Two New Projects Activate More Online Books

The Library is participating in two new projects that bring more than 100,000 scholarly e-books to our users:

A deal with major European publisher Brill features some 27,000 titles spanning humanities, social sciences, international law and biology, with new titles added to the active pool through April 30, 2024. Our Brill corpus features recent and older releases in English and German. Chapter and full book downloads are available on

The other online initiative offers some 85,000 online books from multiple North American university presses (including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Chicago, NYU, Stanford, Toronto) plus the major European press De Gruyter. The project runs through August 31, 2023. Chapter and full book downloads are available on

The Brill family and the De Gruyter platform titles are already appearing on UC Library Search. We hope these new resources prove to be useful in your academic endeavors!