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Afterword: Herbert R. Southworth Collection


This catalogue and the exhibition that it accompanies are indebted first and foremost to Lynda Claassen, director of the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego. From its inception, she enthusiastically made this project her own. Her personal support has been indispensable, and the working environment that she provided was the best that I could hope for. I am extremely grateful to her.

Thanks are also due to several students from UCSD: Christopher Albert, Sam Amago, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Regina Reza, Dana McAllister, Thomas Smith, and Heather Smits. They participated in a seminar that professor David Ringrose and I taught in the History Department at UCSD, and the research they conducted on some of the posters, and on other materials in the Southworth Collection, has been very valuable to the authors of this catalogue. Special thanks are due to Dr. Ringrose for his endorsement of this project throughout its duration and for his constant, generous and decisive support.

The personnel at the Mandeville Special Collections Library made working on this catalogue not only possible, but also a real pleasure. I wish to thank especially Sandra Hochberg, Richard Lindemann, Bett Miller, Brad Westbrook, Heather McMahon, Steve Coy, and Lynette Stoudt.

I am also grateful for the support received from the faculty and staff of the Visual Arts Department, the History Department, and the Art &Architecture Library at UCSD.

The Mandeville Special Collections Library and the History Department at UCSD provided the funds that made it possible for the contributors to this catalogue to spend the necessary time conducting their research.

In Spain, two persons who lived through the Civil War, María Teresa Gutiérrez, then a young teenager, and José Manuel Vidal Zapater, then a young and wide-eyed soldier, shared with me their experiences during that time. Their vivid accounts have served in my mind as a poignant confirmation of the need to remember.

The authors who have collaborated to this publication, Enrique A. Sanabria, Kevin Ingram and Theresa Ann Smith, have my gratitude. The quality of their scholarship shows in the entries that are included in this catalogue. In addition, their assistance and their advice have been a fundamental contribution to this project.

As always, I am indebted to my wife Viviana. I also wish to thank my San Diego family, Martha and Eduardo Waisman, for making their home my own.

Alexander Vergara


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