Congratulations to our 50th Anniversary Student E-Scavenger Hunt Contest Winners

Thank you to all of the students who participated in our 50th anniversary student e-scavenger hunt. The contest has come to a close and the three winners have been chosen. 


Congratulations to Dylan (John Muir College), Van (Sixth College) and Zongze (Seventh College)!


Here are the correct answers to the e-scavenger hunt questions:

50th Anniversary of Geisel Library 

  1. Who was the architect invited to design UC San Diego’s Central Library in 1965?
    1. William Pereira
  2. Which Stuart Collection piece was originally installed to the right of the Library’s entrance? The piece was moved in 1993 and now marks the beginning of Library Walk.
    1. Silent Tree by Terry Allen
  3. What is the hashtag that students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public can use to share their favorite and most lasting memories at Geisel Library on social media?
    1. #Geisel50
  4. What is the date and time of our 50th anniversary event, “A Conversation with Kevin Young”?
    1. February 24, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. 
  5. What year did UC San Diego break ground on the Central Library project?
    1. 1968

Digital Collections

  1. How many items are there in the “UC San Diego History Collection” of the Library’s Digital Collections?
    1. 43,335 digital objects
  2. Based on the “UC San Diego History Collection” of the Library’s Digital Collections, who photographed the first annual Watermelon Drop event in 1965?
    1. Robert Glasheen OR Charles H. Graves

Library Guides 

  1. Name the author of the Library’s Public Health LibGuide.
    1. Karen Heskett
  2. Name the subject librarian who authored the USP 166: History of San Diego LibGuide.
    1. Heather Smedberg

Subject Specialists/Librarians 

  1. If a student had a research question about Psychology, which UC San Diego subject librarian should they contact?
    1. Tamara Rhodes

Visiting the Library

  1. In Geisel Library, which floor is designated as a Silent Study Space, meaning absolute quiet is expected?
    1. 8th Floor
  2. According to our “Library by the Numbers” infographic, what is the average number of daily visitors at the Biomedical Library Building and Geisel Library, as of 7/1/2019?
    1. 7,655
  3. When will the Biomedical Library Building (BLB) re-open for quiet study, during designated hours, by appointment only?
    1. October 19, 2020

Remote Resources & Services

  1. Where can students obtain physical items from the Library using contactless curbside pickup?
    1. Osler Visitor Information Center
  2. Name one remote resource or service currently available through the Library during the COVID-19 closure.
    1. Any of the services listed on our COVID-19 Response page are acceptable

Course Reserves

  1. What is the title of the course reserve book for Professor Justin Opatkiewicz’s Fall 2020 CENG 120 class?
    1. Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB
  1. Who is the author of the course reserve e-book “New Queer Cinema: The Director’s Cut” for Professor Hoang Nguyen’s Fall 2020 LTWL 181 class?
    1. Rich, B. Ruby

News & Events

  1. What is the title of the article by Jasmine Roberts that was recommended in the Library’s “Anti-Racist Resources From Our Librarians” article?
    1. White Academia: Do Better
  2. Who was the special guest at the UC San Diego Department of Literature’s January 15, 2020 New Writing Series event?
    1. Mira Jacob

Getting Involved

  1. What is the name of the group of UC San Diego students working with the Library to suggest/discuss the best possible library spaces, services, and collections?
    1. Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC)