Robert Mosher Architectural Drawings, 1945-2011 (MSS 0720)

Extent: 36 Linear feet (5 archives boxes, 4 flat boxes, 24 oversize folders and 88 rolls of drawings)

Architectural drawings of San Diego architect Robert Mosher. The collection includes drawings, project plans, proposals, photographic materials, correspondence and other documents relating to Mosher's career spanning six decades.

Robert Mosher was born on September 27, 1920 in Greeley, Colorado. His family moved to Los Angeles, California when he was a young child. He first knew he wanted to be an architect at the age of 9 when he built a workbench in his garage. Mosher attended The Art Center School in Los Angeles in 1939, the University of Southern California School of Architecture from 1939-40, and earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1944.

In 1944, Mosher moved to La Jolla and apprenticed with the firm Myron Hunt & H. C. Chambers. It was there he met his future business partner, Roy Drew. Mosher went to Los Angeles to complete his state architectural exams and worked for 8 months with the firm Harwell Hamilton Harris; he later described Harris as a great teacher who influenced his designs. He then returned to La Jolla and worked at William Templeton Johnson before founding his own firm in 1946. His father, Jack Mosher, purchased the Green Dragon property in La Jolla in 1944. This site, a former artist colony, became home to Mosher's firm Architects Mosher Drew in 1948. The firm's early work was primarily residential and commercial commissions in La Jolla, though landmark projects soon followed. In the late 1960s, Mosher was commissioned to lead a team of architects to design the cluster of buildings which became Muir College at UC San Diego.

Mosher is best known for pioneering San Diego's modern architectural movement. His designs have been described as "humanist/modernist," and he was greatly influenced by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Mosher and his firm have won numerous awards, including the American Institute of Architects' Excellence Award for design of the art gallery at UC San Diego in 1966. In 1970, Mosher was elected to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows for design.

Architects Mosher Drew gradually expanded and by 1984, the firm had outgrown its Green Dragon Colony office and moved to Point Loma. In 2005, the firm merged with Architects Larson Carpenter, and continues its work on major design commissions throughout San Diego.

Architectural drawings of San Diego architect Robert Mosher. The collection includes drawings, project plans, proposals, writings, photographs, and some professional correspondence. Arranged in four series: 1) BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS & WRITINGS, 2) PHOTOGRAPHS, 3) PROJECTS, and 4) SUBJECT FILES.

SERIES 1: BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS & WRITINGS contains Mosher's professional correspondence, as well as papers and articles written by Mosher on modernism, design principles, and building program outlines. Includes interviews with Mosher, and articles about Mosher and San Diego modernist architecture.

SERIES 2: PHOTOGRAPHS is arranged in two subseries: A) Buildings and Interiors and B) Mounted Exhibit Photographs.

A) Buildings and Interiors.

B) Mounted Exhibit Photographs: Photographs used by Mosher for a 2011 exhibit and lecture at the La Jolla Historical Society. For materials in FB-541 and FB-542, a list of buildings is included for identification.

SERIES 3: PROJECT FILES comprises the bulk of the collection. Materials are arranged by format. This series contains three subseries: A) Rolled Drawings, B) Project Files and C) Oversized Drawings and Photographs.

A) Rolled Drawings: Mosher's large architectural drawings, organized by project number and rolled in tubes (though a few materials are flat and two items are framed). Most projects contain multiple drawings which may include site plans, landscaping plans, building plans, design studies, alterations and additions. A detailed description of Mosher's projects created in 2011 is included in this series. The projects range in date from 1945-2011.

B) Project Files: Historical assessments of some of Mosher's residences and buildings. These files may also contain correspondence with the owners of residences about design, remodel or financial considerations.

C) Oversized Drawings and Photographs.

SERIES 4: SUBJECT FILES consist of materials related to other prominent San Diego or Modernist architects.

Container List


Box: 1 Folder: 1
American Institute of Architects Application and FAIA Fellow correspondence, 1944-1970
Box: 1 Folder: 2-3
Writings and professional correspondence , 1961-2011

Includes Modernist Architecture in San Diego, by the San Diego Architectural Foundation.

Box: 1 Folder: 4
Mosher, Robert. "Our City's Return," Omniart, 1963 July
Box: 1 Folder: 5-6
Articles and interviews about Mosher, 1951-2009

Primarily photocopies from Sunset, The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Home & Garden and other publications.


Buildings and Interiors

Box: 1 Folder: 7
Art Center La Jolla
Box: 1 Folder: 8
Aztec Center, SDSU
Box: 1 Folder: 9
Centre City Community College planning
Box: 1 Folder: 10
The Golden Door
Box: 1 Folder: 11
Green Dragon Colony
Box: 1 Folder: 12
Kunzel, Herbert residence
Box: 2 Folder: 1
Old Globe Theatre
Box: 2 Folder: 2
Southern California First National Bank La Jolla
Box: 2 Folder: 3
Stephenson's Department Store
Box: 2 Folder: 4
Theatre and Arts Foundation
Box: 2 Folder: 5
Wells Fargo Bank
Box: 2 Folder: 6
Project photographs, undated

Includes Kunzel, Small, Carter, Wolfore, McNarney, Bailey and Richard residences, unlabeled.

Box: 2 Folder: 7
Unidentified photographs, undated
Box: 2 Folder: 8

San Diego Coronado Bridge, California 1st National Bank La Jolla, Central Federal Tower, Golden Door, McMahan Building, Spin Physics Inc., Colachis Condominiums, Tasende Gallery, UCSD Supercomputer Center, UCSD Faculty Club, All Soul's Church, Mosher and Drew Offices.

Box: 2 Folder: 9

Kunzel residence, Whitsett Hat Shop - Green Dragon Colony, San Diego Museum of Art, Trumbull residence, O. M. Scott building, Small residence, La Jolla Museum of Art, El Niguel Country Club, Aztec Center, Muir College model, All Soul's Church, UCSD Art Gallery, Bank of La Jolla, UCSD Faculty Club.

Mounted Exhibit Photographs

Oversize: FB-539
Howard Rowe Insurance Company, La Jolla Hardware Company and other buildings and residences
Oversize: FB-541
Aztec Center, San Diego State University (1), 1964
Oversize: FB-541
Applied Physics & Mathematics Building, Muir College, UC San Diego (2), 1966
Oversize: FB-541
Herbert Kunzel Residence, Point Loma (3), 1951
Oversize: FB-541
Central Federal Tower (now the NBC Tower), downtown San Diego (4), 1972
Oversize: FB-541
The Green Dragon Colony, La Jolla (5), 1948

Offices for Jack Mosher, Architects Mosher Drew, on the upper floor. Millinery Shop for Marbel Whitsitt on the main floor.

Oversize: FB-541
The Golden Door, Escondido (6), 1971
Oversize: FB-542
The McMahan Office Building, Carlsbad (7), 1975
Oversize: FB-542
California First Bank, La Jolla Branch (8), 1974
Oversize: FB-542
The San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park (9), 1973
Oversize: FB-542
Art Gallery, Matthews Campus, UC San Diego (10), 1965
Oversize: FB-542
The Ida & Cecil Green Faculty Club, UC San Diego (11), 1986
Oversize: FB-542
The San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge (12), 1965


Rolled Drawings

Box: 5 Folder: 8
Number guide to drawings, and project listing by Robert Mosher
Oversize: TS-01
1. Green Dragon Colony - Measured Site Plan , 1945
Oversize: TS-02
3. Green Dragon Colony - Whitsett Millinery Shop, 1947
Oversize: TS-03
5. Green Dragon Colony - Gerard & Sands European Handcrafts Shop, 1948
Oversize: TS-03
6. Rollins (Harry) Residence, 1948
Oversize: TS-04
7. Wick (George) Residence, 1948
Oversize: TS-05
8. Hazard (Rosco) Residence, 1948
Oversize: TS-05
9. Compton (Richard) Residence, 1948
Oversize: TS-06
10. Green Dragon Colony - Paul F. Scott Stationery Shop, 1949
Oversize: MC-014-10
11A. Green Dragon Colony - Tweeds & Weeds British Clothiers & La Valencia Hotel, 1949
Oversize: TS-06
12. Baily (Edward A.) Residence, 1949
Oversize: TS-07
13. Wohlford (Burnet C.) Residence Additions, 1949
Oversize: TS-07
14. Koehler (Otto) Residence, 1949
Oversize: TS-08
15. Van Dorn (William) Residence, 1950
Oversize: TS-13
16. Mosher (Jack) Residence, 1950
Oversize: TS-09
17. Mosher (Robert) Residence, 1950
18. Kunzel (Herbert) Residence, 1951
Oversize: TS-10
Plans and drawings
Oversize: MC-014-11
Copy negatives of drawings and color photograph
Oversize: TS-11
19. Borchers (Jack) Residence, 1952
Oversize: TS-12
23. Coon (Thurlow E.) Residence, 1954
Oversize: TS-14
24. Reagan (Bruce) Residence, 1954
Oversize: TS-15
26. Bowman (John C.) Residence, 1954
Oversize: TS-15
27. Andrews (Stockton) Residence, 1954
Oversize: TS-16
28. Carter (Armistead) Pool & Garden Pavilion, 1955
Oversize: MC-014-12
28A. Carter (Armistead) - Brooke Weaver drawings for the residence, blueprints, undated
Oversize: TS-16
29. Hainline (Wallace) Residence, 1956
Oversize: TS-17
30. Herbert (Jack) Residence, alteration & additions, 1956
Oversize: TS-18
31. O. M. Scott Co. Corporate Headquarters Office Building, 1957
Oversize: TS-19
32. Green Dragon Colony - Mosher & Drew Architecture Firm Offices, 1957
Oversize: TS-20
33. First Baptist Church of La Jolla, 1957
Oversize: TS-21
34. Theatre & Arts Foundation of San Diego County, The Actor's Company Theater (original), 1958
36. Art Center of La Jolla - Alterations and additions, 1958
Oversize: TS-22
Rolled plans
: AB-13-D02
Exterior elevations, framed
Oversize: TS-19
37. St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Chancel window, 1958
Oversize: TS-23
38. McNarney (Joseph) Residence, 1958
Oversize: TS-24
40. Tyson (D.R.) Residence, 1958
42. La Jolla Museum of Art, 1959
Oversize: TS-25
Rolled plans - Sherwood Auditorium, additions
Oversize: MC-014-13
Flat plans - Sherwood Auditorium, additions
Oversize: TS-26
43. Small (L.K.) Residence, 1959
Oversize: TS-27
44. Young (Richard) Residence, 1959
Oversize: TS-28
46. Shearer (Lloyd) Residence, 1960
Oversize: TS-29
47. E. F. Hutton Co. La Jolla Office, 1960
49. Richards (Trumbull) Residence, 1961
Oversize: TS-30
Drawings and plans
Oversize: MC-014-12
Presentation drawing
Oversize: TS-31
51. Bank of La Jolla Office Building, 1964
Oversize: TS-42
52. San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, west wing, 1964
Oversize: TS-50
53. San Diego State University Aztec Center - Student Union Building, 1964
Oversize: TS-43
57. All Souls' Episcopal Church, 1965
Oversize: TS-32
61. UC San Diego Chancellor's Residence, 1966
Oversize: TS-33
62. Hamilton (Lucille) Residence, 1966
Oversize: TS-34
63. E. F. Hutton Co. - San Diego Office Building , 1967
64. Kellogg West Center for Continuing Education, 1968
Oversize: TS-45
Rolled plans
Oversize: MC-014-15
Dedication certificate/print
Oversize: TS-35
65. UC Irvine Biomedical Library Building (preliminary plans), 1968
66. Golden Valley - 4-building office complex, Camino de la Reina, 1969
Oversize: TS-36
Rolled plans
Oversize: MC-014-16
Small drawings
Oversize: TS-78
67. The Golden Door Health Spa, 1971-1980
Oversize: TS-79
67. The Golden Door Health Spa, 1971-1980
Oversize: TS-37
68. The Salk Institute - Biological Studies Laboratory, 1971
Oversize: TS-38
69. Coldwell-Banker Office Building, 1971
Oversize: TS-39
70. California Polytechnic University Student Health Center, 1972
Oversize: TS-80
70. California Polytechnic University Student Health Center, 1972
Oversize: TS-43
71. Central Federal Tower (now NBC Tower) - Robert Golden owner, 1972
Oversize: TS-81
71. Central Federal Tower (now NBC Tower) - Robert Golden owner, 1972
Oversize: TS-40
73. Old Globe Theater (proposed project for Craig Noel), 1974
Oversize: TS-41
74. California First National Bank - La Jolla Branch, 1974
Oversize: TS-44
76. Tasende Art Gallery and Residence, 1974
Oversize: TS-46
76. Tasende Art Gallery and Residence, 1974
Oversize: TS-51
78. UC San Diego Students Residential Apartments, 1974
Oversize: TS-52
80. McMahan Furniture Co. - Corp. Headquarters Building, 1975
Oversize: TS-53
81. San Diego Zoo - Hospital and Pathology Laboratory, 1975
Oversize: TS-54
82. Spin Physics Inc. (sub. of Eastman Kodak Co.), 1976
Oversize: TS-55
83. Hamilton (Thomas) Residence, 1976
Oversize: TS-56
84. UC San Diego Surge Laboratory Buildings, 1976
Oversize: TS-57
84A. Old Globe Center for Photographic Arts, 1978
85. La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, 1979-1986
Oversize: TS-58
Rolled plans
Oversize: AB-13-D01
Phase 2 alterations, main level floor plan, framed
Oversize: TS-59
88. Koll Mission Valley Office Complex, 1980
Oversize: TS-60
89. Koll Co. - Retail Development, 1980
Oversize: TS-47
91. Lek (Louis) Residence (owned by Donald Allison) - Restoration, 1983
Oversize: TS-61
92. Timken Art Gallery (additions), 1983
Oversize: TS-62
93. Monsees (Wayne) Residence-Traditional Japanese Garden Gate, 1983
Oversize: MC-014-17
94. Moore (Henry) Sculpture Installation (for Jose Tasende), 1983
Oversize: MC-014-18
95. Sixth Avenue Condominiums, 1984
Oversize: TS-63
96. San Diego Zoological Park - Animal Show Amphitheatre, 1984
Oversize: TS-64
97. Otterson (William) - Kitchen Re-Design, 1984
Oversize: TS-65
97A. The Old Market Place, 1984
Oversize: TS-66
98. UC San Diego Super Computer Center, 1985-1986
Oversize: TS-48
99. Hay (Barbara), owner - Residential and Commercial Development, 1985
Oversize: TS-67
100. Golden Door Health Spa - Trad. Japanese Tea House/Meditation Room, 1985
Oversize: TS-49
101. UC San Diego Ida & Cecil Green Faculty Club, 1986
Oversize: TS-68
103. Museum of Photographic Arts - Cinema Theater (preliminary design), 1988
Oversize: TS-69
105. Mosher (Robert) Residence, 1989/90?
Oversize: TS-64
108. West (John) Residence - Kitchen Remodel, 1996
Oversize: TS-04
109. Bergman (Debbie) - Kitchen Remodel -Formerly Wick Residence (included in project 7-Wick Residence), 1998
Oversize: TS-76
110. Schneider (Jerry) Residence - Interior Alterations, 1998-01
Oversize: TS-70
110A. Green Dragon Commercial Renovation, 1998
Oversize: TS-71
112. Green Dragon colony - Eddie V's Restaurant (Chart House & Joe's Crab Shack), 2000-05
Oversize: TS-72
113. The Ascot Shop (complete interior re-design), 2001
Oversize: TS-73
116. Green Dragon Colony - re-development of all retail areas (design/contracts), 2008-09
Oversize: MC-014-19
117. Mosher and Drew standard architecture, 1948-58
Oversize: TS-74
118. Mosher light fixtures design, 1948-2011
Oversize: TS-75
119. Mosher designed furniture (including design for Golden Door), 1948-2011
Oversize: TS-77
120. La Jolla Cultural Center Study, undated
Oversize: TS-82
Village Green Condominiums, La Jolla, 1983

No project number; possibly same as 95. Sixth Ave. Condominiums.

Project Files

Box: 2 Folder: 10
Central Federal Savings, San Diego
Box: 2 Folder: 11
Centre City Community College, planning
Box: 2 Folder: 12
Roscoe Hazard residence
Box: 2 Folder: 13-14
Herbert Kunzel residence
Box: 2 Folder: 15
Leonardo da Vinci Cluster of Colleges, John D. Isaacs prospectus
Box: 2 Folder: 16
Trumbull Richard residence
Box: 3 Folder: 1
The Salk Institute, Dr. Roger Guillemin's laboratory
Box: 3 Folder: 2-3
San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge
Box: 3 Folder: 4-7
San Diego Fine Arts Gallery
Box: 3 Folder: 8
UCSD Architecture, articles and pamphlets
Box: 3 Folder: 9
UCSD Campus Planning
Box: 4 Folder: 1-2
UCSD Faculty Club
Box: 4 Folder: 3
UCSD Medical Training Facility
Box: 4 Folder: 4-6
UCSD Muir College
Box: 4 Folder: 7
UCSD School of Architecture

Oversized Drawings and Photographs

Oversize: MC-012-01
California First National Bank, La Jolla, 1974
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 1
El Niguel Country Club, Laguna Niguel
Oversize: MC-012-04
El Niguel Country Club, Laguna Niguel. Original print Carlos Diniz, 1962
Oversize: MC-012-02
The Golden Door, Escondido, 1971
Oversize: MC-012-01
Robert Golden Office Complex, San Diego, 1969
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 2
Green Dragon Colony, La Jolla
Oversize: MC-012-02
Green Dragon Colony, La Jolla, 1962
Oversize: MC-012-03
Kellogg West, Cal Poly, poster, undated
Oversize: MC-012-02
Herbert Kunzel residence, Point Loma, 1951
Oversize: MC-012-04
La Jolla Cove, panorama (reproduction), ca. 1918
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 3
Mosher and Drew Standard Details
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 4
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 5
San Diego Museum of Art
Oversize: MC-012-03
San Diego Museum of Art, early study, 1964
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 6
San Diego State University (College) Student Union
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 7
Theatre and Arts Foundation
Oversize: MC-013-01
Theatre and Arts Foundation, presentation drawing, 1958
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 8
Village Green Condominiums
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 9
Whittemore Offices, La Jolla
Oversize: FB-540 Folder: 10
Miscellaneous photographs and drawings, undated
Oversize: MC-012-04
Untitled building sketches of Prospect Street, undated


Box: 5 Folder: 1
Irving John Gill

Listing of buildings designed by Gill, as well as correspondence to Mosher from the The City of San Diego Historical Site Board regarding the significance and preservation of the Gill buildings.

Box: 5 Folder: 2-3
A. Quincy Jones

Includes artwork and building sketches by Jones, photographs of Jones, and correspondence.

Box: 5 Folder: 4
Lloyd Ruocco

Photographs of Ruocco's Toyon Road residence, and "Il Cavo" in La Mesa.

Box: 5 Folder: 5-7
Frank Lloyd Wright

Photographs by Mosher of Wright's "Hollyhock House" and "Wingspread" residence in Racine, Wisconsin; assorted ephemera about Wright's buildings.