2024 National Poetry Month Exhibit at WongAvery Library

A photo of some of the items that will be on display for National Poetry Month at WongAvery Library.
Apr 1, 2024–Jun 30, 2024
All Day

April is National Poetry Month, and we are celebrating all quarter long!

In the breezeway at Sally T. WongAvery Library, we feature poems themed on science and medicine, highlighting both individual offerings and anthologies of poems from nurses, doctors, pharmacists, pharmacologists, scientists and lab personnel. Of note are new poems from young citizen-scientists that will be added to the exhibit throughout the month courtesy of Students With Dependents, a campus support group that offered to celebrate with us. Those families’ children, along with a science-loving set of children of Library staff, received extra poem-writing inspiration from an excellent collection of kids’ science books courtesy of the UC San Diego Bookstore (on display at this location as well).

An accompanying exhibit is on display at Geisel Library throughout the month of April. Here, we feature some of our favorite poetry books from our permanent circulating collection. Additional items will be on display as well, including novelty items to help you compose a quick poem as a study break activity, such as haiku dice, refrigerator-magnet sonnet kits and other surprising, muse-like, poetry-assisting tools.

A bonus offering in the breezeway exhibit is Scientific Periodic Table Poetry. Library staff have been using the coded letters from the Periodic Table to create biomedical musings and poetic laboratory battle-cries appropriate for National Poetry Month:

La B Co At S

F O Re V Er

Ba B Y !



Po W Er


M At Te R


Ge N I U S



Fe Ar

Be Y O U

Be K I Nd

B Re At He


Those who want to exhibit their own Periodic Table musings for National Poetry Month or have a citizen-scientist poet (of any age) who wants to display a new poem at WongAvery are welcome to email a verse to spaulson@ucsd.edu anytime throughout the month.

Scott Paulson