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    Data from: Aerosol-Limited Effects on Cloud Condensation Nuclei in Clean Conditions in the Tropical South Atlantic Boundary Layer during LASIC

    • This collection provides data and codes used to retrieve aerosol mode fitting parameters and Hoppel minimum diameters from measured particle size distributions during the ARM LASIC campaign.
    • Date: 2022 to 2023
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    Data from: Impacts of Dropsonde Observations on Forecasts of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation in the NCEP GFS and ECMWF IFS models

    • ECMWF and NCEP IVT and precipitation data from control forecasts and data denial forecasts (without dropsondes assimilated) for Atmospheric River Reconnaissance (AR recon) 2019 and 2020.
    • Date: 2019-02-01 to 2019-03-01 and 2020-01-24 to 2020-03-16
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    BindingDB: Measured Binding Data for Protein-Ligand and Other Molecular Systems

    • This collection contains the full BindingDB dataset of experimental protein-ligand and host-guest binding data.
    • Date: 2000 to present
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    Data from: Observations of Tidally Driven Turbulence over Steep, Small-scale Topography Embedded in the Tasman Slope

    • In-situ observations from the Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment (TTIDE) collected around a small-scale bump embedded in the continental slope of Tasmania.
    • Date: 2015-01 to 2015-03
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    Stan Phillips Poetry Project Recordings Collection

    • Spoken word poetry sound recordings featuring James Broughton, Jess Collins, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, and Louis Zukofsky. Organized and edited by Stan Phillips.
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: 1962
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    What We've Learned

    • What We've Learned is a newsletter produced by Student Affairs at UC San Diego. The newsletter began in 2020, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, as an effort to keep students informed on current events.
    • Date: 2020-2023
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    CCHDO Hydrographic Data Archive

    • The CCHDO Hydrographic Data Collection contains high quality, global, vessel-based CTD and Niskin bottle data from GO-SHIP, WOCE, CLIVAR and other repeat hydrography programs past and present.
    • Date: 1972 to present
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    Center for Research in Computing and the Arts Collection

    • UC San Diego Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) collection documents the activities of the experimental music and art research unit. Contains produced works, event recordings and photographs, and writings produced by the CRCA and its affiliates.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1978-2010
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    Standard Operating Procedure Documents for Coral Reef Ecological Monitoring

    • This collection contains documents describing methods used by the Sandin Lab to collect standardized coral reef community ecology data.
    • Date: 2010 to Present
  10. Collection

    100 Island Challenge Collection

    • The 100 Island Challenge is a collaborative effort to describe the variation of coral reefs from across the globe. We combine classical field surveys with innovative imaging and data technologies to archive reefs digitally and watch how populations change through time.
    • Date: 2012 to present
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    Center for Environmental Imaging Collection

    • The Center for Environmental Imaging (CEI) is an effort to digitally archive imagery of the natural world. This collection includes image datasets from a diversity of projects and environmental habitats.
    • Date: 2012 to present
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    Leslie Scalapino Papers: Digital selections

    • Digital selections from the papers of Leslie Scalapino, San Francisco Bay Area poet, scholar, experimental prose writer and founding editor of O Books. Content includes poetry, essays, interview transcripts, photographs, and sound and videorecordings reformatted or captured from digital media.
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: circa 1965-2014
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    Explorations: Video Editions

    • Supplementary video editions to Explorations, a Scripps Institution of Oceanography publication. The videos document the Institution's research and history.
    • Date: 1997-2006
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    Data from: Ocean Surface Salinity Response to Atmospheric River Precipitation in the California Current System

    • Oceanic and atmospheric measurements, reanalysis and modeled outputs in the California Current System.
    • Date: 1992 to 2019
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    Return To Learn Town Hall Meetings

    • The UC San Diego’s Return to Learn Town Hall meetings began in July 2020, as part of the Return to Learn program, which started in May 2020 as a strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Date: 2020-2022
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    UC San Diego Campus Notices and Flyers

    • Campus Notices and Flyers distributed information to a large segment of the campus community.
    • Date: 1993-2022
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    Data from: Unexpected failure of regional marine cloud brightening in a warmer world

    • Marine cloud brightening simulation output generated using the Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 2.2 described in Wan et al., (submitted).
    • Date: 2022-04 to 2023-04
  18. Collection

    Francis P. Shepard Papers: Selections

    • Digitized images selected from the papers of scientist Francis P. Shepard.
    • Date: circa 1940-1960
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    Data from: QMrebind: Incorporating quantum mechanical force field reparameterization at the ligand binding site for improved drug-target kinetics through milestoning simulations

    • The data set contains the files necessary to recalculate/reproduce the unbinding rates of ligands for the model host-guest systems and Hsp90-inhibitor complexes in the paper "QMrebind: Incorporating quantum mechanical force field reparameterization at the ligand binding site for improved drug-target kinetics through milestoning simulations."
    • Date: 2021 to 2023