Still Shaping A Library | Exhibit

Jan 9, 2023–Mar 24, 2023
All Day

Still Shaping A Library — curated by Lynda Claassen, director of Special Collections & Archives — is a Part II exhibition following Fall 2022’s Shaping A Library. Located in the new gallery at Geisel Library, the exhibition reflects on the growth and development of the collections within the concrete and glass “container.” The items on display showcase the intellectual treasures and informational tools that students and scholars use daily in their pursuit of knowledge.

While there is a chronological end to the completion of the physical building, the “contents” within are constantly evolving with the addition of new materials. The development of those collections is an ongoing business carried out by a cohort of librarians who continue to match campus instructional and research needs with materials.

As a university, UC San Diego is relatively young. For an institution of only some 60 years of age, it has built extra-ordinary collections, some of which have become the “library of record” for various scholarly areas. Still Shaping A Library pays homage to the many faculty, friends and donors who have helped, and continue to help, construct and curate this content.

Still Shaping A Library will be on display at Geisel Library beginning January 9 through March 24, 2023, and available online in June 2023.

Lynda Claassen