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Denmark: Formulaic Matrix
Denmark Primary Districts (storkredse, amtskredse) Secondary Districts (national)
Partisan Cartels -- (2) Only cartels that have either (a) won one or more constituency seats, or (b) obtained as many votes as on average were cast per constituency seat in at least two of the three regions, or (c) obtained, in the country as a whole, at least 2% of the valid votes cast, are eligibile to participate in the second distribution of seats. The total number of seats to which each cartel is entitled is determined using the LR-Hare method (the quota equals the nationwide sum of the votes of all lists associated with qualifying cartels, divided by the total number of Danish seats, 175). From this total number is then subtracted the number of constituency seats won by associated lists in step 1. The difference gives the number of the forty supplemental seats to which the cartel is entitled.
Lists (1) 135 constituency seats are distributed by the modified Sainte-Lague method. (3) Seats awarded to partisan cartels in step 2 are reallocated to each cartel's component constituency lists by a two-step procedure. Seats are first allocated to regions, by the Sainte-Lague method. Then, within regions, they are allocated to constituencies by another divisor method. See Johansen 1979, page 46 for details.
Candidates (4) Seats awarded to lists in steps 1 and 3 are reallocated to each list's candidates, by three different procedures. See Johansen 1979, pages 50-54 for details. --