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American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection

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In 1991, the American Institute of Wine & Food donated half of its library, about 400 volumes, to UC San Diego. Those volumes focused largely on European cuisine and culinary history from the 17th to early 19th centuries. In the years since, UC San Diego continues to add materials that support the campus’ academic interests in Mexico, the Pacific Rim, Latin America, California, and the American West. The collection now numbers more than 7,000 volumes and continues to grow.

The objects here offer a taste of the AIWF Collection. Albeit a small percentage of the collection, they represent the collection’s wealth of Mexican culinary manuscripts, some dating from the early 19th century, plus other unique manuscript items. Included are pamphlets advertising California foodstuffs and cooking products such as Crisco, some of which include recipes. Other works reflect the assimilation of ethnic cuisines into California’s food culture. All illustrate an aspect of how food and drink reflect the cultural environments in which they exist.

Creation Date
  • 1610-1985


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