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    Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive

    • The UC San Diego Library created a “living archive” as an alternative way to highlight awareness, provide a space for dialogue, preserve and document the events related to student activism at UC San Diego.
    • Date: 1960-2017
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    Tell Us How UC It: History of Student Activism Timeline

    • The Tell Us How UC It: History of Student Activism Timeline presents events and incidents from UC San Diego’s history that affected the campus climate for students in such a way that they were compelled to act or react.
    • Date: 1960-2016
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    UCSD Student Newspapers

    • Scans of students newspapers, other than the UCSD Guardian. Includes Black Voices, California Review, New Indicator, Revellations, Third World, and Ujima, among others.
    • Date: 1960-
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    Will Forman Navy submersible film collection

    • Forty-five films digitally reformatted films from the collection of Will Forman on U.S. Navy submersibles, particularly the development of Deep Jeep at the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) at China Lake, California.
    • Date: between 1960 and 1971
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    Ben Yellen Papers

    • The Ben Yellen Papers document grassroots social and political activism on the subjects of farm labor, commercial agriculture, and western water policy in Southern California.
    • Date: 1959-1991
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    Anthony Forge Films and Recordings

    • Films and sound recordings taken by British anthropologist, Anthony Forge (1929-1991), during his research with the Abelam and neighboring peoples of the Sepik River region in Papua New Guinea. The films depict Abelam life, particularly ritual and artistic aspects, such as the building of ‘haus tambaran’ (spirit cult houses).
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: 1958-1995
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    Harold Scheffler Collection

    • Photographs and sound recordings taken by anthropologist Harold Scheffler during field research with peoples of Choiseul, Rendova, Simbo and other islands of the Solomon Islands.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1958-1968
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    Meet the Scientist Lecture Recordings

    • Sound recordings and a small selection of typed presentations from a science lecture series sponsored by the Theatre and Arts Foundation of San Diego County.
    • Date: 1958-1963
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    Scripps CO2 Program Data

    • This collection contains measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentration and isotopic abundances at an array of stations, from the Arctic to Antarctica.
    • Date: 1957 to present
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    San Diego History Center Oral Histories

    • The San Diego Historical Society owns dozens of oral histories that document the rise and decline of the California fishing industry. Over 50 oral history transcripts on topics of popular interest such as tuna fishing, lobster harvesting, agar processing, and whaling, have been made available here.
    • Date: 1957-1999
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    UC San Diego History

    • Photographs, student newspapers, oral histories, campus news releases, news clippings, and publications that document the development and history of the campus.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1956-
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    University Communications & Public Relations Materials: News Releases

    • News releases of UC San Diego adminstrators and faculty, campus events, major campus buildings, and aerial views of campus.
    • Date: 1956-2023
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    University Communications & Public Relations Materials: Photographs

    • Photographs of UC San Diego administrators and faculty, campus events, major campus buildings, and aerial views of campus.
    • Date: 1956-2001
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    Jackson Mac Low: Selections

    • A selection of content from the Jackson Mac Low papers, focused on reformatted sound recordings and a presentation of the digital files captured off the poet's collection of floppy disks and zip drives.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: circa 1955-2005
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    Joanne Kyger Papers: Selections

    • Digitized and born-digital selections from the papers of poet Joanne Kyger.
    • Access: Some items restricted
    • Date: 1955-2017
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    Robert Crosson Papers: Selections

    • Audiovisual recordings from the collection of poet and actor Robert Crosson.
    • Date: 1955-1991
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    Theodore Schwartz Recordings

    • A collection of sound and video recordings from Theodore Schwartz, Melanesian anthropologist, UC San Diego Professor and specialist on the Manus people of Papua New Guinea. Includes interviews, ceremonies, lectures, songs and linguistic studies relating to his expeditions to the Admiralty Islands.
    • Access: Restricted View
    • Date: 1953 - 1998
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    Data from Scripps Research Expeditions 1953-2005

    • Data and documents from Scripps Institution of Oceanography research vessel expeditions from 1953-2005, including geophysical, water column, and sea surface measurements.
    • Date: 1953 to 2005
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    Anti-Confucian Book Collection

    • The Anti-Confucius Book Collection consists of 747 titles donated by UCSD PhD alumnus Matthew Wills. They were largely political propagandas produced during 1960s-1970s, also known as the Cultural Revolution period in China.
    • Date: Between 1952 and 1982
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    Capricorn Expedition Photographs

    • The Capricorn Expedition (1952-1953) was part of a series of oceanic expeditions in the Pacific conducted by the US Navy and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
    • Date: 1952-1953