“The Labyrinth: The Testimony of Marian Kolodziej” Film Screening and Discussion with Ron Schmidt and Michael Berenbaum

May 4, 2022
5:00 PM–6:15 PM

Memory, art and hell collide as an Auschwitz survivor finally confronts the horrors of his past after 50 years of silence. Marian Kolodziej, a Polish Catholic, was on one of the first transports to enter Auschwitz. He survived five years of imprisonment and never spoke of his experience until after a serious stroke in 1993. He began rehabilitation by doing pen-and-ink drawings depicting his terrifying experience. His drawings and art installations, which he called “The Labyrinth,” fill the large basement of a church near Auschwitz. Through the blending of his testimony and graphic drawings, this documentary explores the memories and nightmares that were buried for years. The post-film screening discussion features producer Father Ron Schmidt, a Jesuit priest and award-winning documentary filmmaker, and renowned Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum.

Registration is required.

Sponsor: Nancy and Joel Dimsdale

Yekta Mohammady