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Close up of Bigeye Octopus suckers

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Contest Community Voting: May 20 – June 7, 2024

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Discovering Beauty in Scientific Exploration

Delving into the aesthetic side of scientific investigation, the Library’s Art of Science Contest invited participation from UC San Diego students, postdocs, faculty, and project scientists. Through original works inspired by their scientific inquiries, participants from diverse campus departments such as Biomedical Sciences, Engineering (Electrical and Computer, Mechanical and Aerospace, and NanoEngineering), Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Urban Studies and Planning, Music, Neurosciences, and Public Health and Human Longevity Science, offered more than mere visuals. Their submissions provide rich avenues for delving into the intricate wonders of science, each reflecting the unique perspectives and expertise of their respective fields.

By casting your vote, you are contributing to the selection of the community’s favorite submission, which will be showcased in a Library exhibit this fall.

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Image Credit: Adi Khen, “Bigeye Octopus Suckers” (2021 Art of Science Contest Open Voting Winner)