James O'Neill Collection, 1841 - 1955 (MSS 141)

Extent: 4.8 Linear feet (12 archive boxes)

A collection of British and American literary manuscripts and correspondence primarily from the latter half of the nineteenth century.

The collection was purchased from James O'Neill in 1964. O'Neill was an industrial consultant and book dealer residing in Boston. The manuscript materials formed a small part of a larger purchase of O'Neill's 14,000 volume library, which represents a lifetime of book collecting by O'Neill. O'Neill's interest in American and English literature of the late nineteenth century is evident in both his library and in the materials contained in the manuscript collection.

The materials in the James O'Neill Collection formed part of a large book collection purchased from O'Neill by the UCSD Library. O'Neill was a book dealer and collector. This collection documents his interest in late nineteenth century serial fiction and short stories. While the bulk of the collection is comprised of manuscripts, there is also ample correspondence from the period. Of special interest is the correspondence included in the Amos R. Wells papers, which offers examples of the relationships between writers, editors, and publishers during the period.


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Scope and Content of Series

Series 1) MANUSCRIPTS: This series is arranged alphabetically by author's name. Each author's works are also arranged alphabetically. The manuscripts themselves are all undated, but published tearsheets found with some of the works date between 1859 and 1910. Included are English and American writers of primarily sentimental and children's literature. William T. Adams (1822-1897) wrote serial fiction for children under the life-long pseudonym of "Oliver Optic." Charlotte M. Brame (1836-1884), who has the largest number of manuscripts in this collection, was an English writer of sentimental fiction who published widely in both London and New York periodicals. Abbie Farwell Brown (1881-1927) was an American writer of children's stories. May Agnes Fleming (1840-1880) was an American writer of sentimental fiction who published novels and serial fiction. Bracebridge Hemyng (1841-1901) was an English writer of children's fiction who lived and published in the United States from 1873 to 1878. Mary Jane Holmes (1825-1907) was an American writer of sentimental fiction who was immensely popular and successful during this period; with the exception of Harriet Beecher Stowe, her copyright profits exceeded those of all other female authors in America. Owen Wister (1860-1938) was an American writer of children's fiction. Mrs. Henry Wood (Ellen Price Wood, 1814-1887) was an English magazine editor and writer of sentimental fiction. Included in the MANUSCRIPTS series are typescripts, bound manuscripts, and tearsheets from small magazines and journals.

Adams, William T. [Oliver Optic]

Box 1 Folder 1
Adventures of a Boy Stowaway, pp. 1-143
Box 1 Folder 2
Adventures of a Boy Stowaway, pp. 144-335
Box 1 Folder 3-4
Charlie's Fortune - Typescript with handwritten corrections by author
Box 1 Folder 5
The Fall of a Millionaire, pp. 1-209
Box 1 Folder 6
The Fall of a Millionaire, pp. 210-381

Benners, William J

Box 1 Folder 7
The Curse of the Opals or, Her Downward Steps
Box 1 Folder 8
In the Hypnotist's Power
Box 1 Folder 9
In the Hypnotist's Power - Typescript
Box 1 Folder 10
A Modern Heathen - Synopsis
Box 2 Folder 1
Old Pierre's Legacy, or Tony, A Tale of the Louisiana
Box 2 Folder 2
The Search for the Missing Heirs, or A Plot For A Fortune
Box 2 Folder 3
The Second Mrs. Darrington, pp. 34-221
Box 2 Folder 4
The Second Mrs. Darrington, pp. 222-413
Box 2 Folder 5
The Second Mrs. Darrington, pp. 414-596

Black, Ida

Box 2 Folder 6
Arline's Quest, or The Schoolmaster's Sweetheart
Box 2 Folder 7
The Cost of Her Vow, or The Curse of Cain - Tearsheets
Box 2 Folder 8
The Death-Bed Marriage, or The Missing Bridegroom
Box 2 Folder 9
A Fateful Wedding Eve, or The Pirate's Daughter
Box 3 Folder 1
Her Father's Crime, or A Daughter's Sacrifice
Box 3 Folder 2
Her Father's Crime, or A Daughter's Sacrifice - Typescript
Box 3 Folder 3
In Anther's Name, or Love Triumph
Box 3 Folder 4
In Anther's Name, or Love Triumph - Typescript carbon
Box 3 Folder 5
The Miser's Daughter, or The Stolen Jewel - Typescript
Box 3 Folder 6
Peg, the Waif's Fortunes, or From Darkness into Light
Box 3 Folder 7
Peg, the Waif's Fortunes, or From Darkness into Light - Typescript
Box 3 Folder 8
Pledged at Birth - Incomplete (3 copies)
Box 3 Folder 9
Under a Curse, or The Gipsy's Warning
Box 3 Folder 10
Under a Curse, or The Gipsy's Warning - Typescript
Box 3 Folder 11
Unjustly Condemned, or The Price of a Life
Box 4 Folder 1
Unjustly Condemned, or The Price of a Life - Typescript

Braddon, Eric

Box 4 Folder 2
[Daisy Darling]. True to Her Love (incomplete)
Box 4 Folder 3
Wove on Fates Loom, or Madge Wilde's Fortune (incomplete)

Brame, Charlotte Mary

Box 4 Folder 4
Above Suspicion
Box 4 Folder 5
Bonnie Doon - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 6
Christmas Eve at Thornley Hall - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 7
Clifden Hall-- A New Year's Story
Box 4 Folder 8
Clifden Hall-- A New Year's Story - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 9
The Cost of a Kiss
Box 4 Folder 10
Doris Lynne's Trial
Box 4 Folder 11
A Fatal Infatuation
Box 4 Folder 12
The Fatal Night
Box 4 Folder 13
The Fatal Night - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 14
A Fatal Temptation - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 15
Ferndale Manor-- A Christmas Story
Box 4 Folder 16
Ferndale Manor-- A Christmas Story - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 17
The Fifth Concert of the Season
Box 4 Folder 18
The Fifth Concert of the Season - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 19
First Violets
Box 4 Folder 20
First Violets - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 21
For Ever True
Box 4 Folder 22
For Ever True - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 23
Freshman's Choice
Box 4 Folder 24
Brame, Charlotte Mary. (?) The Gloved Hand
Box 4 Folder 25
The Heir of Lynde
Box 4 Folder 26
A Hidden Treasure
Box 4 Folder 27
A Hidden Treasure - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 28
Brame, Charlotte Mary (?). How Mrs. Darrell Shot a Tiger
Box 4 Folder 29
In Another's Place, or Bella's Pretence - Tearsheets
Box 4 Folder 30
John Hilton's Secret
Box 4 Folder 31
John Hilton's Secret - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 1
Just in Time
Box 5 Folder 2
Kate Charson's Lovers
Box 5 Folder 3
Lady Lorton
Box 5 Folder 4
Lady Lorton - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 5
Lady Magdalene's Disappearance, or A Face With A Shadow
Box 5 Folder 6
A Lost Love
Box 5 Folder 7
A Lost Valentine
Box 5 Folder 8
A Lost Valentine - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 9
Love's Probation
Box 5 Folder 10
Mabel Grey - Tearsheet
Box 5 Folder 11
A Man's Mad Folly, or Christmas Eve at Thornley Hall
Box 5 Folder 12
A Man's Peril
Box 5 Folder 13
Married For Love
Box 5 Folder 14
The Midshipman's Story
Box 5 Folder 15
My Brother's Love - Tearsheet
Box 5 Folder 16
My Companion
Box 5 Folder 17
My Companion - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 18
My First Love - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 19
My Ward - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 20
My Wrong, or The Fatal Mere
Box 5 Folder 21
The Mystery of Colde Fell - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 22
New Year's Eve - Tearsheets
Box 5 Folder 23
A Night of Horror
Box 5 Folder 24
Purified By Suffering, or A Girl's Mad Marriage
Box 5 Folder 25
The Rejected Picture
Box 5 Folder 26
The Stepmother
Box 5 Folder 27
The Step-Mother - Tearsheets
Box 6 Folder 1
A Terrible Christmas Eve
Box 6 Folder 2
A Terrible Christmas Eve - Tearsheets
Box 6 Folder 3
That Beautiful Lady - Tearsheets
Box 6 Folder 4
Through the Flames
Box 6 Folder 5
Tried and True
Box 6 Folder 6
Tried and True - Tearsheet
Box 6 Folder 7
Two Wooings, or In Golden Fetters
Box 6 Folder 8
Under a Siren's Spell, or Under False Colors, ch. 1-7
Box 6 Folder 9
Under a Siren's Spell, or Under False Colors, ch. 8-15
Box 6 Folder 10
Who Did It?
Box 6 Folder 11
The Wickedest Woman in London, or My First Love
Box 6 Folder 12
The Wickedest Woman in london, or My First Love - Tearsheets
Box 6 Folder 13
The Widow Bewitched, or Outwitted
Box 6 Folder 14
The Widow Bewitched - Tearsheet
Box 6 Folder 15
[pseud. Clay, Bertha]. A Woman's Mystery, or Wages of Sin
Box 6 Folder 16
Brown, Abbie Farwell. The Drop of Water and the Grain of Sand (poem)

Collins, E. Burke

Box 6 Folder 17
A Faithful Heart, pp. 1-133
Box 6 Folder 18
A Faithful Heart, pp. 134-282
Box 6 Folder 19
A Faithful Heart, pp. 283-433
Box 7 Folder 1
A Fallen Angel, pp. 1-234
Box 7 Folder 2
A Fallen Angel, pp. 235-458
Box 7 Folder 3
A Golden Mystery - Typescript
Box 7 Folder 4
Collins, Mrs. E. Burke [pseudonym]. The Opal Ring
Box 7 Folder 5
The Pity of It - Typescript
Box 7 Folder 6
Reine's Confession, or The Fatal Challenge - Incomplete tearsheets
Box 7 Folder 7
The Stolen Heiress, or The Cost of a Kiss
Box 7 Folder 8
Through a Woman's Treachery - Incomplete typescript
Box 7 Folder 9
A Tradition of Italy - Typescript
Box 7 Folder 10
Field, Eugene. Original publications in The Denver Tribune, 1880s
Box 7 Folder 11
Fleming, May Agnes. Who Wins A Fortune, or A Bitter Deception

Garvice, (Garvill) Charles

Box 7 Folder 12
Olive, pp. 306-550
Box 7 Folder 13
A Paper Bag
Box 7 Folder 14
Gerald, Florence. Fortune's Wheel - Typescript
Box 8 Folder 1
Gladden, Washington. The Story of Nearnuff Wright

Hayden, Hattie

Box 8 Folder 2
The Little Snowflake, pp. 1-167
Box 8 Folder 3
The Little Snowflake, pp. 168-344
Box 8 Folder 4
The Little Snowflake, pp. 345-527

Hemyng, Bracebridge

Box 8 Folder 5
The Family Diamonds, chp. 1-9
Box 8 Folder 6
The Family Diamonds, chp. 10-18
Box 8 Folder 7
The Family Diamonds, chp. 19-26
Box 9 Folder 1
Holmes, Mary Jane. A Stolen Proposal
Box 9 Folder 2
Homes, Mary J. Tom and I - Tearsheets
Box 9 Folder 3
Hume, Fergus. The Death Trap - Tearsheets
Box 9 Folder 4
M.M.E. An Oriental Escapade - Includes tearsheets
Box 9 Folder 5
Meret, Estelle. Jack

Pierce, Etta W

Box 9 Folder 6
The Master of Holme Manor - Tearsheet
Box 9 Folder 7
One Night
Box 9 Folder 8
Pierce, Etta (?). Prince Otto
Box 9 Folder 9
Box 9 Folder 10
A Terrible Mistake
Box 9 Folder 11
Reed, Mary [Brame?]. A Modern Coldne

Shelley, Howard

Box 9 Folder 12
Robbed of a Fortune, or The Dalmuth Case
Box 9 Folder 13
Robbed of a Fortune, or The Dalmuth Case - Typescript
Box 9 Folder 14
A Tragedy of Venice
Box 9 Folder 15
Steel, Willis. Anna Karenina
Box 9 Folder 16
Williams, John B. An Exciting Story of the Mysteries of India - Typescript

Wister, Owen

Box 9 Folder 17
A Week Away from Time, prologue - p. 143
Box 9 Folder 18
A Week Away from Time, pp. 144-268
Box 9 Folder 19
Wood, Mrs. Henry. Lady Isabel's Daughter - Tearsheets
Box 9 Folder 20
Yma. George Grantley's First Valentine


Box 10 Folder 1
A Clean Breast of It - Typescript, incomplete
Box 10 Folder 2
[Pierce, Etta? Brame?] Hobgoblin Hall
Box 10 Folder 3
Ladies at the Limes (incomplete)
Box 10 Folder 4
A Posthumous Vengeance, pp. 1-133
Box 10 Folder 5
A Posthumous Vengeance, pp. 134-287
Box 10 Folder 6
A Posthumous Vengeance, pp. 288-445
Box 10 Folder 7
Reginald Lester's Choice - Incomplete tearsheets
Box 10 Folder 8
Box 10 Folder 9
Untitled - Typescript
Box 10 Folder 10
Untitled (incomplete)
Box 10 Folder 11
Manuscript and typescript loose, unidentified pages
Box 10 Folder 12
Downes, William H. Drafts of articles for Dictionary of American Biography


Scope and Content of Series

Series 2) COLLECTED LETTERS: Letters dating from the late nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century. They are organized alphabetically by correspondent, except in the case of Capt. J.G.B. Adams, who was the addressee of a number of letters.

Box 11 Folder 1
Adam, Capt. J.G.B. 1888-1893 (letters to)
Box 11 Folder 2
Blackwell, T. Mayo. 1899
Box 11 Folder 3
Bouton, John. 1859
Box 11 Folder 4
Brooks, Phillips. 1876
Box 11 Folder 5
Dewey, John. 1932
Box 11 Folder 6
Dorr, Julia Caroline. 1886-1890
Box 11 Folder 7
Foote, Mary Hallock
Box 11 Folder 8
Harmutt, B. 1871
Box 11 Folder 9
Hurd, Harry Elmore. 1929-1955
Box 11 Folder 10
Hyer, Francis E. 1867
Box 11 Folder 11
Meriam, Eben. 1861-1863
Box 11 Folder 12
Sedgewick, Catherine Maria
Box 11 Folder 13
Whipple, Edwin Perry. 1841 & 1853
Box 11 Folder 14
Autographed letters
Box 11 Folder 15
Miscellaneous papers


Scope and Content of Series

Series 3) MISCELLANEOUS: Various materials found interspersed in the collection which do not appear related to items in the primary series. Included are missionary pamphlets dating from the mid-1800s, and a December 1941 typescript newsletter from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Kodiak, Alaska.

Box 11 Folder 16
U.S. Naval Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska. Morning Press, December 8, 1941
Box 11 Folder 17
Missionary materials
Box 11 Folder 18


Scope and Content of Series

Series 4) AMOS R. WELLS PAPERS: Wells was an American journalist who published a children's periodical titled The Golden Rule, as well as a general periodical titled Christian Endeavor. He maintained correspondence with many prominent figures in the temperance and women's suffrage movements, along with various writers who contributed to the magazines. The first subseries (4A, Manuscripts) contains manuscripts of William H. Hamby, a San Diego-based writer. The manuscripts are organized alphabetically by title. The second subseries (4B, Correspondence) contains Wells' correspondence. This subseries is organized chronologically, with names of each year's correspondents listed and arranged alphabetically. Two folders contain correspondence by single correspondents, with the letters arranged chronologically.


Hamby, William H

Box 11 Folder 19
The Fiery Wheel - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 20
Gunshot the Longshot - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 21
Misplace Red Lanterns - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 22
The Night Wind - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 23
Red Ghosts, and The Squaw Pearl - Bound
Box 11 Folder 24
A Run For My Money - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 25
Strange Freaks of Luck - Series. Typescript
Box 11 Folder 26
This Side the Milky Way - Typescript
Box 11 Folder 27
Unaccounted For - Typescript


Box 11 Folder 28
Alden, Isabella M. [pseud. Pansy], children's author - Correspondence to Wells, 1892 - 1914
Box 11 Folder 29
Hamby, William H. - Correspondence with Wells, 1911 - 1915

Includes biographical sketch of Hamby [by Wells?]

Box 11 Folder 30
1891 - Federick Lynch, Margaret J. Preston
Box 11 Folder 31

Willis B. Allen, Will Carleton, Francis E. Clark, John P. Gavit, William Elliot Griffis, Curtis Guild, James Halken, H.C. King, Sucy Larcom, Marion Lawrence, J.W. Lee, Eleanor Lewis, Mary A. Livermore, Grace Livingston, H.C. Lodgr, H.M. Lothrop, Horace Lunt, William Mathews, S.T. Pickard, S.W. Pratt, Edward A. Rand, Charles S. Robinson, Theo F. Seward, Isabel Somerset, D.A. Targent, John P. Trowbridge, John Wilson

Box 11 Folder 32

Willis B. Allen, James Halken, Wayland Hugh, Sucy Larcom, Marion Lawrence, D.L. Leonard, Mary A. Livermore, H.M. Lothrop, Horace Lunt, B. Fay Mills, D.L. Moody, Charles Parkhurst, Edward A. Rand, Gilbert Reil, Charles M. Sheldon

Box 11 Folder 33

Charles F. Adams, William Elliot Griffis, Wayland Hugh, James W. Lee, Mary & Margaret W. Leitch, Geo. T. Lemmon, D.L. Leonard, Mary J. Lincoln, Mary A. Livermore, Grace Livingston (Hill), A. Lorimer, H.M. Lothrop ("Margaret Sidney"), D.L. Moody, Elijah A. Morse, A.F. Pierson, Edward A. Rand, Albert Shaw, Frances C. Sparhawk, Sophie Swett, H.W. Warren

Box 12 Folder 1

Charles F. Adams, Willis B. Allen, Geo. T. Angell, Edward Atkinson, O.C. Auringer, Louis Albert Banks, David B. Hill, Wayland Hugh, Mary E. Ireland, I.J. Lansing, Mary & Margaret W. Leitch, Geo T. Lemmon, Carrie B. Leonard, Mary A. Livermore, Grace Livingston, Evelyn D. London, Geo. C. Lorimer, William Mathews, Helen C. Pitman, Frances C. Sparhawk, J.P. Trowbridge, Ken B. Tuppen, Frances E. Willard, A. E. Winship, A.F. Winslow

Box 12 Folder 2

E. A., Willis B. Allen, Louis Albert Banks, John Henry Barrens, G.D. Coleman, William Elliot Griffis, Jas. Lewis Howe, Wayland Hugh, Walter R. Lambuth, I.J. Lansing, Gustaf Larsson, Mary A. Lathbury, William Laurence, Mary & Margaret W. Leitch, Joshua Levering, Daniel Albright Long, Geo. C. Lorimer, B. Fay Mills, Francis Murphy, Thomas E. Murphy, Josiah Strong.

Box 12 Folder 3

Frank Lee Farnell, J.W. Fry, Sam Walter Foss, Wayland Hugh, A.H. Lewis, T.H. Lewis, Mary A. Livermore, Geo. C. Lorimer, Harriet M. Lothrop, W.D. Lyman.

Box 12 Folder 4

Willis B. Allen, William Elliot Griffis, Wayland Hugh, Mary A. Lathbury, Mary Clement Leavitt, Benj. F. Leggett, Margaret W. Leitch, Marcia M. Livingston, A.J. Lyman, Ernest Neal Lyon, Hattie Lummis, Frederick Lynch, Carlos Martyn, Henry Nedden, Mother Stewart.

Box 12 Folder 5

Lewis N. Finney, Mary A. Lathbury, Albert E. Lawrence, Mary Clement Leavitt, Margaret W. Leitch, Benj. F. Leggett, Geo. T. Lemmon, J. Bunyan Lemon, D.L. Leonard, Martha Lippincott, H.C. Lodge, Frederick Lynch, Ernest N. Lyon, Hattie Lummis, Ira D. Sanky, Carl Schurz, Harriett Knight Smith, W.O. Stoddard.

Box 12 Folder 6
1900 - Ira D. Sanky
Box 12 Folder 7
1901 - Winston Churchill
Box 12 Folder 8

Sarah Adams, Charles Stuart Pratt, J.G. Schurman, John A. Sleicher, Chas Emory Smith.

Box 12 Folder 9

Sarah K. Bolton, A. Coll, Alice May Douglas, Jeb C. Fomner, Henry C. King, Frederic Lawrence Knowles, Geo C. Lorimer, Ernest Neal Lyon, Jeanette A. Marks, William Mathews, New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, Joan Panin, J.B. Sanborn, N.S. Shaler.

Box 12 Folder 10
1904 - Jacob A. Riis, Kate Sanborn, W.O. Stoddard
Box 12 Folder 11

Daneil March, Shailer Mathews, S.S. McClure, F.L. Oswald, Joan Panin, Charles Parkhurst, Mary Saffney, R.H. Stearns.

Box 12 Folder 12

John H. Mickey, E.H. Miller, W.J. Northen, Fleming H. Revell, Charles F. Richardson, Edward Stratemeyer, Susan H. Swelt, E.W. Watson, A.E. Winship.

Box 12 Folder 13

Harriet G. Mathews, Alexander McKenzie, Edwin P. Mead, J.R. Miller, James Morgan, W.J. Northen, Sophie Swett.

Box 12 Folder 14

Oscar Fay Adams, Willis B. Allen, John Kendrick Bangs, Charles Parkhurst, H. Putnam, James Riley, F.B. Sanborn, Sophie Swett.

Box 12 Folder 15

O.F. Adams, Willis B. Allen, William Elliot Griffis, Anne Jarvis, Rich O'Brien, W.M. Page, Charles Parkhurst, Kate Sanborn, Charles F. Scott, John Spargo, Sophie Swett.

Box 12 Folder 16

Willis B. Allen, Carles D. Norton, William E. Griffis, Mary T. Higginson, T.W. Higginson, Wayland Hugh, Belmont von Mack, Massachusetts Governor, Morris Sheppard, Sophie Swett.

Box 12 Folder 17

Keene Abbott, O.F. Adams, Willis B. Allen, Keelen A. Clarke, Armie Hamilton Donnell, Geo. F Edmund, S.D. Fess, Jacob H. Gallinger, Robert Hall, J. Hanly, P.S. Henson, C.E. Henson, Mrs. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Charles D. Hilles, Geo. Huntington, Anna Jarvis, John D. Long, R.L. O'Brien, Walter L. Sawyer.

Box 12 Folder 18

O.F. Adams, Katharine Lee Bates, Charles S. Blauchard, Sarah J. Brigham, G.W. Brigham, Robert J. Burdette, M. Howard Donne, Annie Hamilton Donnell, Mabel Earle, S.D. Fess, Horace Fletcher, Bradley Gilman, Robert Grant, W. Griffis, Curtis Guild, Washington Hadden, Frederick Hall, J. Frank Hanly, O. Hanford Henderson, P.S. Henson, Dudley M. Holman, Charles D. Hubbard, Anna Jarvis, Simeon W. King, John D. Long, Seth Low, Robert Luce, Jeannette Marks, S. Mathews, William Dana Orcutt, Charles F. Richardson, George Roosevelt, Albert Shaw, Harriet P. Spoftord, J.R. Sullivan, John Wanamaker, Booker T. Washington, White House Secretary to the President, A.E. Winship, William Copley Winslow.

Box 12 Folder 19

William Elliot Griffis, Louise M. Hodgkind, Estelle M. Hurll, Jeanette Marks, William Dana Orcutt, Gifford Pinchot, Clinton Scollard, Edward A. Steiner, Geo. B. Stewart.

Box 12 Folder 20

Willis B. Allen, C.F. Dole, Mabel Earle, Eugene and Edith Earle, S.D. Fess, Bradley Gillman, Dora Read Goodale, Mary A. Graban, William D. Hyde, William R. Kane, Jeanette Marks, Caroline Mason, Lucia A. Mead, William Dana Orcutt, Ernest W. Roberts, Walter L. Sawyer, Edward S., Nancy Byrd Turner.

Box 12 Folder 21
1915 - Richard Aldington
Box 12 Folder 22
1916 - Louis Pendleton
Box 12 Folder 23
1920 - Vice President Marshall. Includes typescript of address to Indiana State Democratic Convention
Box 12 Folder 24
Undated, addressed to Wells

Julia Addison, Clara E. Atwood, H. Butterworth, Helen A. Clarke, Thomas Curtis Clark, Charles D. Hubbard, Mary A. Lathbury, Harriet M. Lothrop, Horace Lunt, Ernest Neal Lyon, Caroline A Mason, John B. Master, Emily Huntington Miller, Kate Sanborn, S.H. Swett, Helen M. Winslow.

Box 12 Folder 25
Undated, miscellaneous addressees

Harry Belt, C. Clay, M.G. Lodge, Andrew Long, A. Lawrence Lowell, Kate Sanborn.

Box 12 Folder 26
Miscellaneous addressees, 1815-1942

I.M. Mason, Geoge Bancroft, Lord Lytton, F.B. Sanborn, Louise Chandler Moulton, Henry J. Liggins, Lewis S.B. Jefferds, Katherine Lee Bates, James M. Curley.

Box 12 Folder 27


Scope and Content of Series

Series 5) ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES: Fragile documents which were removed from their original position for preservation purposes. Acid-free photocopies of the materials have been substituted for these items, and should be used by researchers unless they have a real need to view the originals. These documents are arranged in a single folder, following the order in which they appear in the collection.

Box 12 Folder 28
Original material