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    Training image data for: Environmental and ecological drivers of harmful algal blooms in the Southern California Bight

    • The datasets include example images of marine protists and copepods. The images were collected by the Scripps Plankton Camera (, located at the end of the Scripps Pier, La Jolla, CA, at the tide-dependent depth of approximately 3-4 m.
    • Date: 2015 to 2019
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    Transient Rip-currents on the Stratified Inner-shelf

    • Transient Rip-currents (TRCs) are an important coastal phenomenon, driving cross-shore surf-zone and inner-shelf exchange. Archived herein are idealized numerical simulation output used to evaluate TRC effects on the stratified inner-shelf.
    • Date: 2019 to 2020
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    Travelogue Collection

    • Collection of home movies and travel films shot mainly in the United States. Includes extensive footage of Europe and Asia as well.
    • Date: 1936-1980
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    Triton Tools and Tidbits

    • Triton Tools & Tidbits is a podcast that is focused on discussing topics to engage and enrich student life and education. Produced by the UC San Diego Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
    • Date: 2020-2021
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    • Tritoncast is the podcast for UC San Diego Athletics.
    • Date: 2020-2023
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    UC San Diego Campus Notices and Flyers

    • Campus Notices and Flyers distributed information to a large segment of the campus community.
    • Date: 1993-2022
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    UC San Diego Department of Music Concert Archive

    • UCSD Department of Music recordings from 1967-2006 of degree-required concerts, faculty concerts, most class concerts, and other selected events.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
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    UC San Diego General Catalog

    • Selected volumes of the General Catalog or Course Catalog containing course descriptions, degree requirements and descriptions for colleges, departments, and schools offered by the University of California, San Diego.
    • Date: 1961 to 2011
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    UC San Diego History

    • Photographs, student newspapers, oral histories, campus news releases, news clippings, and publications that document the development and history of the campus.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1956-
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    UC San Diego LGBT Campus Historical Collection

    • The UC San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Historical Collection documents the experiences of LGBTQIA+ community at UC San Diego, and reflects the activities and interests of students, staff, faculty, and alumni.
    • Date: 1977-2020
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    UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center Student Organizations Records

    • The LGBT Resource Center Student Organizations records documents the event and outreach activities of the student organizations and community groups affiliated with the LGBT Resource Center at UC San Diego.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 2000-2013
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    UC San Diego Women's Resource Center Newsletter

    • Weekly e-newsletter produced by the Women's Center at UC San Diego documenting outreach, events, and updates from the center and its affiliates.
    • Date: 2012-
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    UCSD Audio Visual Theses and Dissertations

    • A subset of the dissertations produced by students at UC San Diego which contain audio and visual components.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Date: between 1971 and 2009
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    UCSD Guardian

    • Primary student newspaper of UCSD campus. Includes earlier versions of the Guardian, such as the Triton Times and special issues titled Hiatus.
    • Date: 1967-
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    UCSD Health Sciences Communications Public Relations Materials

    • The Health Sciences Communications Public Relations Materials records include news releases, features, and photographs produced by the office.
    • Date: 1961-2015
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    UCSD Independent Study Project (ISP)

    • Independent School of Medicine Project from the UCSD School of Medicine.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Date: 2011-
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    UCSD Oral Histories

    • Oral history interviews, with various persons involved with the establishment and development of the UC San Diego, and the development of various campus academic programs.
    • Date: 1984-1999
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    UCSD Student Newspapers

    • Scans of students newspapers, other than the UCSD Guardian. Includes Black Voices, California Review, New Indicator, Revellations, Third World, and Ujima, among others.
    • Date: 1960-
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    Underway Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (SADCP) Data Archive

    • Underway shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiler (SADCP) database assembled from the public archive of CODAS post-processed data.
    • Date: 1990 to 2020
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    University Art Gallery Closure Events, 2016

    • Images and events related to the threatened closure of the University Art Gallery in 2016.
    • Date: 2016