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UC San Diego Library Deposit Terms of Agreement

By clicking “I accept,” you, the depositor of the collection, agree and accept the terms set forth in this Deposit Agreement and grant the Regents of the University of California, on behalf of its San Diego campus, (“UC San Diego”) the rights set forth herein.

You grant UC San Diego the irrevocable right to:

  • store your submission;
  • keep more than one copy for purposes of back-up and long term preservation;
  • reformat, delete or remove access to any or all of your submission after a reassessment at a future date; and
  • reproduce, display, and distribute your submission, in whole or in part, to the UC San Diego community and/or general public barring any embargo instructions

You agree that UC San Diego holds no responsibility for the contents of your submission. You represent and warrant that, to the best of your knowledge:

  • you have the authority to authorize the above uses for your submission;
  • your submission does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright;
  • your submission does not contain libelous or other unlawful matter;
  • your submission does not invade the privacy, publicity, or other rights, including HIPAA or FERPA, of any other person and you have used appropriate and sufficient methods to protect the identity of individuals when small cells or small numbers and/or data linkage to another data set are involved in the research project;
  • your submission does not violate any agreement or violate the law;
  • your submission does not contain any personally identifiable information or other high risk data, including Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers or bank account information;
  • To the extent your submission involves the use of human subjects, you have ensured that the submission is in accordance with an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocol and follows all UC San Diego IRB requirements

UC San Diego cannot control the behavior of users of the Digital Collections and has no obligation to monitor use of content made available through the Digital Collections. In no event shall the University be liable for any actual, incidental or consequential damages arising from use of the content. See UC San Diego Library's Notice & Takedown Policy for information on takedown requests.

You represent that, if your submission contains material for which you or the Regents of the University of California do not hold copyright and that exceeds fair use, you have obtained the permission of the copyright owner to grant UC San Diego the rights granted in this Agreement and that any third party material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.

If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than UC San Diego or is subject to a publication agreement, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review, confidentiality or other obligations required by that sponsorship, grant or publication agreement. Note that scholarly publications should be deposited into eScholarship and may not be deposited into the Digital Collections.

In order to meet the UC San Diego Guidelines on Access and Management of Research Data, and to support the use of data for scholarship, the Library will make every effort to ensure that the data housed in the Digital Collections is made accessible for at least 6 years following deposit. If you have special access restrictions, please contact us so that we can make efforts to honor them.

If you have any questions, or if you become aware of any errors in your submission, please contact the Research Data Curation Program at Takedown requests are handled in accordance with UC San Diego Library’s Notice & Takedown Policy.

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