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    Mexican Broadsides

    • This collection comprises broadsides (single and double-sided, one-sheet documents) produced in Mexico between the early 1600s and 1899.
    • Date: Early 1600s to 1899
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    Pablo Macedo Collection of Mexican Notarial, Mining and Colonial Documents

    • Mexican colonial documents written in Spanish, relating to land tenure, legal matters and mining interests in the Itzmiquilpa region of Mexico.
    • Date: 1600-1908
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    American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection

    • Selected materials from the American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection.
    • Date: 1610-1985
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    Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records

    • Family papers and sugar plantation records (1709-1835) of the Hall family of England and Jamaica. The collection contains primary source material on 18th and early 19th century Jamaican plantation economy and culture.
    • Date: 1709-1892
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    Millerd Family Documents

    • Documents of the Millerd family, 1740-1900, including records that document birth and death dates for family members, debts, military service, and a set of manuscript sermons attributed to Squire Millerd.
    • Date: 1740-1900
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    William Bond Papers

    • Papers of William Bond (d. 1776), a Revolutionary Army officer from Massachusetts. Includes correspondence, orders, resolutions of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, lists of officers and soldiers, and other documents related to Bond's regiment.
    • Date: 1768-1883, bulk 1775-1776
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    Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents

    • A small collection of family papers of American painter John Gadsby Chapman, consisting mostly of letters to Chapman from colleagues and associates, and correspondence with his son, Conrad Wise Chapman, who served in the Confederate army in the Civil War.
    • Date: 1791-1898, bulk 1861-1865
  8. Collection

    San Diego History

    • Selected materials documenting San Diego county, digitized from original postcards, photographs, correspondence, pamphlets and other materials held by UC San Diego Library.
    • Date: circa 1800-1950
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    Hubon Family Papers

    • The Hubon Family Papers contain the correspondence of San Diego early settler Frederick Hubon (1827-1882), and include letters from three generations of Hubons, in addition to transcriptions, genealogical notes, and a carte-de-visite portrait.
    • Date: circa 1801-1966
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    José Villegas Collection on Mining

    • Documents and photographs relating to silver mining operations in Mexico, principally Real del Monte and Pachuca during the periods of British (1824-1849) and Mexican (1849-1906) capitalization and management.
    • Date: circa 1825-1983
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    Baja California Government Documents Collection

    • Municipal and government documents relating to official policies, civil matters, contracts, litigation, war, and state infrastructure development in Baja California, including Santo Tomas, Rosarito, Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana, and other towns and cities.
    • Date: 1831-1982 (bulk 1900-1925)
  12. Collection

    Alfred North Correspondence and Other Documents

    • Correspondence and a journal from the papers of Alfred North (1807-1869), an American Presbyterian minister who served on international and domestic missions.
    • Date: 1832-1869
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    Ephraim W. Morse Family Papers

    • The Ephraim W. Morse Family Papers includes correspondence documenting 19th century life in New England and California. It includes letters from many promient San Diegians, including: Alonzo Horton, Joseph Judson Ames, Manuelito Cota, Rufus King Porter, Judge James Robinson, Jonathan T. Warner, and Thomas Whaley, as well as family members.
    • Date: 1838-1907
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    Ephraim Morse Papers

    • Documents from the Ephraim W. Morse Papers, San Diego pioneer, businessman, and civic leader. Materials include financial records for Morse's Old Town and New Town stores; correspondence; cased daguerreotypes and an ambrotype; and scrapbooks.
    • Date: 1839-1884
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    Elisha Oscar Crosby Papers

    • Autobiographical essays, documents, and correspondence regarding Elisha Oscar Crosby, an early (1849-1895) California settler, lawyer, politician, diplomat, and civil servant.
    • Date: 1849-1895
  16. Collection

    History of Oceanography and Marine Science

    • Selections from archival collections held by the UC San Diego Library that document the history and activities of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 1850 to 2010
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    Steve Turner Collection of African-Americana

    • The Turner Collection comprises more than 300 items that help document the lives and contributions of American Blacks, largely through original photographic images.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1850-1979
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    George Fearing Hollis Papers

    • Papers of George Fearing Hollis, Union Naval officer and United States Consul to Cape Town, South Africa from 1888-1893. The collection consists mainly of Civil War-era correspondence, manuscript memoirs, and documents regarding Hollis's tenure in Cape Town.
    • Date: 1852-1903
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    Ex-Mission of Santa Catarina Legal File

    • Correspondence, legal documents, expense statements, and sales agreements compiled to demonstrate rightful ownership of the lands deriving from the Ex-Mission of Santa Catarina, a large tract of land in northern Baja California originally the possession of the Catholic Church.
    • Date: 1856 - 1916
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    New Rosario Silver Mining Company Records

    • Records of the New Rosario Silver Mining Company, including business correspondence, articles of agreement, receipts, and reports meant to entice potential stockholders. Includes articles of agreement for other ventures, including the Morro da Gloria Gold Mining Company.
    • Date: between 1858 and 1870