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Posters of the Chinese Independent Film Festivals

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Posters of the Chinese Independent Film Festivals

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Chinese Independent Film Festival posters and ephemera from the Li Xianting Film Fund Archive and REEL China Film Festival that occurred during 2004 to 2016. REEL China was an influential Chinese documentary film festival biennial organized by the New York City–based Chinese artist Zhang Pingjie that introduced Chinese independent and underground documentary film first to Americans and later to Chinese audiences mostly in Shanghai. Beijing Independent Film Festival and China Documentary Film Festival were organized by the prominent public intellectual Li Xianting in the artist village Songzhuang on the outskirts of Beijing and functioned as the premier alternative culture venues for independent cinema in China. Inspired by Unrestricted New Image Festival (2001) at Beijing Film Academy and First Chinese Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (2001) at Beijing University, they openly challenged the status quo by screening films that depicted taboo subjects such as social and gender inequality, the flaws and injustice of corrupt local government officials, and the lives of the LGBTQ community. Many of the films depicted the customs and life in remote areas of China as well as the experience of Chinese living on the margins of society.

The posters were collected for UC San Diego Library by Norman A. Spencer, an American professor, who previously donated to the Library his photographs documenting Chinese actors, actresses and film directors in Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, and New York City for more than twenty years. Descriptions of the posters were provided by Norman Spencer and his wife, Xiaojian Peng. The Li Xianting's Film Fund and REEL China are the copywrite holder for these posters.

特藏包含2004 年至2016 年栗宪庭电影基金档案馆和 REEL 中国电影节的中国独立电影节海报和宣传资料。 REEL China 是由驻纽约的华人艺术家张平杰组织的具有影响力的中国纪录片电影节双年展。影展向美国人介绍中国独立和地下纪录片,后来也面向在上海的中国观众。北京独立电影节和中国纪录片电影节由著名公共知识分子栗宪庭在北京郊区艺术家村宋庄举办,是中国独立电影首屈一指的另类文化场所。受到北京电影学院无限制新形象节(2001)和北京大学首届中国同性恋电影节(2001)的启发,他们通过放映禁忌话题,如描绘社会和性别不平等,地方政府官员的腐败和不公正,以及 LGBTQ 社区生活的电影,公开挑战社会现状。许多影片描绘了中国偏远地区的风土人情和生活,以及中国人生活在社会边缘的经历。

这些海报由美国教授诺曼∙斯宾塞(Norman A. Spencer)为加州大学圣地亚哥分校图书馆收集。他之前曾向图书馆捐赠了他在二十年间于北京、上海、巴黎和纽约市拍摄的中国演员和电影导演的照片。 海报的描述由诺曼·斯宾塞和他的妻子彭筱剑(Xiaojian Peng)提供。栗宪庭电影基金档案馆和REEL China是这些海报的版权持有者。

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  • 2004-2016
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