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Sweden: Formulaic Matrix
Sweden Primary Districts Secondary District (national)
National Partisan Cartels -- (2) All votes cast for parties whose vote exceeds 4% of the national total are aggregated to the national level. A hypothetical allocation of all seats -- both fixed or constituency seats and additional or national seats -- is made by modified Sainte-Lague. Parties which receive more seats in this hypothetical allocation are allotted additional seats, from the pool of 39 additional seats in the nation.
Intra-district Partisan Cartels (1b) As in 1a. (3b) As in 3a.
Lists (1a) Each constituency has a certain number of "fixed" seats allocated to it, and these are allocated by modified Sainte-Lague. To receive constituency seats, a party must either exceed 4% of the national vote or its list(s) in the constituency must exceed 12% of the constituency vote. (4) Seats allocated to intra-district partisan cartels in steps 1b and 3b are reallocated to the cartel's constituent lists, basically by PR-d'Hondt. (3a) Additional seats allocated to national partisan cartels in step (2) are reallocated to each cartel's constituent lists/partisan cartels according to which of those lists/cartels had the largest average in their districts after the allocation of constituency seats.
Candidates (5) Seats allocated to lists in steps 1a, 3a, and 4 are reallocated to each list's candidates mostly by list order. --
349-member Parliament (Riksdag).