020-01-24 to 2020-03-16
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    BindingDB: Measured Binding Data for Protein-Ligand and Other Molecular Systems

    • This collection contains the full BindingDB dataset of experimental protein-ligand and host-guest binding data.
    • Date: 2000 to present
  19. Collection

    Data from: Observations of Tidally Driven Turbulence over Steep, Small-scale Topography Embedded in the Tasman Slope

    • In-situ observations from the Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment (TTIDE) collected around a small-scale bump embedded in the continental slope of Tasmania.
    • Date: 2015-01 to 2015-03
  20. Collection

    Stan Phillips Poetry Project Recordings Collection

    • Spoken word poetry sound recordings featuring James Broughton, Jess Collins, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, and Louis Zukofsky. Organized and edited by Stan Phillips.
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: 1962