Ventana Bay and Cerralvo Isle. 1957.

Bahía de Los Muertos. 1957. "This port, consisting of an old ruined pier and a few shacks, was developed by the Boleo Company in 1924 as a shipping point for the silver ore from El Triunfo.

San Antonio. 1957. "An old silver mining town, for a short period the capital of Baja California, San Antonio is now a pleasant, sleepy little village of merchants and cattle ranchers."

Near San Bartolo. 1951

Buena Vista. 1957. "A fishing resort."

Santiago. 1957. "One of the most attractive towns of the peninsula, Santiago is divided into two sections, on hills a half mile apart on the west side of a broad, sandy arroyo."

Miraflores. 1957. "A farming, stock-raising village, locally famous for the fine leather work turned out in several shops. Saddles, belts, shoes and huaraches, gun holsters, and other articles are made to order at prices considerably lower than in La Paz. Most of the saddles and cueras (leather armor) used by the cowboys of Baja California come from Miraflores."

Caduaño. 1957. "An attractive little farming town on the left bank of Arroyo San Pablo, just off the road to the left... Caduaño was developed as a mission garden by the Domincans, and was the final site of Santiago mission, from about 1790 to 1795."