Cambridge Structural Database 2019 Now Available

The 2019 edition of Cambridge Structural Database System (CSDS) is now available for downloading at the UC distribution site. (What’s new in 2019) The Cambridge Structural Database is the largest database of validated crystal structures, with 970,000+ entries for organic and organometallic compounds. CSDS includes a suite of programs, including Conquest for searching CSD, and Mercury for visualization and 3D printing. If you just want to search CSD without downloading any software, use WebCSD.

Please contact Teri Vogel ( if you have questions. CSDS is licensed for UC San Diego faculty, staff and students.

  • You need to be on the campus network or using VPN to access the site.
  • Don’t forget to the UCSD site and confirmation codes, which you’ll need to register CSDS.
  • CSDS is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux/Unix. It’s recommended that you uninstall CSDS 2018 before installing the 2019 suite.