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Catalunya continuarà el seu camí. 25 desembre 1933--25 desembre 1936

[Catalunya will continue on his path. December 25, 1933--December25 1936]. Lienas. Atlàntida Poster, black & white; 100 x 70 cm

The man pictured in this poster is Francesc Macià (1859-1933). Macià was the founder and leader of several prominent political groups in Cataluña that agitated for the autonomy and independence of the region. Shortly after its founding in 1922, Macià became the leader of the Estat Català, a Catalan separatist party composed mostly of middle-class youth. Later, in 1931, Macià helped to form a new political party, the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya or ERC (Republican Left of Cataluña), out of a majority of members of the Estat Català, which became increasingly radical and pro-fascist in the 1930s, the Partit Republicà Català (Catalan Republican Party), socialists and a group from the periodical L'Opinion. Macià became the leader of the new party and many followers referred to the elderly romantic colonel as "el avi" or "the grandfather." The new party did well in the municipal elections in Barcelona in 1931 and the ERC gained popularity in other prominent cities in Cataluña. The Generalitat of Cataluña, the autonomous governing body of the region, was re-established in 1931 after having been disbanded by Philip V in 1716.

Macià's role as head of the Generalitat and leader of the new unified party of Catalan leftists was cut short by his death on December 25, 1933. Lluis Companys succeeded him as head of the Generalitat and leader of the ERC. Nonetheless, as this poster indicates, Macià remained a popular leader and an icon of the movements for Catalan autonomy and independence within the Spanish Republican government. The notion of continuing on Macià's path is reference to the continued struggle for the independence of Cataluña.

Lienas is the artist of the poster. Lienas produced several other posters in Cataluña during the war. Little else is known about the artist or the group, Atlántida, which produced the poster.

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