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Standard Operating Procedure Documents for Coral Reef Ecological Monitoring

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Standard Operating Procedure Documents for Coral Reef Ecological Monitoring

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Sandin Lab, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego (2023). Standard Operating Procedure Documents for Coral Reef Ecological Monitoring. In Center for Environmental Imaging Collection. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


This collection contains documents describing methods used by the Sandin Lab to collect standardized coral reef community ecology data. The methods documents and standard operating procedures have been designed to describe the key functional elements of the coral reef ecosystem: major flows of energy, major competitors for space, and principal contributors to biodiversity (with an emphasis on non-cryptic fishes and sessile benthic taxa). The research conducted by the Sandin Lab maintains attendance to detailed taxonomy, but the methods employed herein are not tailored for comprehensive biodiversity assessments. These methods are geared to track changes across space and through time based on insights from observational ecology. In an effort to investigate the mechanistic basis of variability within and among species, however, we also include methods designed to track changes in population densities and potential evidence of adaptation within species and communities.

Efforts have been made to design methods that are accessible, comparable and transferable across a broad user base, including individuals from resource management and research communities. Wherever possible, these methods have incorporated technologically expedited and enhanced methods. Importantly, in order to maximize adoptability of these methods, efforts have been made to optimize the technologies that have been employed throughout so that they are cost effective, precise and easily implemented under a wide range of environmental conditions.

These methods have been developed by the Sandin Lab and partners who are identified within each document along with the suggested citation and DOI. Where appropriate, author correspondence contacts are also provided, and interested parties are encouraged to send inquiries to these contacts directly. As the research portfolio of the Sandin Lab and its collaborators continues to develop and the existing approaches evolve (e.g., with the incorporation of new technologies), many of these methods will be updated, and this collection will grow accordingly. We encourage visitors to refer to this page in the future to access the most up to date methodologies.

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  • 2010 to Present
Date Issued
  • 2023


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