Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Marine Life Research Group Records, 1940-1990 (SAC 20)


Extent: 9 Linear feet (9 record cartons, 1 oversize folder)

The Marine Life Research Group Records document Scripps Institution of Oceanography participation in California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) and the resulting expanded research. Includes correspondence, research data from cruises and expeditions, proposals and reports, committee materials, and conferences.

The 1946-1947 fishing season marked a major decrease in the numbers of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax). In January 1947, representatives from the fishing industry and scientific experts met to evaluate the problem. Within a year, California Legislature established the Marine Research Committee (MRC); early members included Harald U. Sverdrup, Carl L. Hubbs, Martin W. Johnson, and John D. Isaacs. Through the MRC, a statewide research project was developed called the California Cooperative Sardine Study. By 1953, the project's name became the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI).

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) was assigned the responsibility of gathering general oceanographic data in the sardine habitat and to study biological productivity in the Pacific Ocean. In 1948, SIO founded the Marine Life Research Group (MLRG); also referred to as the Marine Life Research Program (MLR). The group was responsible for overseeing SIO's broad study under the state-supported CalCOFI. Due to space issues, the MLRG was originally located in Navy buildings at Point Loma, but was eventually moved to the SIO campus. SIO established the Data Collection and Processing Group (DCPG) to assist in processing research data; and was assigned a radio station for the project, operated by SIO personnel. Monthly cruises began in 1949.

Over time, the Marine Life Research Group (MLRG) expanded its studies. By 1957, the group's accomplishments included: identifying sardine migrations, behavior patterns, and four spawning areas; developing methods to estimate fish populations; defining zooplankton areas; gathering information on anchovy, jack mackerel, Pacific mackerel, saury, and hake; new instrument designs; and collecting data on ocean temperature, salinity, oxygen and phosphate levels.

To accommodate these expanded studies, the MLRG was re-organized and a new system for awarding contracts to special projects was established. In addition to CalCOFI cruises, the MLRG participated in and conducted various expeditions, including the Antipode Expedition, North Pacific Study (NPS), and the North Pacific Experiment (Norpax). The work of the Marine Life Research Group (MLRG) was eventually moved to the Integrative Oceanography Division (IOD) at SIO.

Directors of the MLRG included: John D. Isaacs (1958-1974), Joseph L. Reid (1974-1987), and Michael M. Mullin (1988-unknown).

The Marine Life Research Group Records document Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) participation in California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) and the resulting expanded research. Includes correspondence, materials from cruises and expeditions, research data and notes, proposals and reports, committee materials, and conferences.


California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) Records, SAC 50. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

California Marine Research Committee Records, SAC 49. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

John D. Isaacs Papers, SMC 1. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

University of California. Institute of Marine Resources Records, SAC 3. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

Container List


Scope and Content of Series

Series 1) CORRESPONDENCE: Documents administrative activities, research, and public outreach. Of particular note is correspondence by John D. Isaacs, Director of MLRG; Richard A. Schwartzlose; and George T. Hemmingway who served as CalCOFI coordinator, Marine Life Research Group Assistant Director, liaison with marine science institutions in Mexico, and coordinator of the International Program at SIO. Includes correspondence in English and Spanish.

Arranged chronologically, followed by alphabetical correspondence.

Box 1 Folder 1-12
Chronological correspondence, 1949-1990

Includes budgets, meeting minutes, and cruise reports | draft proposal by Schwartzlose and Reid on rapid evaluation of CalCOFI samples (1975) | CalCOFI and Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INP) meeting materials (1980) | description of the International Program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) (1981) | Tinker Fellowship program correspondence (1981-1985) | Interamericas Program correspondence (1982-1987) | proposals to the Marine Life Research Advisory Panel (1984) | reorganization of the MLRG (1988-1989).

Alphabetical correspondence

Box 1 Folder 13-14
Ahlstrom, Elbert H., 1949-1966

Includes correspondence regarding CalCOFI budget and proposal to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Box 1 Folder 15
Alverson, Dayton L., 1968
Box 1 Folder 16
Anderson, George C., 1978-1985
Box 1 Folder 17
Baxter, John L., 1964-1967

Includes CalCOFI Committee correspondence.

Box 1 Folder 18
Bogdanovich, Joseph J., 1964

Includes correspondence with Marine Research Committee (MRC) regarding Mexico and U.S. anchovy quota.

Box 1 Folder 19
Brinton, Edward, 1972-1986
Box 1 Folder 20
Bruce, Edward F., 1962-1969

Includes research paper "The impact of new technology on ocean fish conservation and management as seen by the Marine Research Committee" by Edward F. Bruce.

Box 1 Folder 21
Bryan, Walter R., 1975 November-1983 November

Includes description of cruise scheduling for SIO expedition. Letter from 1975 is written in Spanish.

Box 1 Folder 22
Burnette, Julian G., 1958-1967

Includes correspondence regarding CalCOFI investigations.

Box 1 Folder 23
Butler, Robert, 1980
Box 1 Folder 24
California Department of Fish and Game, 1958-1967

Includes correspondence regarding the protest of the dispersal of radioactive materials in the Pacific and Atomic Energy Commission meeting. Also, includes "A report on problems of the commercial fishing industry and the role of the Department of Fish and Game."

Box 1 Folder 25
Canney, Kathleen A., 1985

Includes correspondence in Spanish.

Box 1 Folder 26
Cannon, Raymond,, 1958-1959

Includes correspondence regarding extension of research territory into the Gulf of California.

Box 1 Folder 27
Carry, Charles R., 1966-1969

Includes petition regarding the recreational fishing of anchovies.

Box 1 Folder 28
Cheng, Lanna, 1972-1978

Includes description of the Marine Insects Symposium at SIO.

Box 1 Folder 29
Cook, Maria L., 1980-1982

Includes correspondence between the International Cooperation Assistance program regarding a need for Spanish translation materials.

Box 1 Folder 30
Croker, Richard S., 1958-1962

Includes the purchase of a new research vessel to be used by CalCOFI program.

Box 1 Folder 31
Crowe, Fred J., 1976-1985
Box 1 Folder 32
Dougherty, Ruth A., 1982-1985

Includes description of display and events taking place inside of the Mexicali museum.

Box 1 Folder 33
Faughn, James L., 1974 May
Box 1 Folder 34
Fenaux, Robert P., 1972-1973
Box 1 Folder 35-40
Fleminger, Abraham, 1961-1986

Includes cruise report from Phase IX of the Amazon-Caribbean Expedition.

Box 1 Folder 41
Forster, G.R., 1971-1974

Includes correspondence with Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom.

Box 1 Folder 42
Gates, Doyle, 1961-1971
Box 1 Folder 43
Gilchrist, John P., 1967

Includes correspondence with the California Seafood Institute regarding the Governor's Advisory Commission recommendation.

Box 1 Folder 44
Gillenwaters, T.R., 1968

Includes paper by Gillenwaters titled "The state's involvement in the maritime and ocean resources and development."

Box 1 Folder 45
Haury, Loren R., 1978-1985
Box 1 Folder 46
Hayward, Thomas L., 1982-1986
Box 1 Folder 47
Johnson, Martin W., 1979-1982
Box 1 Folder 48-49
Longhurst, Alan R., 1967-1968

Includes correspondence regarding the Eastropac Expedition.

Box 1 Folder 50
McHugh, J.L., 1958-1969
Box 1 Folder 51
Miller, Robert C., 1958-1970
Box 2 Folder 1-6
Murphy, Garth I., 1958-1971

Includes CalCOFI draft reports regarding fish egg sampling. Also, includes papers by Murphy titled "Oceanography and Variations in the Pacific Sardine Population" and "The Effect of Mixing Depth and Turbidity on the Productivity of Fresh Water Impoundments."

Box 2 Folder 7
Olivieri, Joseph L., 1968
Box 2 Folder 8-9
Radovich, John, 1960-1966

Includes California Department of Fish and Game reports.

Box 2 Folder 10
Ramster, John W., 1970
Box 2 Folder 11
Roedel, Philip M., 1966-1969

Includes correspondence regarding the Marine Research Committee.

Box 2 Folder 12
Sargent, Marston C., 1971

Includes Department of Fish and Game expenditures for Marine Research Committee.

Box 2 Folder 13
Schmitt, Walter, 1981-1983

Includes correspondence regarding proposal to the State Water Resources Control Board and CalCOFI research.

Box 2 Folder 14-30
Schwartzlose, Richard A., 1957-1983

Includes correspondence regarding ocean temperatures, drift bottle project, ship schedule requests, and the sale of the R/V Horizon. Also, includes research notes and draft report titled "Free vehicles and their instrument findings."

Box 2 Folder 31
Sette, O.E., 1957-1965

Includes correspondence between US Department of Interior and CalCOFI regarding SIO symposium on meteorological and oceanographic changes.

Box 2 Folder 32
Venrick, Elizabeth L., 1973-1985

Includes correspondence regarding Scientific Committee of Ocean Research (SCOR) meeting in Oslo, Norway.


Scope and Content of Series

Series 2) CALIFORNIA COOPERATIVE OCEANIC FISHERIES INVESTIGATIONS (CalCOFI): Includes founding documents, committee and conference materials, and reports. For cruise related reports, also see Data Collection and Processing Group (DCPG) in the SUBJECT FILES series.

Arranged chronologically, with reports and publications grouped together.

Box 2 Folder 33-35
Founding documents and notes on history of program, 1947-1970

Includes correspondence, meeting minutes and notes, funding and budgets, reports, Sardine Research Committee, and Marine Research Committee materials. Correspondents include: W.M. Chapman, John D. Isaacs, Robert G. Sproul, and Harald U. Sverdrup.

Box 2 Folder 36-37
CalCOFI Committee - Correspondence, meeting minutes, and supplementary materials, 1951-1973
Box 3 Folder 1-4
CalCOFI Committee - Correspondence, meeting minutes, and supplementary materials, 1973-1986
Box 3 Folder 5-24
CalCOFI Conferences - Correspondence, abstracts, reports, and transcripts, 1961-1977
Box 3 Folder 25-26
CalCOFI Conferences - Contributions from the Instituto del Mar del Peru, 1964
Box 3 Folder 27
Hopkins Marine Station, 1966-1970
Box 3 Folder 28
Ship operations schedule, 1968-1971

Includes preliminary cruise report.

Reports and publications

Box 3 Folder 29
Schwartzlose, Richard A. Some aspects of stagnation in the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations, 1955
Box 3 Folder 30
CalCOFI preliminary cruise reports, 1955-1986

Includes cruises: 7412G, 7503G, 7510G, and 8609.

Box 3 Folder 31
1957: The year of warm water and southern fish, 1957 December 19
Box 3 Folder 32
Murphy, Garth I. Working paper for review of CalCOFI program - Draft, 1959 May
Box 3 Folder 33-34
CalCOFI program progress reports, 1960-1963

Includes multiple drafts.

Box 3 Folder 35
Review of the Pelagic wet fisheries during the 1959-60 season, ca. 1960
Box 3 Folder 36
Prospectus for an expanded CalCOFI research program, 1961 June
Box 3 Folder 37
A program for developing a hake fishery off California, 1961 July 3
Box 3 Folder 38
CalCOFI Committee reports, 1961-1970

Includes comments by John D. Isaacs.

Box 3 Folder 39
CalCOFI Committee reports - Review of activities, 1962-1968
Box 3 Folder 40
Review of the Pelagic wet fisheries during the 1961-62 and 1962-63 seasons, ca. 1963
Box 3 Folder 41
Review of the Pelagic wet fisheries for the 1963-64, 1964-65,1965-66 seasons, ca. 1966
Box 3 Folder 42
Soutar, Andrew. The accumulation of fish debris in certain California coastal sediments, 1967 February 6
Box 3 Folder 43
Report on the anchovy fishery, 1967 July
Box 3 Folder 44
California Department of Fish and Game. Charts and graphs pertaining to the anchovy resource, 1967 July

Compiled by Pelagic Fish Program, Marine Resource Operations.

Box 3 Folder 45
Partial review and proposed program in fisheries research, 1967 September
Box 3 Folder 46
Department of Fish and Game research in relation to the June, 1961 "Prospectus for an expanded CalCOFI research program", 1967 September 19
Box 3 Folder 47
Report to the California Legislature, Pelagic fisheries northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax), 1969
Box 3 Folder 48
The status of the fishery resources of the California current, ca. 1969
Box 3 Folder 49
CalCOFI atlases - Correspondence, proposal, figures, and list, 1974-1976
Box 3 Folder 50-51
National Marine Fisheries Service preliminary reports and announcements, 1974-1979

Includes cruises: 7412-J, 7502-03-J (S), 7510-J, J7612 (107), J-76-96 (105), DS-77-01 (108), TC-77-01, 265, 328, 329, 7702 (109), 7703, 111, 7705 (111), DS77-05 (112), 7705-J, DS-77-06 (113), DS-77-06 (113), 7712, 7801, 7803, 7804, ds-78-06 (119), 7808, 428, and 7901. Also includes report on gear research.

Box 3 Folder 52
List of reports and publications, 1976-1980


Scope and Content of Series

Series 3) SUBJECT FILES: Files on a wide variety of topics; including equipment and instrument development, research cruises and expeditions, notes and data, and ship management. Of particular note are materials from the Antipode Expedition, North Pacific Study (NPS), and the North Pacific Experiment (Norpax). In addition, the Data Collection and Processing Group (DCPG) files contain data from various cruises and expeditions. Arranged alphabetically.

Box 4 Folder 1
Acronyms list, undated

Antipode Expedition - Coelacanth Cruise

Box 4 Folder 2
Bibliography - A collection of literature on Latimeria chalumnae , 1970

Compiled by Drusilla Eaton Binney.

Box 4 Folder 3-4
Correspondence, 1969-1973

Includes diary entry by G.R. Forster on his visit to the Comoro Islands in 1970.

Box 4 Folder 5
Data and publicity on captures, 1970-1975

Includes newspaper clippings and invitation to coelacanth exhibit at Scripps Aquarium-Museum.

Box 4 Folder 6
Deep sea photographs, ca. 1971
Box 4 Folder 7
Dispatches, 1971
Box 4 Folder 8
Hypothesis and notes about coelacanths, 1971
Box 4 Folder 9
Log, notes, and data, 1971
Box 4 Folder 10
National Geographic Society proposal, 1970

UCSD 3726.

Box 4 Folder 11
Report, 1971 April 27
Box 4 Folder 12
Travel - Correspondence and schedules, 1970-1971
Box 4 Folder 13-15
Beach survey, 1958-1959
Box 4 Folder 16
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, 1964-1968

Includes correspondence regarding contract, as well as memorandum of agreement with UC San Diego.

Oversize FB-560 Folder 4
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries educational aid poster, number 2 - Conservation has gone to sea, ca. 1965-1970

Cape Colnett, Baja California

Box 4 Folder 17
Camera log compiled by J. Lawson, 1964
Box 4 Folder 18-19
Data, figures, and proposal, 1961-1965
Box 4 Folder 20
Reports and figures, 1960-1964

Includes "Near-bottom sound scatters off Cape Colnett, Mexico" by Isaacs and Schwartzlose, as well as "Accumulations of organisms in the ocean" by Isaacs, Schwartzlose, and Brown.

Box 4 Folder 21
Richard A. Schwartzlose - Notes and data on scattering layer off Cape Colnett, Baja California, 1964 November 16-25
Box 4 Folder 22
San Isidro Sea Ride Survey - Notes and data, 1964 November 16-25
Box 4 Folder 23
Underwater images - Photographs and slides, 1964

Data Collection and Processing Group (DCPG)

Box 4 Folder 24-41
Correspondence, 1954-1977

Includes correspondence regarding drift bottle reports and CalCOFI atlases.

Box 4 Folder 42-44
Cruise reports, 1972-1978

Reports from CalCOFI cruises, C-bog Expedition, Indopac Expedition, Southtow Expedition, Tasaday Expedition, and Study of Flushing (SOF).

Box 5 Folder 1
Quarterly reports of data, 1973-1974
Box 5 Folder 2
Review of DCPG, 1973
Box 5 Folder 3
Deep current meter and photograph project - Correspondence, notes, data, figures and drawings, and proposal, 1966-1967

Includes materials related to the monster camera and free vehicles.

Box 5 Folder 4-9
Deep Moored Instrument Station - Correspondence, data, and reports, 1954-1971

Includes reports from North Pacific Study, cruises 1-12.

Box 5 Folder 10
Equipment development, 1958

Includes high entry net and Pelagic fish net.

Box 5 Folder 11
Evening Outlook - Pacific Ocean's changes series, 1958

Includes draft of article by R.D. Funk and correspondence from Funk to John D. Isaacs. Article written in relation to the Rancho Santa Fe symposium - 1957-1958 the Years of Change.

Box 5 Folder 12
Free vehicles, 1965

Includes instruction manual for recovery gun, free vehicle design and release descriptions, and report.

Box 5 Folder 13
Hake, 1958-1961
Box 5 Folder 14
Instrument Development Group, 1967

Includes correspondence on the reorganization of the Instrument Development Group, progress report, and instrument designs.

Box 5 Folder 15-17
Marine Life Research Biomass Laboratory - Space planning, procedures, and research, 1962-1974

Includes reports by Julian K. Miller: A study of a taxonomic classification of marine plankton by analysis of consistent trace elements and the possible ecological functions of variable trace elements | Biomass determinations of selected zooplankton found in the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) | Considerations relating to harvesting of zooplankton in the Gulf of California. Also, includes report by Isaacs, Fleminger, and Miller: Biomass atlas of zooplankton in the California current region.

Box 5 Folder 18
Marine Life Research Group history - Founding documents, notes, and reports, 1948-1979
Box 5 Folder 19-20
Marine Life Research Group history - Oversight, 1958-1985
Box 5 Folder 21
Marquardt - Notes on physical and biological oceanography, ca. 1940-1948
Box 5 Folder 22-23
Monster camera - Photographs and negatives, 1965-1967
Box 5 Folder 24-28
Monthly cruise schedules, 1950-1959

Includes charts.

Box 5 Folder 29
Monthly mean of temperatures, San Diego, California, undated

North Pacific Experiment (Norpax)

Box 5 Folder 30-33
North Pacific Experiment (Norpax) - Correspondence, planning meetings, proposal, and report, 1964-1973
Box 5 Folder 34-35
Rainbow notebook, 1970-1972

Includes correspondence with international collaborators and institutions, budgets, and notes by Richard A. Schwartzlose.

Box 6 Folder 1-2
Volume I: Program summary and general proposal, 1973
Box 6 Folder 3-5
Volume II: Scripps Institution of Oceanography individual proposals, 1973
Box 6 Folder 6
Volume III: Coordinated budget, 1973
Box 6 Folder 7
North Pacific Ocean Project - Correspondence with the United States Coast Guard, 1967-1968

North Pacific Study (NPS)

Box 6 Folder 8
Budgets, 1967
Box 6 Folder 9
Cable, 1966-1967
Box 6 Folder 10
Convair Division of General Dynamics - Buoy tests, 1967-1969

Includes photographs.

Box 6 Folder 11
Correspondence, 1965-1970
Box 6 Folder 12
Current meter and measurements, 1967
Box 6 Folder 13
Data distribution, 1968-1969

Includes list of Bumblebee Buoys.

Box 6 Folder 14
Environmental Sciences Service Administration (ESSA) participation - Correspondence, 1967-1968
Box 6 Folder 15
Gilmartin, Malvern - Correspondence, 1967
Box 6 Folder 16
Interrogation, Recording, and Location System (IRLS) - Correspondence, 1967
Box 6 Folder 17
National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), 1967-1970
Box 6 Folder 18
National Science Foundation (NSF) - Grant, 1971
Box 6 Folder 19
Nichols, R.H. - Correspondence, 1967-1968
Box 6 Folder 20-23
North Pacific Study (NPS) - General, 1966-1968

Includes correspondence, notes, instrument designs, and proposal.

Box 6 Folder 24
Office of Naval Research (ONR) - Correspondence, 1966-1971

Includes "The objectives and approaches of the North Pacific Project," as well as project updates and budgets.

Box 6 Folder 25
Pacific Marine Center - Correspondence, 1967
Box 6 Folder 26
Parka Expedition, 1968-1969
Box 6 Folder 27
Photographs and figures, ca. 1965-1971

Includes images of buoys.

Box 6 Folder 28
Press releases and newspaper clippings, 1967-1970
Box 6 Folder 29
Publications list, 1967
Box 6 Folder 30
Trip notes, 1967 April
Box 6 Folder 31
United States Coast Guard - Correspondence, 1967-1970
Box 6 Folder 32
United States Coast Guard 11th and 12th District - Correspondence, 1967-1970
Box 6 Folder 33
United States Coast Guard Western Area, San Francisco - Correspondence, 1966-1970
Box 6 Folder 34
U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Facility, 1966-1968
Box 6 Folder 35
U.S. Navy Oceanographic Office, 1967
Box 6 Folder 36
U.S. Naval Weather Service, 1967
Box 6 Folder 37
USCGC Acushnet (WMEC-167) - Correspondence and photograph, 1968-1971
Box 6 Folder 38
USCGC Burton Island - Correspondence and cruise reports, 1967
Box 6 Folder 39
USCGC Taney (WHEC-37) - Report of mooring, 1968
Box 6 Folder 40
USCGC Wachusett (WHEC-44) - Correspondence, 1967
Box 6 Folder 41
USS Baya - Correspondence, 1969 July-August
Box 6 Folder 42
Visitors, 1967-1968
Box 6 Folder 43
Notes for Staff Council talk, 1969 May

Likely written by John D. Isaacs.

Box 6 Folder 44
Ocean temperatures - Correspondence, data, and newspaper clippings, 1957-1958

Includes data on pervious years.

Box 6 Folder 45
Pacific Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (POFI) - Organizational charts, 1956 February
Box 6 Folder 46
Radio facilities, 1967-1968

Includes extracts from "Final acts of the World Administrative Radio Conference to deal with matters relating to the Maritime Mobile Service, Geneva, 1967." Also includes memorandum on the improvement of radio facilities at SIO.

Box 6 Folder 47
Schwartzlose, Richard A. - Research notes, 1957-1966

Ship conversions

Box 6 Folder 48-49
Correspondence, 1961-1966
Box 6 Folder 50
Notes and drawings, undated
Box 6 Folder 51
Phase II conversion of R/V Alexander Agassiz - Proposal for design services, 1967 September 7
Box 6 Folder 52
R/V Argo modifications, 1965-1966
Box 6 Folder 53-55
Specification for the conversion of R/V Alexander Agassiz for deep ocean coring, 1966

Includes addendums I and II.

Box 6 Folder 56
Ship dispatches, 1971-1972

Includes materials related to buoys and the North Pacific Study (NPS).

Box 6 Folder 57
Ship funds, 1965-1978

Includes materials regarding MLRG funding and grants.

Box 6 Folder 58
Ship sale - R/V Horizon , 1967-1968
Box 6 Folder 59
Styx Expedition, R/V Agassiz - Correspondence, notes, research proposal, and announcements, 1968
Box 6 Folder 60
Syntactic foam buoys, 1966-1968
Box 6 Folder 61
Thomas A. Manar - Publications survey of temperatures and environments in the Pacific Ocean, 1958
Box 6 Folder 62
United States Fish and Wildlife Service - Correspondence, contract proposal, and meetings, 1948-1950

Includes data on zooplankton collected during cruises XI through XVIII of the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI).


Scope and Content of Series

Series 4) PROPOSALS AND REPORTS: Includes drafts and supporting materials. Of particular note are proposals for the North Pacific Study (NPS) and the North Pacific Experiment (Norpax).

Arranged chronologically within two subseries: A) Proposals and B) Reports.


United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

Box 7 Folder 1
An exploration of the deep sea floor and deep water conditions off California, 1959 June 2
Box 7 Folder 2
Pacific missile range (PMR), 1963
Box 7 Folder 3
Research into the deep waters of the eastern North Pacific, 1963

UCSD 1040.

Box 7 Folder 4
Environmental studies in vicinity of Point Arguello, 1963

UCSD 1226.

Box 7 Folder 5
Research into the neat bottom waters off Southern and Central California, 1963

UCSD 1327.

Box 7 Folder 6
Resurvey of Bikini area, 1964

UCSD 1384.

Box 7 Folder 7-8
Contracts and patents - Correspondence, 1964-1974
Box 7 Folder 9
A study of deep circulation and other factors in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, 1966

UCSD 1765.

Box 7 Folder 10-12
A study of the deep circulation and deep fish populations in the Pacific Ocean, 1966-1969

AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127. UCSD 1765, 1850, 2082, 2479, and 2884.

Box 7 Folder 13
Deep circulation and fish populations, 1969

UCSD 2884.

Box 7 Folder 14
Enhancement of productivity by upwelling, 1969

UCSD 2963.

Box 7 Folder 15
Deep circulation and fish populations, 1970

UCSD 3469.

Box 7 Folder 16-17
Photographic study of deep animals, 1971-1972

UCSD 4468 AND 5498.

Box 7 Folder 18
A photographic study of deep near-bottom animal populations, 1971-1976

AEC contract AT(04-3)-34, Project 127. UCSD 4468.

Box 7 Folder 19
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) joint proposal - Design of thermal outfall systems for the ocean, 1973
Box 7 Folder 20
Research on the marine food chain, 1974

UCSD 0045.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Box 7 Folder 21
Publication of a manuscript "Physical Oceanography of South East Asian Waters" by Laus Wyrtki, 1960 November 15
Box 7 Folder 22
Computation of seasonal variation in sea temperature from incomplete time series using IBM computer, 1961 March 30

UCSD 947.

Box 7 Folder 23
Continuation of research of the California current system, 1961

UCSD 941.

Box 7 Folder 24-25
Development of inexpensive deep-sea free vehicles and instruments, 1962-1964

UCSD 1127 and 1291.

Box 7 Folder 26
Study of Marine halophytes and their use in agricultural regions of highly saline soils - Handwritten draft, 1963
Box 7 Folder 27
Historical study of the Eastern North Pacific, 1964

UCSD 1290.

Box 7 Folder 28
A continuation of studies on the taxonomy, zoogeography, and ecology of Pacific zooplankton, 1964

UCSD 1335.

Box 7 Folder 29
Partial support (ship time, etc.) of biological work at sea, 1964

UCSD 1341.

Box 7 Folder 30
Autonomous deep ocean video camera, ca. 1964-1966
Box 7 Folder 31
Deep life support fish traps, ca. 1964-1966
Box 7 Folder 32
Modification of the R/V Agassiz to expand and improve laboratories for marine life research at sea, 1965

UCSD 1567.

Box 7 Folder 33
Development of deep-sea autonomous vehicles, 1965-1966

UCSD 1489.

Box 7 Folder 34
A study of postpleistocene oceanography and biology of the North Pacific, 1965-1966

UCSD 1514.

Box 7 Folder 35
Modification of the R/V Alexander Agassiz , 1966

UCSD 1736.

Box 7 Folder 36
Heat exchange at the sea surface, 1966

UCSD 1746.

Box 7 Folder 37
South Pacific oceanography investigation, 1966

UCSD 1850.

Box 7 Folder 38
Deep flow water characteristics, topography, and sediments in the Central Pacific area, 1967

UCSD 2100.

Box 7 Folder 39
Micropaleontology of anaerobic sediments, 1968

UCSD 2473.

Box 7 Folder 40
A study of deep circulation and deep fish populations in the Pacific Ocean, 1968

UCSD 2479.

Box 7 Folder 41
Flow through the limestone basement of an atoll, 1968

UCSD 2567.

Box 7 Folder 42
Deep sea autonomous vehicles, instruments, basic control devices, and special collecting gear, 1968

UCSD 2570.

Box 7 Folder 43
Distribution and biology of Pacific zooplankton, 1968

UCSD 2624.

Box 7 Folder 44
Funding correspondence, 1968-1973
Box 7 Folder 45
Recent micropaleontology and paleoecology of anaerobic sediments, 1970

UCSD 3775.

Box 7 Folder 46-51
National Science Foundation (NSF) and International Decade of Ocean Exploration (IDOE) - Large-scale ocean and atmosphere interrelationships in the Pacific, 1970-1972

UCSD 4813. Includes proposal compiled by SIO and other institutions.

Box 7 Folder 52
The biology and distribution of the ocean-striders (Halobates - Heteroptera: Gerridae), 1972

UCSD 4723.

Box 7 Folder 53
Design and acquisition of a new oceanographic vessel, 1972

UCSD 4806.

Box 7 Folder 54-56
Anaerobic sediments: Studies in recent paleoecology and paleoclimatology, 1973-1976

UCSD 5980, 0144, and 0492.

Box 7 Folder 57
Current measurements in the deep passage through the Rio Grande Rise - Southwest Atlantic Ocean, 1974

UCSD 6419.

Box 7 Folder 58
Systematic, biogeographic, and character divergence studies of epiplanktonic populations of Calanoid copepods, 1974

UCSD 6470.

Box 7 Folder 59
Proposed program in fisheries research and preliminary statement to the Marine Life Research Committee, 1961 January 4
Box 7 Folder 60
Preliminary statement of the nature of a proposal for continuation of research surveys of the California current system, 1961 February 17
Box 7 Folder 61
Proposal to reconstruct the recent physical history of the West Coast, 1961 May 29

Includes notes by John D. Isaacs.

Box 7 Folder 62
Marine Life Research - Pelagic fish studies, 1962 March 19
Box 7 Folder 63
Gibbs, Ronald J. Effects of rivers on the ocean, ca. 1962-1964
Box 7 Folder 64
Tentative proposal for deep moored instrument station, 1963
Box 7 Folder 65
Memo of proposal: Beach survey, 1963
Box 7 Folder 66
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries - Deep moored instrument stations, 1963

UCSD 1160.

Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Box 7 Folder 67
Accumulations of organisms in the ocean (Isaacs, Schwartzlose and Brown), 1962
Box 7 Folder 68
Long range oceanography research, 1963

UCSD 1215.

Box 7 Folder 69
General oceanography, 1964

UCSD 1373.

Box 7 Folder 70-71
A study of the boundary currents of the Eastern Pacific, 1965-1966

UCSD 1646. Includes reports and committee materials.

Box 7 Folder 72
General oceanography research, 1966

UCSD 1925 and 1775.

Box 7 Folder 73-75
A study of causes of physical changes in the upper layers of the North Pacific Ocean, 1967-1969

UCSD 2217, 2619, and 3113.

Box 8 Folder 1-4
North Pacific Study supplementary funding, 1968-1971

UCSD 3062, 3456, 3639, and 4125.

Box 8 Folder 5-7
The North Pacific Study, 1970-1971

UCSD 3833, 4545, 4545A, and 5218.

Box 8 Folder 8
Central Gyre Research Program, 1973

UCSD 6021.

Box 8 Folder 9
North Pacific Experiment, 1973

UCSD 6238.

Box 8 Folder 10
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - Voyager Mission: Orbiter examination of Martian surfaces for evidence of vegetation, slopes, stability, and reflectors, 1965
Box 8 Folder 11-13
International Pacific Air-Sea Studies (IPASS), 1969-1970
Box 8 Folder 14
Science Applications Incorporated - Proposal for collection and analysis of trace metals and hydrocarbons in three cores at precisely dated intervals, 1976

UCSD 0270.

Box 8 Folder 15
Science Applications Incorporated - Proposal for construction of two open-vented aluminum box coring units, training, limited maintenance and supervision in regards to bottom sediments sampling chemistry, 1976

UCSD 0267.


Box 8 Folder 16
Research and publications list, 1947-1971
Box 8 Folder 17
Mann, H.J. Proposed program: Marine Technical Services, 1949

Includes correspondence.

Box 8 Folder 18-19
Marine Life Research Program progress reports, 1949-1950
Box 8 Folder 20-22
Calif. Cooperative Sardine Research Program reports, 1950-1951

Includes reports from CalCOFI.

Box 8 Folder 23
Defant, Albert. Memorandum concerning the work of the MLRP, 1950
Box 8 Folder 24
Ahlstrom, Elbert H. A report on the problems and objectives of the Cooperative Sardine Research Program, ca. 1949-1951
Box 8 Folder 25
Development of new equipment, ca. 1949-1951
Box 8 Folder 26
Isaacs, Marr, and Wooster. Report of Marine Life Research Subcommittee, 1956-1957
Box 8 Folder 27
Untitled report on the availability of sardines and research approaches, ca. 1956-1966
Box 8 Folder 28
California Department of Fish and Game. Reorganization of Marine Resources, 1957 December 9
Box 8 Folder 29
Report of the Special Technical Committee to the Marine Research Committee, 1957 December 16
Box 8 Folder 30
The influence on the West Coast fisheries through the action of man, ca. 1957
Box 8 Folder 31
Marine life special projects report, 1958 October 10
Box 8 Folder 32
Deep free vehicle progress report, 1959 November 17
Box 8 Folder 33
Schick, George B. Self reeling sub-surface float, 1960 July 7
Box 8 Folder 34
Clutter, Robert I. Progress report on study of nearshore Mysidacea, 1960 December 9
Box 8 Folder 35
Impulsively generated waves - Interim progress report, ca. 1960
Box 8 Folder 36
Deep anchored instrument stations: Quarter ending 31 December 1961, 1962 March 7
Box 8 Folder 37
Isaacs and Schwartzlose. Accumulations of organisms, 1962 May 2
Box 8 Folder 38
Klein, Hans. Data Collection and Processing Group (DCPG), 1962 May 2
Box 8 Folder 39
Isaacs, Schick, and Holt. Buoy project, 1962 May 2
Box 8 Folder 40
Reid, Joseph Lee. Status and progress report under ONR and MLR contracts, 1962 May 2-24
Box 8 Folder 41
Disappearance of the California sardine nears solution, 1962 December 14
Box 8 Folder 42
Brown, Daniel. Instrument development reports, 1962-1963
Box 8 Folder 43
Folsom, Schwartzlose, and Jennings. Scale errors on oceanographic mercurial thermometers, 1962-1963
Box 8 Folder 44-52
Marine Life Research Group annual reports, 1962-1980

Includes photographs.

Box 8 Folder 53
Brown, Daniel. Ocean current measurements with the parachute drogue, 1963 March 25
Box 8 Folder 54
Deep moored instrument station reports, 1963 June 24
Box 8 Folder 55
Isaacs, Schwartzlose, and Brown. Accumulations of organisms in the ocean, ca. 1963-1964
Box 8 Folder 56
Snodgrass, James M. Oceanographic instrumentation, ca. 1963-1964
Box 8 Folder 57
Bradner et al. Directional record of swell from distant storms and swell attenuation study, ca. 1963-1964
Box 8 Folder 58
Menard and Smith. Sea floor topography, ca. 1963-1964
Box 8 Folder 59
Development of inexpensive deep-sea free devices, 1964 January 13
Box 8 Folder 60
Historical study of the Eastern North Pacific, 1964 June-1965 August

NSF grant no. GP 3254.

United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) reports

Box 8 Folder 61
Research into the deep waters of the Eastern North Pacific, 1964 June 10

UCSD 34P-97-1.

Box 8 Folder 62
Isaacs et al. Research into the near-bottom waters and other studies off Southern California, 1966 May 16

AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127-1. UCSD 34P-127-1.

Box 8 Folder 63-64
Isaacs and Schwartzlose. A study of the deep circulation and deep fish populations in the Pacific Ocean, 1967 May 9-1968 April 24

Annual report. AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127-1. UCSD 34P-127-2 and 34P-127-3.

Box 8 Folder 65-67
Isaacs and Schwartzlose. A continued study of the deep circulation and deep fish populations in the Pacific Ocean, 1969-1972

1969 February 24. AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127-1. UCSD 34P-127-5. | 1970 May 4. AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127-1. UCSD 34P-127-7. | 1972 September 11. AEC contract AT(11-1)-34, Project 127-1. UCSD 34P-127-13.

Box 8 Folder 68
Isaacs and Schwartzlose. Near-bottom animal population and related deep circulation in the ocean: Review of the last 3 years, 1971 August 1

AEC contract AT(04-3)-34, Project 127. UCSD 34P-127-12.

Box 8 Folder 69
Summary of recent developments: Free vehicle current meter project, 1964 August 17
Box 8 Folder 70
Ocean technology section project review, 1964 September 16
Box 8 Folder 71
Report to Gerald V. Howard regarding moorings, 1964 October 28
Box 8 Folder 72
El Golfo drogue survey report, 1964 November 16
Box 8 Folder 73
Bongo net: Brown, McGowan opening and closing net, 1964 November 20
Box 8 Folder 74
Advanced sea-based deterrent long-range environmental research reports, 1965 January

Includes "Distribution of biological material in the sea" and "Deep-moored instrument stations."

Box 8 Folder 75-76
Development of inexpensive deep-sea free vehicles and instruments - Final report, 1965 November 3-4

NSF grant no. 1212 and GP3349.

Office of Naval Research (ONR) reports

Box 9 Folder 1
Untitled draft, 1965
Box 9 Folder 2
Composition and permeability of a coral reef, Eniwetok, Marshall Islands, 1968
Box 9 Folder 3
Physical oceanography: The nature of a physical change in the upper layers of the North Pacific Ocean, 1968
Box 9 Folder 4
Brown, Daniel. General weather and sea conditions off the Baja California and Southern California Coasts: A guide to small craft operations, 1966 May 12
Box 9 Folder 5
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports, 1967

Includes: Temperature tuna forecast for 1967 and Albacore season - 1967 operations.

Box 9 Folder 6
Inventory and resource plans, 1969

Includes squids, Pacific saury, jack mackerel, Pacific hake, and Pacific sardine.

Box 9 Folder 7
Evaluation of some unutilized resources, ca. 1969
Box 9 Folder 8
Muss, David. Recommendations for improvements in North Pacific Studies operations, 1970
Box 9 Folder 9
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) annual report - Marine Life Research Group contributions, 1972


Scope and Content of Series

Series 5) COMMITTEES: Includes correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, and reports. Of particular note are materials from the California Marine Research Committee (MRC). Arranged chronologically.

California Marine Research Committee (MRC)

Box 9 Folder 10-11
Interim progress reports, 1950-1958

Includes correspondence.

Box 9 Folder 12
Special Technical Committee, 1957

Includes correspondence, proposal, and report.

Box 9 Folder 13-15
Correspondence, 1957-1975

Includes proposals and agreements with the California Department of Fish and Game.

Box 9 Folder 16-19
Meetings, 1957-1975

Includes announcements, agendas and minutes, materials reviewed by committee, and notes.

Box 9 Folder 20
Meetings - Selected documents, 1959-1970
Box 9 Folder 21
Proposals, 1958-1974

Includes: Establishment of a scientific data processing unit at the California State Fisheries Laboratory | Research needs statements | Proposal to reconstruct the recent physical history of the West Coast | Continuation of research of the California current system | Estimate of anchovy biomass in 1965, 1966, and 1969 directly through egg census | Verification of sonar-derived estimates of fish school biomass and species with chartered purse seiners | Production of a nutritious microencapsulated food for marine fish larvae (UCSD 4764) | Sorting CalCOFI plankton samples for fish eggs and larvae (UCSD 6732).

Box 9 Folder 22
Notes by John D. Isaacs, 1959-1971
Box 9 Folder 23
Isaacs, John D. Remarks on the Marine Life Research Program to the Marine Research Committee, 1962 June
Box 9 Folder 24
Isaacs, John D. Status report on the Institute of Marine Resources to the Marine Research Committee, 1962 June 21
Box 9 Folder 25-26
Marine Life Research Advisory Panel - Meeting agendas and minutes, 1958-1966

Includes mateirals related to Advisory Panel Working Group.

Box 9 Folder 27-28
Assembly Interim Committee on Fish and Game - Correspondence and meeting agenda, 1958-1970

Includes copies of legislative bills discussed by the committee.

Box 9 Folder 29-32
Marine Operations Committee - Correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, and reports, 1960-1968

Includes Research Vessel Operators' Council transactions report.

Box 9 Folder 33
Air-Sea Interaction Advisory Group - Correspondence, notes, and meeting agendas, 1967-1969

Includes materials related to the conference on the "Plan for U.S. Participation in the Global Atmospheric Research Program."


Scope and Content of Series

Series 6) CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS: Includes correspondence, agendas, works presented, and reports. Arranged chronologically.

Box 9 Folder 34
Sardine Conference, 1952-1959

Includes report on the 1952 conference.

Box 9 Folder 35-39
Rancho Santa Fe symposium: 1957-1958 the Years of Change, 1957-1961

Symposium on the meteorological, oceanographic, and biological changes in the Pacific Ocean. Includes correspondence, agenda, notes and handout by Jerome Namias, report to the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, summary of the symposium, and materials regarding the Meterographic Study Group.

Box 9 Folder 40-42
Eastern Pacific Oceanic Conference (EPOC) - Correspondence, meeting minutes, and report, 1957-1973

Includes materials from the Committee on Unmanned Instrument Stations.

Box 9 Folder 43
Marine Life Research seminars, 1958
Box 9 Folder 44
World Scientific Meeting on the Biology of Sardines and Related Species, 1958-1959

Includes correspondence, draft of prospectus, and paper by Maurice Blackburn titled "Synopsis of biological information on the Australian and New Zealand sardine, Sardinops neopilchardus (Steindachner)."

Box 9 Folder 45
Pacific Tuna Conferences - Correspondence, agendas, and proceedings, 1958-1971
Box 9 Folder 46
Meeting of the U.S. - Mexican scientists to discuss Pacific mackerel problems, 1968 December 10
Box 9 Folder 47
U.S. - Mexico fisheries meeting, 1969 July 24