Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II with Anna Shternshis and Psoy Korolenko

Jan 21, 2021
5:00 PM–6:00 PM

At the height of World War II, a team of Soviet scholars embarked on an ambitious goal to collect recently written songs dealing with the Holocaust. Lost until the early 1990s, these songs were rediscovered and recorded with an ensemble of recognized soloists. Thanks to the painstaking labor of Anna Shternshis and the talent of Psoy Korolenko, audiences worldwide can now enjoy and reflect upon this treasure trove of songs that offer a precious glimpse into an unfolding tragedy and the artistic reaction to it.

Shternshis is the Al and Malka Green Professor of Yiddish and Diaspora Studies at the University of Toronto and the author of “When Sonia Met Boris: An Oral History of Jewish Life under Stalin.” Psoy Korolenko is a prominent songwriter and singer and a philologist and critic who holds a Ph.D. in Russian literature. In 2018, their joint project “Yiddish Glory” was nominated for a Grammy.

The Lou Dunst Memorial Lecture

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