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Observations and Model Simulations from the Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE)

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Observations and Model Simulations from the Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE)

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Waterhouse, Amy F.; McSweeney, Jacqueline M.; Barth, John A.; Becherer, Johannes; Braithwaite III, Edward F.; Calantoni, Joseph; Celona, Sean; Chickadel, C. Chris; Colosi, John A.; Crawford, William; de Paolo, Tony; Feddersen, Falk; Gough, Matt; Graber, Hans C.; Grimes, Derek J.; Haller, Merrick C.; Haney, Sean; Honegger, David; Janssen, Tim T.; Kovatch, Michael; Kumar, Nirnimesh; Latham, Kerry; Lenain, Luc; Lerczak, James A.; Lund, Björn; MacKinnon, Jennifer A.; MacMahan, Jamie H.; Melville, W. Kendall; Merrifield, Sophia T.; Mieras, Ryan S.; Moulton, Melissa; Moum, James N.; Nyman, Lisa; O’Dea, Annika; Palóczy, André; Pierce, Stephen D.; Pittman, Randall; Romeiser, Roland; Simpson, Alexandra; Smit, Pieter B.; Spydell, Matthew S.; Suanda, Sutara H.; Swann, Christy; Terrill, Eric J.; Thomson, Jim; Van Appledorn, Craig; Vutukur, Pavan (2020). Observations and Model Simulations from the Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE). UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


The inner shelf, the transition zone between the surf zone and the mid shelf, is a dynamically complex region with the evolution of circulation and stratification driven by multiple physical processes. Cross-shelf exchange through the inner shelf has important implications for coastal water quality, ecological connectivity, and lateral movement of sediment and heat. The Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE) was an intensive, coordinated, multi-institution field experiment from Sep.-Oct. 2017, conducted from the mid shelf, through the inner shelf and into the surf zone near Point Sal, CA. Satellite, airborne, shore- and ship-based remote sensing, in-water moorings and ship-based sampling, and numerical ocean circulation models forced by winds, waves and tides were used to investigate the dynamics governing the circulation and transport in the inner shelf and the role of coastline variability on regional circulation dynamics. Data archived here represent the bulk of observational and numerical modelled data collected and generated during the 2017 ISDE field program.

Date Collected
  • August 2017 to December 2017
Date Issued
  • 2020
Principal Investigators

Office of Naval Research grants: N000141512617, N0001416WX01590, N000141512389, N0001415WX00432, N000141410556, N000141512631, N000141512568, N000141612856, N000141512633, N0001415WX00895, N000141512529, N000141512020, N000141410553, N000141512614, N000141512630, N000141712171

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