UC San Diego Community Alert Bulletin: Safety Training on Campus

Photo of police lights atop a police car.

This weekend, Saturday, June 24, UC San Diego is planning a large-scale on-campus active shooter response training and drill for our campus police and officers throughout the University of California. It will be in the area of the Thurgood Marshall College Lower Apartments and will include some traffic impacts on Hopkins Drive in the afternoon.

The active shooter training will include simulations involving door breaching, use of blanks in firearms and vehicles deploying sirens and lights on Hopkins Drive. It is the later part of the day-long training, after 1:30 p.m., where the community can expect the simulations that are part of the exercise and disruption of traffic flow on Hopkins Drive. If possible, please avoid this area during the scheduled training. See map.

The training was scheduled after commencement and before the start of summer session, when there is a break in classes and there are fewer students, faculty and staff on campus, and takes advantage of a site that has been cleared and fenced off in preparation for construction.

UC San Diego works to improve campus safety through multiple initiatives including technology and training. Active shooter response training takes place, at minimum, annually for the UC San Diego Police Department.

Learn more about this upcoming training here.