Library Exhibit Showcases Bees of San Diego County

Apr 8, 2019 - May 31, 2019
All Day

Explore the intricate world of bees through this collection of bee specimens from San Diego’s coast, desert and mountain areas. In addition, the exhibit features an amazing display of bee photographs taken under the microscope.

UC San Diego alumnus, James Hung ’17, collected more than 17,000 wild bees and donated some of the specimens to the Library in 2014 while pursuing his doctorate in Biology. Hung and his students carefully pinned and documented this diverse collection of bees which includes a variety of insects ranging from gnat-sized bugs with long snouts, gigantic black bees and iridescent bees with termite-like wings in wood-framed boxes.

Since donating his collection to the Library, Hung and his colleagues have updated the San Diego County bee inventory to 700 species making San Diego County a truly diverse hotspot for bees.

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