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No tiréis los trapos viejos. Pues con ellos se fabricán telas de abrigo para nuestros defensores

[Don't throw out those old rags! We can use them to make clothing for our defenders.]. Reinoso. Color; 66 x 45 cm.

This poster is a call to the rearguard to provide cloth for the soldiers at the front. The main colors of the factions of the Republican government - black and red - occupy a prominent place in the image. The image shows a photograph of a soldier at the front being protected from dark clouds and a winter storm by a cloth. The red color of the cloth is symbolic of the revolutionary character of the Republican effort. The mobilization of civilians in Republican Spain in support of the war effort is a common theme in many of the posters and broadsides printed during the Civil War.

The need for clothing during the winter months is an especially prevalent theme among posters geared toward the mobilization of the rearguard. During the winter of 1936-1937, the cold weather appeared suddenly prompting a sudden need for winter clothing. The winter of the following year (1937-1938) is remembered as being extraordinarily cold with a temperature of -18o C recorded at the battle of Tereul. Being in September of 1937, the Popular Front, the Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista (SIA), Socorro Rojo Internacional (SRI) and city-based committees assumed control of the supply of clothing to soldiers fighting at the front during winter months.

The artist is Reinoso. Other than this work, the artist is not otherwise known. The publisher of the poster is unknown.

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