Melanesian Archive Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1900-1996 (MSS 0181)

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Extent: 8.8 Linear feet (22 archives boxes)

Single manuscripts, typescripts and other materials donated to the Tuzin Archive of Melanesian Anthropology since 1982. It includes many conference papers and other unpublished reports, most concerning anthropological topics. The geographic scope of the collection includes Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Fiji.

The Melanesian Archive was started in 1982 by Donald Tuzin and Fitz John Poole, both faculty members of the Department of Anthropology at UCSD. The Archive is dedicated to the collection, preservation, dissemination, and repatriation of unpublished materials on all aspects of Melanesian society, culture, linguistics, and history.

Original funding for the Melanesian Archive was provided by the U.S. Dept. of Education, under Title II-C of the Higher Education Act. Current funding is provided by the UCSD Library and campus administration. Additional funding has been supplied by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.

The Melanesian Archive's collections have been and continue to be built primarily through direct solicitation and gifts of materials from Melanesian scholars. Authors are urged to give copies of their unpublished works to the archive and, if possible, to grant open access to their works and permission to make copies.

The collection contains original manuscripts, typescripts, and other documentary materials concerning Melanesia. Some of the materials are in non-English languages including Dutch, French, and German. Many concern anthropology, particularly the ethnology of Papua New Guinea, but also included are works on related topics such as education, linguistics, and history. While the geographic emphasis is on Papua New Guinea, the collection also includes materials on Irian Jaya, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Fiji. Arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the author.

Container List


Box: 1 Folder: 1
Abramson, Jerry A. - Form and Structure in Oceanic Art, 1981
Box: 19 Folder: 1
Ajamiseba, Daniel - Some Grammatical notes on Meyakh nouns, 1987
Box: 1 Folder: 2
Albert, Steve M. - Bullroarers and Devils: An Inquiry into the Status of Knowledge Among the Lak, 1987
Box: 1 Folder: 3
Albert, Steve M. - Cultural Order and Individual Experience Among the Lak
Box: 1 Folder: 4
Alexander Turnbull Library - Inventory: Hocart papers

Inventory of the A.M. Hocart papers, held in the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand.

Box: 1 Folder: 5
Andrew, M. F. - Country profile: Papua New Guinea, 1983
Box: 1 Folder: 6
Apelis, Ephraim T. - Center for Educational Research, Innovation and Development at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1986
Box: 1 Folder: 7
Apelis, Ephraim T. - Literacy as a Potential Tool for Development: A Case Study from the Southern Highlands (PNG)
Box: 1 Folder: 8
Auro, Tutae and Richard Cummings - Report on the Placement of Graduates from SSCEP [Secondary Schools Community Extension Project] Schools in 1981, 1983
Box: 22 Folder: 25
Australian National University - Notes on New Guinea by Raymond Firth, J. W. Davidson, and O. H. K. Spate, 1951
Box: 1 Folder: 9
Australian National University, New Guinea Research Unit - Bibliography of Cargo and Nativistic Movements in New Guinea, 1972
Box: 1 Folder: 10
Bacchus, M. K. - An Assessment of the Work of the Education Research Unit of the University of Papua New Guinea, 1983
Box: 19 Folder: 2
Ballard, Christopher - Preliminary Bibliography of the Huli People and Hela Region, 1988
Box: 1 Folder: 12
Bargh, Robyn - Report on a Survey of In-service Bachelor of Education Graduates and Undergraduates
Box: 1 Folder: 11
Bargh, Robyn - Report on an Evaluation Study of an In-service Progamme in a SSCEP [Secondary Schools Community Extension Project] School, 1983
Box: 1 Folder: 13
Barlow, Kathleen - Role of Women in Intertribal Trade, 1987
Box: 1 Folder: 14
Barrau, Jaques - List of Economic Plants of New Caledonia
Box: 1 Folder: 15
Beaumont, Clive H. - Towards a Tigak dictionary, 1991
Box: 1 Folder: 16
Belshaw, Cyril - Economic Development in South-Eastern Papua, 1951
Box: 19 Folder: 3
Belshaw, Cyril - Industrialization in the South Pacific, 1952
Box: 1 Folder: 17
Belshaw, Cyril - Mekeo Folktales
Box: 19 Folder: 4
Belshaw, Cyril - Notes on Ware Island, 1950
Box: 1 Folder: 18
Belshaw, Cyril - Papers/BBC transcripts
Box: 17 Folder: 1
Belshaw, Cyril - Statement of Research, 1950
Box: 19 Folder: 5
Belshaw, Cyril - Statement of Research, Second quarter, 1950
Box: 19 Folder: 6
Belshaw, Cyril - Wagawaga, Preliminary Conclusions, 1950
Box: 17 Folder: 2
Bercovitch, Eytan - Atbalmin Social Organization, with Special Reference to the Umfokmin Region. Includes three audiocassettes, 1984
Box: 1 Folder: 19
Bercovitch, Eytan - Beyond Coherence: Revealing the Hidden World, 1992
Box: 17 Folder: 3
Bercovitch, Eytan - Music Among the Nalumina (Atbalmin) People of New Guinea
Box: 16 Folder: 14
Bercovitch, Eytan - When Explanation Fails: Nalumin Discontinuity and Anthropological Understanding, 1988
Box: 17 Folder: 4-12
Biersack, Aletta, 1982-1988

Papers in the following order: The Communicational Determinants of Sexual Antagonism Among Paiela; The Feminization of Chaos: Gender, Praxis, and Kinship Among a Melanesian People; The Future of Gender Studies: Notes from a Melanesian Field; Les Liaisons Dangereuses: Aspects of the Paiela Conjugal Relationship; Living the Myth of Matriarchy, or, Growing Up in New Guinea; Mana and Agency: On Anthropology's Uncommon Knowledge; Millenarism and Transformation in a Mechanical Society; The Paiela Subject: Notes Toward a Critique; Valley of the Giants: Melanesian Reflections on the Subject.

Box: 1 Folder: 20
Biersack, Aletta - Communicational, Feminization, Future, Liaisons, Living, Mana, Millenarian, Paiela, Valley..
Box: 21 Folder: 1-7
Billings, Dorothy K. - Styles of Culture: New Ireland and New Hanover. Dissertation, expanded, 1981
Box: 19 Folder: 7
Blaxter, Loraine - The Informal Sector: 'A New Strategy for Development', 1987
Box: 17 Folder: 13
Bolyanatz, Alexander H. - My Son Married My Mother: Affinal Kinship Among the Sursurunga of Southern New Ireland, 1992
Box: 1 Folder: 21
Bourke, R. M. - Subsistence Food Production Systems in Papua New Guinea: Old Changes and New Changes
Box: 22 Folder: 1
Brison, Karen J. - New Visions of Person and Community in an East Sepik Village. Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, 1994
Box: 19 Folder: 8
Brown, Marilyn A. - Equality and Participation: Promise and Paradox in Paradise, 1983
Box: 1 Folder: 22
Brumbaugh, Robert - Expulsion of the Ancestors at Feranmin
Box: 1 Folder: 23
Bryan, E. H. and Bernice P. Bishop Museum - Air Photographs of Pacific Islands Filed in Bishop Museum
Box: 1 Folder: 24
Buka Passage
Box: 19 Folder: 9
Bulmer, R. N. H. - A Bibliography of Kalam (Madang and Western Highlands Districts, Papua New Guinea), 1974
Box: 19 Folder: 10
Bulmer, R. N. H. - Report on Fieldwork in the Kaironk Valley, Simbai Area, Madang Province, April - May 1985
Box: 1 Folder: 25
Busse, Mark - Name Avoidance Among the Boazi of the Middle Fly
Box: 2 Folder: 1
Cabalion, Pierre - Ethnobotanique, et Remedes Traditionnels de la Grossesse au Sevrage, Dans l'Ile d'Erromango (Vanuatu, Melanesie)
Box: 2 Folder: 2
Cabalion, Pierre - Plantes Medicinales et Relations Linguistiques de l'Ile de Pentecote (Vanuatu, Melanesie)
Box: 2 Folder: 3
Carisle, James - Traditional and Western Medicinal Approaches to Malaria in Papua New Guinea, 1985
Box: 2 Folder: 4
Chappell, David - Kanaky: Indigenous Revival on the New Caledonian Frontier, 1989
Box: 17 Folder: 14
Chappell, David A. - The Fiji Coup: A Comparison with New Caledonia and Malaysia, 1988
Box: 2 Folder: 6
Coke, Alexia - Tracer Study of Grade 10 Leavers from Karkar High School 1981-84, 1986
Box: 2 Folder: 5
Coke, Alexia - Working Report on Grade 10 Leaver Tracer Study in New Ireland Province
Box: 17 Folder: 15
Conton, Leslie - The Co-Wife Relationship: Cooperation Among Co-Wives in a New Guinea Village, 1976
Box: 17 Folder: 16
Conton, Leslie - Women as Visionaries: Usino Women in Cargo Cults, 1979
Box: 17 Folder: 17
Conton, Leslie - Women's Verbal Roles: Politics of the Officially Powerless in Usino, Papua New Guinea, 1976
Box: 17 Folder: 18
Cooke, Robin - The Colorful People of Papua-New Guinea: Some of Their Habits and Some Diseases which Result from these Habits, 1986
Box: 19 Folder: 11
Corne, John Christopher - Project de Dictionnaire de la Langue Zwanga, 1971 - 1994
Box: 2 Folder: 7
Counts, Dorothy - Belated Awareness: Thoughts on Anthropological Perception of Domestic Violence, 1988
Box: 2 Folder: 8
Cox, Elizabeth - New Directions for Women in Non-formal Education, 1986
Box: 2 Folder: 9
Cox, Elizabeth - Non-formal Education Funding Programme 1985 Expenditure, an Evaluation, 1986
Box: 2 Folder: 10
Cox, Elizabeth - Participatory Evaluation for Non-formal Education, 1986
Box: 2 Folder: 11
Crossley, Michael and Sheldon Weeks - Education as an International Commodity, 1986
Box: 2 Folder: 12
Crossley, Michael et al. - Report to UNESCO on National Conference on Nonformal Education, 1985
Box: 2 Folder: 14
Crowe, Peter - Husat; man blong stilim kastom?, 1992
Box: 2 Folder: 13
Crowe, Peter - Some Recent Papers: 'The crucible.' 'Practical plans...' 'You say savy savy...' 'From the naive...', 1991
Box: 2 Folder: 15
Crowe, Peter - Tagaro Seeks Mamalu, Maewo Song and Migration Traditions
Box: 19 Folder: 12
Crowe, Peter - Untitled typescript regarding ethnomusicological studies in Vanuatu, 1993
Box: 2 Folder: 17
Cummings, Richard J. - Report on an Evaluation Study of the Secondary Schools Community Extension Project, 1984
Box: 2 Folder: 16
Cummings, Richard J. - Summary Report on the Evaluation Study of SSCEP (Secondary Schools Community Extension Project) for Provincial Education Planning, 1983
Box: 19 Folder: 13
Douglas, Bronwen - A History of Culture Contact in North-Eastern New Caldonia, 1999 - 2000
Box: 2 Folder: 18
Douglas, Bronwen - Traditional Warfare or Anti-colonial Resistance? Inter-tribal Conflict in the Context of French Rule in New Caledonia 1853-1870, 1979
Box: 2 Folder: 19
Dudley, Benjamin Thornton - Journal of a Winter Spent on Amota, Banks Islands, 24 May - 30 September 1860. Transcription by Peter Crowe
Box: 22 Folder: 2
Dumont, Rene - A Few Observations from the Road Side on Sepik Tour (Wewak, Maprik, Dreikikir, Bainyik), 1972
Box: 19 Folder: 14
Dupon, Jean-Francois - Rapport, 1987
Box: 2 Folder: 20
Dutton, Tom - Motu words in Tumu: Pseudo-borrowing in the Gulf of Papua, 1981
Box: 2 Folder: 21
Eng, Jean et. al - Report on the Survey of Nutritional Status of High School Students in Papua New Guinea - 1978
Box: 2 Folder: 22
Eyrich, David and Sheldon Weeks - District Education Officers in the Southern Highlands, 1984
Box: 2 Folder: 23-25
Fastre, P. - Manners and Customs of the Fuyuges
Box: 2 Folder: 26
Federation des Associations des Etudiants Caledoniens - Status de la Federation des Associations d'Etudiants Caledoniens; Note d' Information sur la F.A.E.C.
Box: 2 Folder: 27
Feinberg, Richard - What's in a Name? Personal Identity and Naming on Anuta, 1981
Box: 17 Folder: 19
Feinberg, Richard et al. - Oral History of a Polynesian Outlier: Texts and Translations from Anuta, Solomon Islands, 1993
Box: 16 Folder: 12
Fitzpatrick, Phil - Patrol Reports, 1968 - 1972

Photocopies of 17 patrol reports composed by Phil Fitzpatrick. Regions patrolled include Western Highlands and Mt. Hagen. The patrols were conducted for the purposes of road construction and repair, vote collecting, tax collection, annual census, assessment of health and education requirements, and investigation of criminal behavior. Many of the reports are accompanied by a map showing the path of the patrol.

Box: 3 Folder: 1
Flores, Bess - The New Caledonian Conflict and Australian Foreign Policy
Box: 3 Folder: 2
Foerstel, Lenora - A Cultural/Historical Analysis of the Effects of Telecommunications on the South Pacific; with a Focus on Papua New Guinea
Box: 3 Folder: 3
Food and Agriculture Organization - Inland Fisheries Development in West Irian, 1972
Box: 3 Folder: 4
Fortune, Reo; National Library of New Zealand - Reo Fortune Collection: Preliminary listing

Inventory of collection held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand.

Box: 3 Folder: 5
Foster, Robert John - Social Reproduction and Value in an Inter-island Exchange System (Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea), 1983
Box: 3 Folder: 6
Gazelle Peninsula Local Government Council - 5 year Development Plan, ca. 1970s
Box: 17 Folder: 20
Gibson, Margaret - Equity for the Nation's Smallest Schools, 1990
Box: 3 Folder: 7
Giggey, Shirley - A Case for a Literate Papua New Guinea, 1982
Box: 3 Folder: 8
Giggey, Shirley - Tok-ples Pre-schools of Enga Yaaka Lasemana. Includes appendix: The case for bilingual education, by R. K. Johnson, 1983
Box: 16 Folder: 15
Gitlow, Abraham - Correspondence from 1948-1950 and 16 photographs of Kukukuka natives of Dutch New Guinea, 1948 - 1950
Box: 19 Folder: 15
Glasse, Robert M. - Some Reflections on the Legacy of Malinowski: Huli Society revisited
Box: 19 Folder: 16
Glasse, Shirley [Lindenbaum] - A Note on Fore Medicine and Sorcery, 1963
Box: 3 Folder: 9
Golson, Jack - Beyond the Wallace Line: New Guinea, Australia and Island Melanesia
Box: 3 Folder: 10
Griffin, Chris C. M. - Towards an Explanation of the May 14 Fiji Coup
Box: 17 Folder: 21
Guiart, Jean - Questions and Answers in Pacific Art, 1996
Box: 19 Folder: 17
Guiart, Jean - Questions and Answers in Pacific Art, 2000
Box: 3 Folder: 11-12
Guilford, Virginia - Oksapmin Marriage, and Oksapmin Trade Stores
Box: 19 Folder: 18
Guilford, Virginia - The Accommodation of Regional Interaction in Oksapmin, 1989
Box: 19 Folder: 19
Hammar, Lawrence James - Sex and Political Economy in the South Fly: Daru Islands, Western Province, Papua New Guinea, 1997
Box: 17 Folder: 22
Harvey, Robin Grant - IBP/HA Papua New Guinea Data. Includes four 3.5 diskettes formatted for Macintosh with Word and Excel files on them, 1968 - 1969
Box: 22 Folder: 3
Hau'ofa, Epeli - The Context of Mekeo Sorcery, 1972
Box: 3 Folder: 13
Hays, Terence E. - Oral Narratives from Ndumba (Habi'ina Village) Papua New Guinea Highlands, 1992
Box: 3 Folder: 14
Healey, Christopher - Exploitation of Birds of Paradise by the Kyaka Enga of Taleya Clan, Dalapan Settlement, Baiyer River, W.H.D., 1971
Box: 3 Folder: 15
Healey, Christopher - Family Fertility Decisions Project
Box: 3 Folder: 16
Healey, Christopher - IASER/UNICEF Traditional Birth Attendants Project Concerning Maring People (Kundagai local population)
Box: 18 Folder: 1
Healy, Christopher - New Guinea Inland Trade: Transformation and Resilience in the Context of Capitalist Penetration, 1984
Box: 3 Folder: 17
Hertle, Willi - Newsletter for the Lutheran Mission, Tiripini, Pangia, 1985
Box: 3 Folder: 18
Hohnen, J. I. - Enga Yaaka Lasemana: Health Monitoring and Reporting, 1984
Box: 22 Folder: 4
Illich, Ivan - Anglo American Law and a Convivial Society. Sixth Waigani Seminar - Priorities in Melanesian Development
Box: 18 Folder: 2
Jarasma, S. R. - Women and Ritual: Female Roles in Ritual, Knowledge and Lack of Data, 1987
Box: 3 Folder: 19
Jayawardena, Chandra; Macquarie University Archives - Guide to his papers concerning research in Fiji

Papers are held by the archives of Macquarie University, Australia.

Box: 3 Folder: 20-23
Jenkins, Carol, 1983-1988

Papers in the following order: Childbirth in Lowland and Highland Madang Province, Papua New Guinea; Development of National Planning Guidelines for Sponsored Community Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation Projects; Epistemological Aspects of Sorcery and Religion Among the Amele; with Graeme Kemelfield, Evaluation of Traditional Medicine in the North Solomons Province, Papua New Guinea.

Box: 4 Folder: 1-3
Jenkins, Carol, 1986-1987

Papers in the following order: with Peter Haywood, Foodways and Health: Consequences of Dietary Change in Papua New Guinea; IFAD Artisanal Fisheries Project Document, Nutritional Assessment of Project Communities, Milne Bay and Gulf Provinces, Papua New Guinea; Inggum gende: The Bundi hearth.

Box: 19 Folder: 20
Johnstone, Drikore J. - The Gumini Bisnis-Meri: A Study of Development of an Innovative Indigenous Entrepreneurial Activity in Port Moresby, 1996
Box: 4 Folder: 4
Jolley, Damien - The Estimation of Mortality and Malarious Morbidity in the Ambenob Area: An Initial Census and its Errors
Box: 4 Folder: 5
Jonduo, Willie E. - Preparations for the Tok Ples Pri-Skul Programmes in Oro Province, 1986
Box: 4 Folder: 6
Jonduo, Willie E. - Technical Workshop for Developing Personnel Training Plans, 1986
Box: 4 Folder: 7
Jones, Alan - List of books on Papua in the Kensington MSC [Sacred Heart Mission] Archives, 1985
Box: 4 Folder: 8-12
Jorgensen, Dan, 1983-1990

Papers in the following order: Counter-orders and Anti-Egypticism in Telefol Culture; From Copra Contracts to Copper Mining: A History of Development in the Sepik Headwaters; From Sister Exchange to 'Daughter-as-Tradestore': Money and Marriage in Telefolmin; Production and the Aims of Exchange: Telefol Crop Regimes in Historical Perspective; Secrecy's 'Turns': Revelation in Telefol Religion.

Box: 18 Folder: 3
Juillerat, Bernard - Amanab-English: Lexicons and Texts in the Amanab Language of Papua New Guinea (West Sepik Province), 1986
Box: 4 Folder: 13
Juillerat, Bernard - Yafar Wild Plants: Identifications and Uses, 1971-1973
Box: 4 Folder: 14
Kantha, Brigitta - An Investigation into the Uses of the New Curriculum, 'Our English Series for Melanesia,' Grade One, 1987
Box: 4 Folder: 15
Karafir, Yan P. - Demographical Change and Cultural Diversity in the Birds-Head Region of Irian Jaya, 1987
Box: 4 Folder: 16
Katak, Roland and Sheldon Weeks - Report on the 1982 Grade 6 Examination, East Sepik, 1984
Box: 4 Folder: 17
Keesing, Roger M. - Tuesday's Chiefs Revisited, 1993
Box: 4 Folder: 18
Kelly, Maxwell Raymond - Differential Cognitive Development of Children Exposed to a Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural Situation, 1973
Box: 4 Folder: 19
Kerr, Marie B. - History of Vernacular Literacy in the Wiru, 1985
Box: 4 Folder: 20
Kim, Taman - The Performance of the 1983 Grade Six Final Examination Results in the Madang Province, 1985
Box: 4 Folder: 21
Kircher, Ingrid - Visit to Kanaky, 1985
Box: 4 Folder: 22
Kiwewe, Florian - The Use of Traditional Materials in the Teaching of the Community School Science Syllabus, 1987
Box: 4 Folder: 23
Kulupi, Sunema P. - A Study of the Attitudes of Parents and Community Leaders Towards SSCEP (Secondary Schools Community Extension Project), 1984
Box: 4 Folder: 24
Kyle, A. F. - Patrol Reports, Chimbu-Wahgi. Typescript transcript of the originals, made by Paula Brown Glick, 1937

Microfilm of original in Pacific Manuscripts Bureau PMB-616.

Box: 22 Folder: 5
Lampert, R. J. - Hagen Axes: A Pilot Study of Axe Typology in the Central Highlands of New Guinea, 1972
Box: 4 Folder: 25-27
Laskaridis, K. - Reports on Island Fisheries in West Irian, and Possible UNDP/FUNDWI Support for its Further Development, 1967
Box: 4 Folder: 28
Laville, Jean and Jean-Marie Quentric - Notes on New Caledonia
Box: 4 Folder: 29
Lawrence, Peter - Papua New Guineans and the Rule of Law: The Period of Australian Administration (until 1973), 1977
Box: 22 Folder: 7
Laycock, Donald C. - Unstudied Ethnographic Areas of the Sepik Basin, New Guinea, 1973
Box: 22 Folder: 6
Laycock, Donald C. and S. A. Wurm - Pacific Linguistic Studies in Honor of Arthur Capell. Published by the Australian National University, in Pacific Linguistics Series C, no. 13, 1970
Box: 4 Folder: 30
Lea, David - Research in the Tropics: An Expatriate View, 1976
Box: 22 Folder: 8
Lea, David (D. A. M.) - A Report on the Wosera Resettlement Scheme, undated
Box: 22 Folder: 9
Lea, David (D. A. M.) - Stress and Adaptation to Change; An Example from the East Sepik District, New Guinea, undated
Box: 22 Folder: 10
Lea, David (D. A. M.) and Weinand, H. C. - Population Growth and Some Consequences in an Area of High Population Density: The Wosera, East Sepik District
Box: 4 Folder: 31
Leavitt, Stephen - The Bikhet Syndrome: Patterns of Rebellion and Identification Among Bumbita Adolescent Males, 1990
Box: 22 Folder: 11
Leavitt, Stephen C. - Doing Cargo Dreams: The Rhetoric of Cargo Wishes in Bumbita Arapesh Dream Reports. Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, 1994
Box: 4 Folder: 32
Lebot, Vincent - Le Piper Methysticum - Kava: References Bibliographiques, 1983
Box: 5 Folder: 1
Leroy, John D. - Kewa Legends, 1982
Box: 5 Folder: 2
Levine, Hal - Emerging Ethnic Amalgamations in Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea, 1978
Box: 5 Folder: 3
Lifeline Port Moresby - Lifeline Port Moseby. Statistical Report for 1980
Box: 5 Folder: 4
Lindstrom, Lamont - Place and Landscape on Tanna (Vanuatu), 1983
Box: 5 Folder: 5
Lindstrom, Lamont - Reading and Writing on Tanna, Vanuatu, 1984
Box: 5 Folder: 6
Little, David - Index to Baloma; The Spirits of the Dead in the Trobriand Islands, 1993
Box: 5 Folder: 7
MAB Papua New Guinea - Project I...Gogol Valley Project (incomplete), 1973 - 1978
Box: 5 Folder: 8
Maddock, M. N. - Science Teaching, Traditional World Views and Attitude Development, 1983
Box: 5 Folder: 9
Maenu'u, L. P. - An Indicative List of Solomon Islands Medicinal Plants, 1973
Box: 5 Folder: 10
Maranda, Pierre - Blood Pressure Variations as an Effect of Cultural Differences
Box: 5 Folder: 11
Maranda, Pierre - Lau Markets: A Sketch
Box: 5 Folder: 12
Marshall, Mac - Anthropology and National Alcohol Policy in Papua New Guinea, 1982
Box: 5 Folder: 13
Marshall, Mac - Papua New Guinea Alcohol Bibliography, 1981
Box: 5 Folder: 14
Marshall, Mac - Patterns of Alcohol Use in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: A Quantity-Frequency Survey, 1983
Box: 5 Folder: 15-21
Maschio, Thomas

Papers in the following order: The Human Voice as Metaphor for Community and Anti-community in Rauto Discourse; Images of Time, Person and Place in a Melanesian Society; Metaphor, Ritual and Expression: The Person in Rauto Discourse and Ritual Practice; The Way of a Person: Discourse About Self and Person in a Melanesian Society.

Box: 5 Folder: 22
Mathie, Alison - Kisim save long Kirapim save....The Report of Workshop or the Participatory Production of a Manual for Trainers of Non-formal Education Workers and Extensionists, 1986
Box: 5 Folder: 23
May, R. J. and Claire Smith - East Sepik Bibliography, 1984
Box: 5 Folder: 24
McConnell, Frasier - Materials for a Bibliography of New Britain
Box: 6 Folder: 1
McConnell, Frasier - Materials on the Classification of New Guinea Languages
Box: 6 Folder: 2
McDowell, Nancy - Marriage, Violence and Political Process in Bun, 1988
Box: 18 Folder: 4
Meltzoff, Sarah - Lethal Dance
Box: 6 Folder: 3
Metraux, Rhoda - A Closer View - a Wider Horizon, 1983
Box: 6 Folder: 4
Mitton, Robert - Report on Collecting Trip to the Southern Highlands
Box: 6 Folder: 6
Modjeska, C. J. Nicholas - Stone Axe Blades and Life Histories
Box: 6 Folder: 5
Modjeska, C. J. Nicholas - The Duna Palena Nane and the Sociology of Bachelor Cults, 1987
Box: 18 Folder: 5
Modjeska, C. J. Nichols - Stone Axe Blades and Life Histories -- data from the Tumbudu Valley, New Guinea Highlands, 1973
Box: 6 Folder: 7
Moylan, Thomas - Sex Differences in Speech and Language Change: Two Examples from Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea
Box: 6 Folder: 8
Moylan, Thomas - System and Subsystem, Growth and Decline, Male and Female: Three Pairs of Concepts Reflected in the Process of Language Change in Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea
Box: 6 Folder: 9
Moylan, Thomas - Variation, Change and Lexical Diffusion in Oksapmin
Box: 6 Folder: 10
Museum Munchen - Die Kunst des alten Australien
Box: 6 Folder: 11
Natachee, A. P. Allen - Poems, 1952
Box: 6 Folder: 12
Neich, Roger - Albert Maori Kiki of Papua New Guinea: As a Person and a Leader
Box: 6 Folder: 13-17
Newton, Douglas - Sepik vocabularies
Box: 6 Folder: 18
Nienhuis, P. - Inventaris van stukken afkomstig uit de archieven van de Algemene Secretarie en van andere Departementen te Batavia betreffende, 1981
Box: 6 Folder: 19
Nieuwenhuijsen, Jan W. Van and Corry - Some Notes on Gender in Suki
Box: 19 Folder: 21
Ogan, Eugene - Bougainville, Personal and Professional, 2003
Box: 19 Folder: 22
Ogan, Eugene - Snapshots for Nasioi, 2003
Box: 6 Folder: 20
Ounei, Susanna - The Kanak People's Struggle for Independence in New Caledonia, 1985
Box: 18 Folder: 6
Paini, Anna - Les clans, c'est une affaire d'hommes, ou la configuration de la tension identite / alterite par les hommes et les femmes de Drueulu (Lifou), 1995
Box: 7 Folder: 1-3
Papua New Guinea - Statistics on Community Health
Box: 7 Folder: 4-5
Papua New Guinea Department of Education - Social science course of study
Box: 7 Folder: 6
Papua New Guinea Department of Health, Disease Control Unit - Materials on immunization programme, 1980
Box: 7 Folder: 7
Papua New Guinea National Planning Office - A Food and Nutrition Policy for Papua New Guinea
Box: 7 Folder: 8
Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, Centenary special, 1984
Box: 7 Folder: 10
Parkinson, R. H. - Iniet Societies from Thirty Years in the South Seas, 1907
Box: 7 Folder: 9
Parkinson, R. H. - The Duk-Duk Society from Thirty Years in the South Seas
Box: 7 Folder: 11
Paulias, N. E. - Problems of Rural Development and Growing Inequalities in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, 1977
Box: 7 Folder: 12
Pawley, Andrew - Non-Austronesian Languages of New Guinea
Box: 8 Folder: 1
Ploeg, Anton - Bokondini and Grand Valley; A Second Attempt at Comparison, 1967
Box: 8 Folder: 2
Poirer, Jean - Movements of Mythical Liberation in the New Hebrides
Box: 22 Folder: 12-20
Poole, Fitz John Porter, 1976, 1982-1991

Papers in the following order: The Bimin-Kuskusmin Notion of Aiyem: A Melanesian Analog of the Polynesian Concept of Mana?; Images of 'Sacred' Female Elders and Christian Women: Change in the Religious Imagination of Gender Among Bimin-Kuskusmin; Jural Form and Personal Praxis in the Experience of Bimin-Kuskusmin Marriage; "Knowledge Rests in the Heart": Bimin-Kuskusmin Metacommunications on Meaning. Tacit Knowledge, and Field Research; The Legacy of Land in a Papua New Guinea Society: Ethnohistory and Ideology; Morality, Personhood, Tricksters, and Youths: Some Narrative Images of Ethics Among the Bimin-Kuskusman; New Horizons, New Visions: The Reimagination of Identity, Place, and Aspiration among Bimin-Kuskusmin; Personal Experience and Cultural Representation in Children's "Personal Symbols" among Bimin-Kuskusmin; Veils of Illusion, Kernals of Truth: Secrecy and Revelation in Bimin-Kuskusmin Ritual.

Box: 8 Folder: 3-8
Preston, Rosemary

Papers in the following order: with John Khambu, Between the Community and Its School: Boards of Management in Papua New Guinea; The Comprehensive Community Education of Seriously Disadvantaged Children: The Lumi Project; Lesson from Kaipi: An Evaluation of the Kaipi Area Comprehensive Community Education Pilot Project; RVDCS in Gulf Province: An Evaluation of Policy and Its Implementation; Vocational Training in Manus: An Evaluation; West Sepik Province Central Community School Project: An Evaluation.

Box: 8 Folder: 9
Proposals to the Government of Papua New Guinea arising out of the Pidgin Conference held at the University of Papua New Guinea, 1973
Box: 8 Folder: 10
Pumuye, Hilary and Sheldon Weeks - Popondetta Village Development Centre Evaluation: Report on a Field Trip to Oro Province. MSRC 1235, 1984
Box: 20 Folder: 1
Ramstad, Yngvar - The TKA Movement in New Ireland
Box: 8 Folder: 11
Reay, Marie - The Kuma, 1956
Box: 22 Folder: 21
Reay, Marie - The Rule of Exogamy in Volatile Groups: Some Comments on Minj-Wahgi (Kuma) Marriage, 1971
Box: 8 Folder: 12
Rhijn, M. van - The Won-fle from the Mountainous Country of Teminabuan and the Headhunters of the Berau, 1987
Box: 20 Folder: 2
Robbins, Joel - Dispossessing the Spirits: Christian Transformations, 1993 - 1994
Box: 8 Folder: 13
Robbins, Joel - Keeping to Oneself in Melanesia: Secrecy, Not-reciprocity and Cultural Theory, 1987
Box: 8 Folder: 14
Robbins, Joel - Order/Disorder as Opposed to What?: Entailed and Unentailed Action in Papua New Guinea, 1988
Box: 8 Folder: 15
Roberts, Henry - Tambu: Currency of the Tolai People
Box: 8 Folder: 16
Robertson, Walter - Observations at TOK Ples School, Hanahan
Box: 8 Folder: 17
Rodman, Margaret and Peter Lovell - Drawing Blood: An Ethnographic Disagreement in Longana, Vanuatu, 1983
Box: 8 Folder: 18
Rodman, Margaret and Peter Lovell - Method and the Meaning of Mistakes: An Essay on the Interpretation of Informant Error, 1978
Box: 8 Folder: 19
Roscoe, Paul - Trade Stores and Tamberan Houses, 1983
Box: 8 Folder: 20
Roscoe, Paul B. - Of Hogs and Hounds: The Symbolism of Exchange Among the Yangoru Boiken of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, 1983
Box: 8 Folder: 21
Roscoe, Paul L. - The Legacy of War Among the Yangoru Boiken, 1984
Box: 8 Folder: 22
Rubinstein, Robert - Men, Women and Hermaphroditic Pigs on Malo
Box: 8 Folder: 23
Ryan, Dawn - The Movement of Toaripi People to Waigani Swamp, 1963
Box: 20 Folder: 3
Sanders, Arden G. and Joy Sanders - Kamasan Anthropology Sketch, 1996
Box: 8 Folder: 24
Sanggenafa, Naffi - Kain Timur and the Payment of Fines (A preliminary study about the subdistrict of Fef, Karondori, Irian - Jaya), 1987
Box: 8 Folder: 25
Scaglion, Nora and Tutae Auro - Community Schools Project: Headmasters and Teachers Survey (interim report), 1980
Box: 9 Folder: 1-5
Scaletta, Naomi - Primogeniture and Primogenitor: Firstborn Child and Mortuary Ceremonies Among the Kabana (Bariai) of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 1985
Box: 22 Folder: 22
Scheffler, Harold W. - Australian Systems of Kin Classification Part I: Kariera-Like Systems, undated
Box: 22 Folder: 23
Scheffler, Harold W. - Systems of Kin Classification: A Structural Typology, undated
Box: 9 Folder: 6
Schlesier, Erhard - Der Hausbau in Me'udana, Normanby Island, 1967
Box: 9 Folder: 7
Schlesier, Erhard - Ethnographische Miszellen zur Wirtschaftsfuhrung der Me'udana (Normanby Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua Neuguinea), 1990
Box: 9 Folder: 8
School of Orienta and African Studies - Handlist of Manuscripts in the Sidney Herbert Ray Collection, 1964
Box: 9 Folder: 9
Schoorl, J. W. - Mobility and Migration in the Muyu Culture, 1987
Box: 9 Folder: 10
Schoorl, J. W. - Rapport betreffende de toestanden en verhoudingen in de nederzettingen van autochthone werklieden in dienst van de N.V. Nederlandsche Nieuwe-Guinee Petroleum Maatschappij
Box: 9 Folder: 11
Serpenti, Laurent M. - Body Fluids as Metaphors in Gender-formation. A Comparitive Analysis of Three Lowland Tribes, 1987
Box: 9 Folder: 12-17
Seta, Tom, 1983-1986

Papers in the following order: 1984 grade 6 examinations Oro Province; Oro education research project; with Sheldon Weeks, Oro province 1983 grade 6 examination results, and The Possible Implications of Merit Selection Policies in Oro; Report on the Work of the Oro Education Research Project 1983-1985; with Leonard Bundu, Report to the March 1984 Minister of Education Conference, Wewak Oro Province 1983 Exam Results and Selection for Grade 7, 1984.

Box: 9 Folder: 18
Seton, Rosemary - Report on the Archives and Manuscripts Held in New Guinea Collection, of the University Library of Papua New Guinea, with Special Reference to Missionary and Church Archives, 1981
Box: 10 Folder: 1
Shadlow, John - Lowest Food Cost: A Statistical Tool, 1980
Box: 16 Folder: 11
Slone, Thomas H. - Anga stories, 1994
Box: 18 Folder: 7-18
Sperry, Robert, 1987-1989

Papers on archives, manuscripts and records in and about Papua New Guinea; includes papers on education and libraries in Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Torres Strait Islands, and the South and Central Pacific.

Box: 10 Folder: 2
Spriggs, Matthew - Archeology in Tafea: The Southern Vanuatu Culture History Project
Box: 10 Folder: 3
Spriggs, Matthew - The Past, Present and Future of Traditional Taro Irrigation in the Pacific, 1984
Box: 10 Folder: 14-25
Starthern, Marilyn

Papers in the following order: Between Things: A Melanesianist's Comment on Deconstructive Feminism; The Decomposition of an Event; Discovering Social Control; Dual Models and Multiple Persons: Gender in Melanesia; Historical Events and the Interpretation of Images: A Comment from Melanesia; Increment and Androgyny. Reflections on Recent Developments in the Anthropology of Papua New Guinea; The Mediation of Emotions; No Culture, No History; Qualified Value: The Perspective of Gift Exchange; Report on Questionaire Relating to Sexual Offences as Defined in the Criminal Code; Villagers' Attitudes Towards Corrective Institutions; Women and the Cash Nexus: Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Box: 10 Folder: 5
Stent, W. R. - Survey of Potential School Leavers, 1968
Box: 10 Folder: 4
Stent, W. R. - The Development of Agriculture in T.P.N.G
Box: 22 Folder: 24
Stephen, Michele - Makeo Dreams and the Spirit World, 1988
Box: 10 Folder: 6
Sterly, Joachim - Research Work on Traditional Plantlore and Agriculture in the Upper Chimbu Region, Papua New Guinea
Box: 10 Folder: 7
Sterly, Joachim - Verzeichnis Wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten
Box: 20 Folder: 4
Stewart, Pamela J. - Netbags: Cultural Narratives from Papua New Guinea, 1997
Box: 10 Folder: 8
Stocklin, Werner H. - Ethnomedizinische publikationen
Box: 10 Folder: 10
Stocklin, Werner H. - Ku Ku Ku Ku Funeral Ceremonies and Killing Ghosts, 1984
Box: 10 Folder: 9
Stocklin, Werner H. - Patrol reports, 1962
Box: 10 Folder: 11
Stoller, Robert J. and Gilbert Herdt - A Psychotic New Guinea Tribesman, 1980
Box: 10 Folder: 12
Straatmans, W. - An Ethno-botanical Checklist of New Guinea, 1971
Box: 10 Folder: 13
Strathern, Andrew - Satan's Mouth, 1988
Box: 10 Folder: 26
Stringer, Mary D. - Pre-school Lliteracy in the Enga Province Using the Multi-strategy Method, 1987
Summer Institute of Linguistics, Papua New Guinea - Language Community Data Base
Box: 10 Folder: 27-28
Guide to fields and definitions. Agob, Arove, 1988
Box: 11 Folder: 1-6
Autu, Bariai, Boazi, Bohuia, Bouye, Busa
Box: 11 Folder: 7-8
Dahating, Dawawa
Box: 11 Folder: 9-12
Ere-Keleg, Fuyuge, Guriaso, Heyo
Box: 11 Folder: 13-14
Idi, Ipiko
Box: 11 Folder: 15-19
Kapin, Kewa, Kombio, Kuot, Kwomtari
Box: 11 Folder: 20-21
Laeko Libuat, Levei
Box: 12 Folder: 1-7
Lou, Maiwa, Mamusi, Maria, Mehek, Mengen, Miyemu
Box: 12 Folder: 8-12
Nali, Neko, Ngaing, Niksek, Ningerum
Box: 12 Folder: 13-16
Tao-Suame, Tauade, Tigak, Yil
Box: 18 Folder: 19
Tawaiyole, Pani and Gibson, Margaret - Survey of Enrolments and Wastage in Papua New Guinea Community Schools, 1971-1988
Box: 12 Folder: 17
Tawaiyole, Pani S. - Factors Facilitating and Blocking the Involvement of Grade 10 Leavers in their Villages the Case of Female SSCEP Graduates', 1986
Box: 12 Folder: 18
Taylor, Mary Frances - Trade and the Articulation of an Interethnic Community in Wewak, 1984
Box: 12 Folder: 19
Taylor, Richard - (Epidemiology) Bibliography of Publications, 1988
Box: 12 Folder: 20
Tenopir, Carol and Miles M. Jackson - Telecommunications and Publishing in the South Pacific
Box: 13 Folder: 5
The Tolai of Blanche Bay - Native Affairs Induction Course Number 11. Anthropology Lecture 2. The Tolai of Blanche Bay, New Britain
Box: 12 Folder: 21
Thomas, Edith - Louis-Michel en Nouvelle-Caledonie, 1970
Box: 13 Folder: 1-4
Tiggeler, Jan - Areare-Gari-Ulawa-French Dictionary
Box: 13 Folder: 6
Townshend - Traditional Methods of Family Planning
Box: 13 Folder: 7
Townshend, Patricia K. - Evaluating Family Health Services in Papua New Guinea, 1981
Box: 13 Folder: 8
Townshend, Patricia K. - Infant Mortality in the Saniyo-Hiyowe Population, Walio Sio Census Division, East Sepik Province, 1983
Box: 13 Folder: 10
Treagust, David Harold - A Jubilee History of Malaguna Technical College, 1976
Box: 13 Folder: 9
Treagust, David Harold - Bung Wantaim' Unity as Ideology at Independence, Papua New Guinea 1975
Box: 13 Folder: 11-21
Ulijaszek, Stanley

Papers in the following order: Comparative Weight and Height Data on Selected Coastal Child Populations of Gulf and Madang Provinces, Papua New Guinea; Eruption Times of Deciduous Teeth of Kapau Anga Children; Gulf Province Activity Report, November 1980 - May 1981; Gulf Province Nutrition Plan; Kamea Settlements near Kerema Town Initial Survey to Estimate Health and Nutritional Status, October 1979; Kerema market survey; Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Surveillance - Gulf Province 1980. Evaluation, Clinic by Clinic; Sago, Subsistence Agriculture and Fishing in a Coastal Elema Community of Gulf Province: Dietary Considerations; Turama River Nutrition Survey Gulf Province; Weights and Heights of the Kapau Anga Population of Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea.

Box: 13 Folder: 22
United Nations Development Program - FUNDWI - A design for development in West Irian
Box: 14 Folder: 1
United Nations Temporary Executive Authority - Working papers in Dani ethnology, no.1
Box: 14 Folder: 2
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne - Hancock Museum, George Brown Ethnographical Collection
Box: 14 Folder: 3
University of Papua New Guinea, Educational Research Unit - Questions and Answers about VDC's, 1982
Box: 14 Folder: 4
Vulliamy, Graham - Factors Affecting Standards in West New Britian Provincial High Schools, 1986
Box: 14 Folder: 5
Wagner, Roy - Order and Its Reservations: Where Interpretation Stops, 1988
Box: 14 Folder: 6
Wai, Matarina Anjam - A Difficult Decade: Personal Dilemmas and Decisions in Development Work
Box: 14 Folder: 7
Waiko, John D. - Na Binandere Imo Averi?, 1983
Box: 20 Folder: 5
Watson, James B. - Crowded Fields and the Intensity of Reciprocity
Box: 20 Folder: 6
Watson, James B. - Inescapable Involvements: A Comparative Approach to Vicinal Dependence Among Small Autonomous Societies, ca. 1991
Box: 20 Folder: 7
Watson, James B. - The Modern Legend of Matoto, a Late Pre-contact Strong Man, 1987
Box: 14 Folder: 8-29
Weeks, Sheldon, 1978-1987

Topics include: 1982 and 1985 grade six examinations in West Sepik and Oro Province; agriculture and nutrition education programs; community extension; education.

Box: 15 Folder: 1-5
Weeks, Sheldon, 1978-1986

Topics include: Papua New Guinea Rural Development Project Formal Education; teacher education; standards at Kagua High School.

Box: 18 Folder: 20-27
Weeks, Sheldon, 1989-1990

Papers on education and cultural learning, with focus on Papua New Guinea.

Box: 20 Folder: 8
Weeks, Sheldon - A Vision for the Future of the Goroka Campus, University of Papua New Guinea, 1993
Box: 20 Folder: 10
Weeks, Sheldon - Assessment of the Direction of the National Research Institute, 1993
Box: 20 Folder: 9
Weeks, Sheldon - Comparative Education Effect Botswana and Papua New Guinea: A Preliminary Exploration, 1993
Box: 16 Folder: 13
Weeks, Sheldon - Report of Teacher Education Program, 1994
Box: 20 Folder: 11
Weingartner, Erich - Anatomy of an Assassination, 1997
Box: 20 Folder: 12
Weingartner, Erich - New Caledonia: Setbacks for Kanak Aspirations, 1997
Box: 15 Folder: 6
Weisbrot, David - Papua New Guinea's Jurisprudence and the Legacy of Colonialism
Box: 15 Folder: 7
Wells, Marilyn - Beliefs and Behaviors Related to Pregnancy and Childbirth in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, 1983
Box: 15 Folder: 8
Werff, Hely Van Der - Shifting Cultivation, Kain Timur and Suangi in Relation to the Position of Women, 1987
Box: 15 Folder: 9
Westermark and Welsch - A Bibliography of N. American Anthropological Doctoral Theses on New Guinea
Box: 15 Folder: 10
Wickersheimer, Ingrid and Petra Rohde - Die Sepikregion von Papua-Neuguinia
Box: 15 Folder: 11
Williamson, K. R. - Population Statistics: Rabual Urban Area
Box: 15 Folder: 12
Wilson, John Stuart Gladstone - Draft of Section on Money and Banking in Papua New Guinea, 1984
Box: 15 Folder: 13
Wilson, John Stuart Gladstone - Notes on Walk Across Santo from Mouth of Saurik River to the Second Canal
Box: 15 Folder: 14-21
Winslow, Donna, 1988-1991

Papers in the following order: Changement Social et Identite Ethnique en Nouvelle-Caledonie; Customs and Independence in New Caledonia; Economic, Social and Demographic Developments in New Caledonia Under the Matignon Accord; Foreign Economic Activities in New Caledonia: A Question of Aid and Sustainable Development; Petition to the Fourth Committee Concerning New Caledonia.

Box: 20 Folder: 13
Winslow, Donna - Lapour in New Caledonia, 1990
Box: 15 Folder: 22
Wolfers, Edward P. - A Bibliography of Bibliographies Relevant to a Study of Papua New Guinea
Box: 15 Folder: 23
Wolfers, Edward P. - The Structure of Parlimentary Politics in Papua and New Guinea
Box: 15 Folder: 24
Wu, David Y. H. - Intrusive Languages Other Than English: Chinese
Box: 15 Folder: 25-26
Yatu, Kewai - Kagua SSCEP High School Draft Report on Partial Tracer Study of 1981-84 Grade 10 Leavers, 1985
Box: 16 Folder: 1
Yeoman, L. - Teacher Education in Papua New Guinea, 1986
Box: 16 Folder: 2
Yeoman, Lyn - Universal Primary Education: Factors Affecting the Enrollment and Retention of Girls in Papua New Guinea Community Schools, 1985
Box: 16 Folder: 3
Young, Michael W. - On Refusing Gifts: Aspects of Ceremonial Exchange in Kalauna, 1977
Box: 20 Folder: 14
Zepczyk, Gabriel, Rev. M. S. C. - Tungak (Lavongai) - English word list, 1964
Box: 16 Folder: 4
Z'graggen, John A. - Narratives Madang Province, Animal stories, 1989
Box: 16 Folder: 5-7
Z'graggen, John A. - Narratives Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, 1988
Box: 16 Folder: 8-10
Zimmerman, Lorraine - The Material Culture of the Buang of Papua New Guinea, with photographs, 1988