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Ernst Krenek Newsletter

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The Ernst Krenek Newsletter contains original and reprinted articles concerning composer Ernest Krenek’s life, analysis of his works and performances, his place in twentieth century music, and book reviews. Krenek was instrumental in the founding of the UC San Diego Department of Music, in addition to being renowned as one of the first European composers to include jazz influences in his concert music and one of the first composers outside of the Second Viennese School to adopt the 12-tone system. From the departments founding until his death in 1991, Krenek was a frequent visitor and guest lecturer at UC San Diego.

UC San Diego Music Librarian, composer, and Ernst Krenek scholar, Garret Bowles edited the newsletter, which was published from Spring 1990 through Fall 1998. The editorial committee included UC San Diego faculty Thomas Nee, Wilbur Ogdon, John Stewart, as well as Krenek’s widow, composer Gladys Nordenstrom.

The newsletter was created while a significant collection of Ernst Krenek’s papers where on loan to the UC San Diego Library. Subsequently, the collection has been donated to the Ernst Krenek Institute in Vienna, Austria.

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  • 1990-1998
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