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Robert Erickson Sound Recording Collection

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Robert Erickson (1917-97) was a co-founder of the UCSD Music Department. He is known for his compositions for live performers with tape-recorded sounds, and also for using invented musical instruments and extended vocal and instrumental techniques. His audio tape archive documents his creative work and interests. Erickson tailored solo works to the unique abilities of his performers he wrote for, and there are many full-length tapes of Stuart Dempster, Bertram Turetzky, Edwin Harkins, and others demonstrating unusual performance techniques on their instruments. There are also recordings of his experiments in music perception, especially with hockets. There are recordings of nearly all of his works, a number of which have never been commercially recorded (i.e. Variations for Orchestra, Do It, Down At Piraeus, Cardenitas 68, Taffytime, Percussion Loops). The content is mostly unique recordings of his own works, much of it recorded under his direction, also rare or unique recordings of particular interest to him, from ethnic music to works and lectures by his contemporaries and some student projects.

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  • 1947 to 1984
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