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Solomon Sea SPICE Mooring Data

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Solomon Sea SPICE Mooring Data

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Cravatte, Sophie; Ganachaud, Alexandre; Sprintall, Janet; Alberty, Marion; Germineaud, Cyril; Brachet, Cédric; Desprez de Gesincourt, Olivier; Fichen, Lionel; Fuda, Jean-Luc; Grelet, Jacques; Harvey, Paul; Kawamoto, Spencer; Pérault, Fabien; de Saint-Léger, Emmanuel; Scouarnec, Lionel; Varillon, David; Rousselot, Pierre (2019). Solomon Sea SPICE Mooring Data. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


The Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE) is an international research project which aims to understand the southwest Pacific Ocean circulation, as well as its direct and indirect influence on both regional and basin-scale climate. SPICE was designed to measure and monitor the ocean circulation, and to validate and improve numerical models. The low latitude western boundary currents of the Solomon Sea are an important component of the southwest Pacific Ocean circulation that connects subtropical and equatorial water masses. As a part of the SPICE program, moorings were deployed in July 2012 during the Pandora Cruise on the R/V Atalante in the three outflow channels of the Solomon Sea (Vitiaz Strait, St. George's Channel, and Solomon Strait) to simultaneously measure current transport, monitoring the partition of transport through each channel for the first time. The moorings were recovered in March 2014 during the MoorSPICE cruise on the R/V Thomas G. Thompson and moorings were redeployed in Vitiaz Strait and Solomon Strait during that cruise. The final mooring recovery was made in August 2015 during the Cassiopée cruise on the R/V Atalante. Moorings were equipped to measure water velocity, temperature, and salinity over the water column in each channel and to resolve cross-channel variability.

Date Collected
  • 2012-07-15 to 2015-08-16
Date Issued
  • 2019
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