Undergraduate Library Research Prize Submission Period Now Open

Win $1,000 for a school project completed using Library resources and services

2023 ULRP winners Anne Parnell and Sky Li standing with the Library's Erik Mitchell and Dani Cook

We are delighted to announce the submission period for the 2024 Undergraduate Library Research Prize (ULRP) contest is now open for students who have presented a research project under faculty mentorship over the past 12 months. 

The ULRP allows us to reward and recognize students who demonstrate a strategic and effective use of the Library as a resource in direct support of research undertaken on campus. The contest is co-sponsored by the UC San Diego Library, UC San Diego Alumni and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.


Undergraduate students can submit for the ULRP for work completed for credit-bearing courses and work presented at research-focused events. Judges will review creative works, empirical research and interpretive analysis, which shows sophisticated use and understanding of Library resources.

  • Creative Works include but are not limited to, art installations or exhibits, software programs, websites, digital stories, zines, musical compositions, films or videos, digital projects, special projects and more.
  • Empirical Research includes but is not limited to, research conducted with qualitative or quantitative methodologies, presented in formats such as research articles, poster presentations, essays and more.
  • Interpretive Analysis includes, but is not limited to cultural criticism, literary criticism, film analysis, historiographies, social criticism and more.


Students must submit their documentation and receive a faculty nomination by Sunday, April 28.

Cash Prizes

The ULRP contest consists of five $1,000 cash prizes in each of the following categories:

  • Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • Best project highlighting resources from the Data and GIS Lab
  • Best project highlighting resources from Special Collections & Archives 

Please review the submission guidelines on the ULRP submission page. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Chu, ULRP Coordinator, at tschu@ucsd.edu