Spring 2024 De-Stress with Pups, Part II

Jun 5, 2024
2:30 PM–4:00 PM

De-Stress with Pups is back this quarter! Therapy animals and their handlers will visit the Library to interact with students. Whether you need a breather between study sessions or a moment of respite from a challenging assignment, certified therapy dogs will be ready to provide a soothing break from your studies.

Join us in Classroom 1 (across from the Geisel Library Service Hub) anytime during the event to relax and de-stress with the dogs. No registration is needed, and masking is optional.

Therapy Fluffies, historically hosted by The Zone during finals week, inspired this event. For therapy dog events, The Library partners with volunteers from Love on Leash, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an avenue for volunteer pet therapy teams to engage in meaningful and productive animal assisted therapy. Contact Love on a Leash directly with inquiries about arranging your own pet therapy events.

Partners: Love on a Leash

Gen Thipatima