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    James Stewart Papers

    • A selection of images from the James Stewart Papers, including portraits, group photos and photographs from diving and research expeditions.
    • Date: 1951-1994
  2. Collection

    Archive for New Poetry: Selections

    • A selection of reformatted, scanned, and born-digital materials from the Archive for New Poetry at the UC San Diego Library's Special Collections & Archives.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 1955 - Present
  3. Collection

    dataMares: Fisheries

    • This collection contains robust, high-quality scientific information related to Mexico-specific ocean fisheries and their relationship to marine reserves, coastal and marine ecosystems, and climate change. It also contains datasets with information on fishing activities collected with the participation of local fishermen.
    • Date: 1950-01-01 to present
  4. Collection

    Edward Sheldon Barr Papers

    • Photographs from collection of Edward Sheldon Barr, who accompanied the MidPac and Capricorn Expeditions.
    • Date: 1950-1952
  5. Collection

    George A. Shumway Jr. Photographs

    • Photographs from the collection of George A. Shumway Jr, Ph.D, former Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) researcher.
    • Date: 1950-1959
  6. Collection

    Music Collection

    • Collection of Music-related materials from UC San Diego students and faculty, as well as prominent figures of the contemporary music scene in Southern California.
    • Date: 1950 -
  7. Collection

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Geological Collections

    • A growing archive of sea-floor samples and associated data supporting a diverse variety of scientific research.
    • Date: 1950 to 2006
  8. Collection

    Historical Catalog of Winter Weather Regimes Impacting California, 1949-2017

    • This dataset contains a historical catalog of daily atmospheric winter weather regimes observed over the North Pacific and western North America spanning 1949-2017. These weather regimes have been identified as important drivers of atmospheric river landfalls, Santa Ana winds, floods, and wildfires in California.
    • Date: November-February 1949 to 2017
  9. Collection

    Marquis McDonald Photographs

    • Photographs by Marquis McDonald during a 1949-1950 overland trip down the Baja California Peninsula.
    • Date: 1949-1950
  10. Collection

    Data from: Autumn precipitation: the competition with Santa Ana winds in determining fire outcomes in southern California

    • This dataset includes two versions of the Santa Ana Wind Regional Index (SAWRI) and Livneh precipitation data from 1948-2018.
    • Date: Compiled: 1948 to 2018
  11. Collection

    Leo Szilard and Aaron Novick Research Files

    • The Leo Szilard and Aaron Novick Research Files document experiments on bacterial populations performed jointly by Szilard and Novick at the Institute of Radiobiology and Biophysics, University of Chicago.
    • Date: 1948-1964
  12. Collection

    Robert Erickson Sound Recording Collection

    • Robert Erickson was a co-founder of the UCSD Music Department.  This collection includes his sound recordings of his own works, much of it recorded under his direction, also rare or unique recordings of particular interest to him, from ethnic music to works and lectures by his contemporaries and some student projects.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Date: 1947 to 1984
  13. Collection

    Papua New Guinea Highlands Dissertations

    • Dissertations and theses, written between 1946 and 2001, documenting social life, customs, history and other topics pertaining to the Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea.
    • Date: 1946-2001
  14. Collection

    Taiwanese American Archives' Photo Albums

    • The Taiwanese American Archives' Photo Albums  include documents and images covering a broad range of topics including sports, news events, concerts, festivals and conferences spanning the 1940s to the present decade.
    • Date: 2014 to 2021
  15. Collection

    Robert S. Arthur Slides and Survival Charts

    • Slides and World War II-era cloth survival charts from the collection of physical oceanographer Robert S. Arthur.
    • Date: 1943-1973
  16. Collection

    Dr. Seuss Political Cartoons

    • Political cartoons drawn for the New York newspaper PM by author and illustrator Theodor Seuss Geisel.
    • Date: 1941-1943
  17. Collection

    Selected Newsreels

    • Yearly highlights including, but limited to major national and international news, important events and major public figures.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Date: 1941-1969
  18. Collection

    Dr. Seuss Collection

    • Images by Theodor Seuss Geisel digitized from originals in the UC San Diego collections.
    • Date: 1940-1943
  19. Collection

    Francis P. Shepard Papers: Selections

    • Digitized images selected from the papers of scientist Francis P. Shepard.
    • Date: circa 1940-1960
  20. Collection

    J. Robert Beyster Collection: Selections

    • Selections from the collection of Dr. J. Robert Beyster (1924-2014), a scientist and entrepreneur who was the founder, former chairman and CEO of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), an employee-owned San Diego research and development firm founded in 1969.
    • Date: 1940-2016