2022 Festival of Books and OneBook Titles

The San Diego Union-Tribune’s 6th Annual Festival of Books takes place on August 20 and the UC San Diego Library is excited to participate alongside San Diego’s literary community.

Our campus partner, the UC San Diego Bookstore, has invited the Library to once again be present at its booth. Apart from the Bookstore’s books and other merchandise for sale, the Library will help host many fun and interactive activities like zine-making and personalized bookmarks.

Exhibits & Events Coordinator Scott Paulson is helping to keep us at the table when it comes to the many literary discussions and activities that will take place at the festival. For this year’s author panel, Scott will be interviewing Ryka Aoki, author of Light from Uncommon Stars, and Foz Meadows, author of A Strange and Stubborn Endurance. During both interviews, Scott will be asking questions surrounding each author’s motivations, work habits, future goals and even advice for aspiring authors.

When asked about representing the Library at this community event and making an impact, Scott responded: “Above all, it’s important to just be there in the community! When you’re invited, you should participate, and we’re happy to do so year in and year out.” 

Scott also shared that the most exciting part about our local Festival of Books is that it has revealed our city and county as voracious readers. “Publishers and literary entrepreneurs are impressed by our town, and it’s exciting that we are now recognized as a sophisticated market in the book world.”

2022 One Book, One San Diego Titles

The 2022 choices for One Book, One San Diego, a KPBS community book club that local libraries support, will be announced at the Festival of Books at 10 a.m.. Scott already knows the chosen book because he‘s on the KPBS nominating committee and looks forward to the titles being announced at the event. He reads nominated books from February through May each year and helps rank the choices. 

If you’re available Saturday, August 20, stop by the Festival of Books and our booth! Admission to the Festival is free.

Scott Paulson, spaulson@ucsd.edu