Survival and Death: What Made you Know the Nazis Would Kill you? – with Peter Gourevitch

20140212_hlhwIn this talk Peter Gourevitch explores the dynamics of “lessons to be learned” from the Holocaust. Drawing on the experience of a grandmother who fled and survived in the United States, and an uncle who stayed and died in Auschwitz, he discusses information that made some perceive the danger and others to ignore it. What factors made his grandmother sense the danger, and her brother  neglect it?
peter.gourevitchA political scientist and professor emeritus at UC San Diego, Gourevitch emphasizes the role political activism played in alerting some individuals to the impending threat from the destruction of democracy.
Sponsored by Charlie Robins
When: Wednesday March 12, 2014, 5 pm
Where: UC San Diego, Geisel Library, Seuss room
Who: everyone welcome – refreshments provided

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