UC San Diego Library Celebrates International Open Access Week 2020

The UC San Diego Library is celebrating the 10th Annual International Open Access Week (October 19–25, 2020) with two webinars that address this year’s theme, “Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity & Inclusion.” Join us as we explore how to move from conversations to commitments to address structural racism, discrimination, & exclusion in open scholarship.

“Predatory” Publishing: Addressing Bias and Avoiding Pitfalls

October 20, 2020 | 12–1 pm PT

“Predatory” publishing, especially in the health sciences, is a growing concern and avoiding it is crucial to a researcher’s career. It is important, though, not to oversimplify what constitutes predatory practices. While using tools like “blocked” or “approved” lists helps researchers avoid predatory publishers, these lists can reinforce power dynamics that exclude marginalized, non-western viewpoints. Come to this session to learn how to balance publishing in high quality journals while staying aware of the biases in scholarly publishing.

Speakers include:

  • Allegra Swift, UC San Diego, Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • Anneliese Taylor, UCSF, Head of Scholarly Communication
  • Karen Heskett, UC San Diego, Subject Specialist for Medicine & Instruction Librarian
  • Mitchell Brown, UC Irvine, Scholarly Communications Coordinator
  • Natalie Tagge, Temple University, Head Librarian, Podiatry Library

Registration is open and required.

Integrating Open and Affordable Materials into Your Online Course

October 22, 2020 | 12–1:30 pm PT

While many of the benefits of using openly licensed materials remain constant, their importance is amplified as students are facing decreased bandwidth and access, and increased financial obstacles due to the pandemic. Register for this free online session as we explore strategies for ensuring your students can access and engage with the resources you need to support your instruction.

This open access webinar for instructors will be presented by UC San Diego Librarians Allegra Swift, Laura Schwartz, and Dominique Turnbow

Registration is open and required.