La Paz. 1964.

La Paz Harbor. 1964.

La Paz, dune buggies. 1964.

La Paz, airport. 1964

Punta Coyote, northeast of La Paz, 1964.

Isla la Partida, Gulf of California. 1964.

Coromuel Beach, La Paz. 1957

President's house, La Paz. 1957

Pichilingue Bay, 1964. "There is good reason to believe that Pichilingue Bay was the site of Hernán Cortés' colony of Santa Cruz, the first Spanish settlement in California, which lasted from 1535 to 1536...The name Pichilingue was given to the bay after the visit of some French buccaneers ("Pichilingue" is a corruption of Vlissingen, or Flushing, in Holland, the home port of Dutch freebooters; the term came to be applied to buccaneers of any nationality).

La Ventana. 1951.