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Scripps Argo Trajectory-Based Velocity Product

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Scripps Argo Trajectory-Based Velocity Product

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Zilberman, Nathalie V.; Scanderbeg, Megan C.; Gray, Alison R.; Oke, Peter R. (2022). Scripps Argo trajectory-based velocity product 2001-01 to 2020-12. In Scripps Argo Trajectory-Based Velocity Product. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


This dataset contains absolute velocity estimates from quality controlled Argo trajectory files.

Both Scripps trajectory products include trajectories from Core, BGC and Deep Argo floats starting in 2001. Only trajectories with cycles ranging from 5 - 25 days are included in the products.

The products include both a transmitted and extrapolated trajectory-based velocity (if available) for each cycle. The extrapolated velocities are only available for floats equipped with the Argos positioning system which have six or more good quality surface fixes.

There are two product netCDF files within the archive:
- Quality controlled Argo trajectory-based velocities within the 800 - 1200 db range
- Quality controlled Argo trajectory-based velocities within the 100 - 6200 db range

Date Collected
  • 2001 through 2020
Date Issued
  • 2022
Principal Investigator

For more information on gridded velocity product computed using Argo trajectories, contact Alison Gray (


NZ and MS were supported by the NOAA Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program through Award NA20OAR4320278. NZ was supported by NOPP (NOAA grant NA18OAR0110434). ARG received support from NOAA through Award NA20OAR4320271, from NASA through Grant 80NSSC19K1252, and from NSF through Grant OCE-1946578. We would like to acknowledge high-performance computing support from Cheyenne (doi:10.5065/D6RX99HX) provided by NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. PO was supported by Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) – IMOS is enabled by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).



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