“The Dandelions Call to Me”: The Living History of Terezin with Jacqueline Gmach, Cheryl Rattner, Steven Schindler, Yale Strom, et al.

Jan 22, 2020
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Terezin was unique among Nazi ghettos and camps. Intended as a showcase of German benevolence, the Czech garrison town boasted a profusion of cultural activities encompassing music, visual arts, and poetry. At this special event involving members of the community, we celebrate the remarkable legacy of Terezin with music, art, and poetry. In the spirit of We are THE TREE OF LIFE, Jacqueline Gmach’s forthcoming tribute to the writers and artists of Terezin, participants reflect on the regenerative power of art in the face of oppression and persecution. The main event is preceded by an introduction to the Butterfly Project, a San Diego-based initiative launched to commemorate every child lost in the Holocaust.

Sponsored By: Judi Gottschalk

Contact: Ellysa Lim, (858) 534-1183, e7lim@ucsd.edu