Finding Drug Information


Check out our electronic resources for drug information, including Clinical Pharmacology and Micromedex. Both databases have mobile apps available for easy access. Many more full text handbooks are detailed, with links, in the Drug Information libguide.

If you need professional electronic resources for drug information, the UC San Diego Library subscribes to many full text drug handbooks. You can find descriptions and links to these resources in the Drug Information libguide, including:

Clinical Pharmacology

(mobile app available) has comprehensive coverage of marketed US drugs and some investigational agents. It is recognized by the federal government as a source for off-label drug uses.


(mobile app available) is a collection of databases, including Drugdex and Martindale, which is a European drug database included in the Micromedex package.


Drug Information is now available with a new interactive online version of this classic drug compendium. You will need to create a free personal account the first time you access the database. Print editions are also available at the Biomedical Library Building.

Handbook on Injectable Drugs

(Trissel’s), also available with the new interactive online version, is designed for use as a professional reference and guide to the literature on the clinical pharmaceutics of parenteral medications.

Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs

Contains extensive, well-referenced monographs on adverse reactions reported on drugs and drug classes.

Dynamed Plus & UpToDate

These clinical decision tools offer robust mobile apps for on or offline access, and contain drug information including dosing and contraindications.